5 Rookie Pinterest Marketing Mistakes

5 rookie pinterest marketing mistakes (1)

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Today, let’s talk about 5 Rookie Pinterest Marketing Mistakes.

I see a ton of entrepreneurs who want to use Pinterest to market their businesses, but they are making some key mistakes that are holding them back from seeing the amazing results that are possible when you use Pinterest the right way.

In today’s post, I highlight the 5 most common mistakes I see entrepreneurs make on Pinterest.

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And of course, you should def register for my free masterclass where I’ll share my top secret strategies to getting new leads and sales on autopilot with Pinterest!

Pinterest Marketing Mistake #1: Pinning for yourself, not your ideal client

This is a big one. Your Pinterest account is for your ideal client, not you. Every time you create a new board or pin something, always think: will this pin add value to my ideal client? If the answer is no, then you can still pin it, but add it to a secret board.

I highly suggest you make any boards that don’t serve your ideal client secret. So yes, you can still pin that chocolate cheesecake recipe, just add it to a secret board.

When it comes to your pinning strategy, I want you to get into the head of your ideal client. What do they need help with? How can you help them?

For example, my ideal client is an entrepreneur that needs help with blogging, branding, and social media. So I have boards that cover those topics.

Pinterest Marketing Mistake #2: Not Pinning Consistently

Being consistent on Pinterest is super important, just like anything else you do in your business.

Consistency is key because of Pinterest’s algorithm, the Smart Feed. The Smart Feed takes a few things into account when deciding whether or not to show your pins to other pinners, and one of those things is how consistent you are.

No, you don’t have to spend all day on Pinterest. I use Tailwind to schedule out all of my pins, so I can spend an hour per month on Pinterest and that’s it!

You can start off using Tailwind for free here.

I do pay for Tailwind’s Tribe feature, which is AMAZING and I highly recommend trying it out.

Pinterest Marketing Mistake #3: Not Using Keywords Properly

Keywords are everrrrrrything on Pinterest.

Remember this: Pinterest is a search engine, just like a visual Google.

So in order to dominate on Pinterest, you need to understand keywords and use them effectively.

What are keywords on Pinterest?

Using keywords is just adding specific words from your niche allowing Pinterest users to find the content they are searching for. For example, if I’m searching for intermittent fasting for women, Pinterest will pull up all of the pins with those words in the pin description.

Why use keywords on Pinterest?

Like I said before, Pinterest is a search engine, and the more niched down and specific you can get with your keywords the better!

When I niched down in my fitness business from just fitness to intermittent fasting and eating a keto diet, my blog traffic exploded from Pinterest!

By niching down and using the right keywords on Pinterest, you’ll be able to target a specific audience. #heckyes

How to use keywords on Pinterest

Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy peasy to use keywords on Pinterest.

The easiest way to use keywords on Pinterest is to use simple words that fit in your niche. We are using long tail keywords to be more niche specific.

Some of the words that I use in my Pinterest business are:

  • How to get more clients
  • Pinterest marketing strategy
  • Social media marketing tips
  • Female entrepreneur tips
  • Social media marketing strategy

Instead of using one word such as Pinterest or Social Media, these long tail keywords will help me show up in the Pinterest search engine. 

How do you find what people are actually searching for?

I’ve got a free workbook right here for you to download with how to actually find what people are searching for, and then I’ll guide you through how to choose the right keywords for your business!

Pinterest Marketing Mistake #4: Not thinking about the Pinner’s experience when they land on your blog and having a clear call to action for them to take

This is crucial. When someone comes from Pinterest to your blog, what do they see? What’s their experience like?

Pretend like for each blog post you’re writing, you’re speaking to a stranger who has no clue who you are. Share that you have more resources to help them besides the original blog post.

I like to do this within the intro of each blog post (did you see what I did above?)

I share some other resources that I know my ideal client will find helpful so that when they’re done with the blog post, they’ll want to stick around on my blog instead of going back to Pinterest

1.Make sure that your blog has a clear and consistent theme/message.

I want you to image two scenarios with me here, so you can understand the importance of having a clear theme/message for your blog.

Scenario 1: Pinner comes to blog A via a pin about eating high fat low carb. The blog post is super helpful, but when the pinner starts to look around the blog, she sees allll different kinds of posts like about the blogger’s last vaca, their makeup routine, and more. The pinner, feeling a bit disappointed because they wanted more from the blogger, goes back to Pinterest.

Scenario 2: Pinner comes to blog B via a pin about eating high fat low carb. The blog post is super helpful, and when the pinner starts to look around the blog, she sees tons of more resources to help her eat high fat low carb. Then she even sees a freebie for a high-fat low carb meal plan. She’s thinking, “Woah! This is exactly what I was looking for!” and she sticks around the blog, opt-in for the freebie, and even looks to see how else she can learn/work with this person.

Do you see the difference here?

There is power in having a clearly defined message. If your blog is currently all over the place, I suggest checking your google analytics to see what blog posts have resonated the most with your audience, and create more of those. See how you can narrow down your topic even more so that when someone comes from Pinterest, they’ll want to stick around.

2. Make sure each blog post has a clear call to action for the reader to take (opt-in).

It needs to be super clear that the blog post has a specific call to action for the reader to opt-in.

People need you to actually tell them what to do, so make sure to reference your freebie in the post and tell them what’s in it for them.

3. Create Killer Content.

Your content needs to be the kind of content that is incredibly helpful for your Pinterest traffic.

Make sure your blog posts are thorough and leave your Pinterest traffic wanting to learn more from you and see what else it is you have to offer.

This post about Creating Killer Content is going to teach you how to do just that.

4. Format your blog correctly

The last and final step to optimize your blog for Pinterest traffic is to make sure your blog posts are easy to read. The kinds that perform best on Pinterest are list formats.

Remember that people are scrolling and not necessarily reading every single word. Make it easy for them by writing with small paragraphs and including sub headlines within the blog post to break up the content a bit.

See how I did that in this one?

Pinterest Marketing Mistake #5: Not being patient enough

Pinterest marketing truly is a long-term strategy. Some people (especially my students use utilize my training on Tribes and keywords) can see results pretty quickly, but the majority of results come around the 3-6 month point.

So stick with it, keep creating epic content, and keep pinning. The results will come, you just have to trust the process.

I believe in you!

There are quite a few more mistakes that I cover inside of my free Pinterest master class, join me and learn the mistakes PLUS my 4 step strategy to getting new leads on Pinterest: freepinterestclass.com

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5 Rookie Pinterest Marketing Mistakes

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