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The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Content on Pinterest

The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Content on Pinterest
Want to learn how to work smarter by repurposing content? In this post, I'll share with you 10 different ways I use 1 piece of content!

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If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, you know that I’m obsessed with creating content.

Content is THE #1 thing that changed my business.

I used to just post on Facebook and Instagram and sometimes throw a blog post up….

But when I committed to creating in-depth, super helpful content every single week, my biz really started to take off.

Creating quality content can take a long time, especially if it’s the stuff that I’m teaching here, which is knock your socks off content that makes cold traffic want to stick around and see how else they can learn from you!

Since it takes so much time creating these epic blog posts, I wanted to make the most of my time and started repurposing my content.

This is how people can see me on almost every social media platform! It just started with 1 piece of content that I’ve repurposed into several different platforms.

Want the video version of this post? Scroll down to the bottom =)

What is repurposing content?

Essentially, it’s taking something that you’ve already created (like a blog post), and turning it into something else (like a video).

In this post, I’ll go super in depth with the different ways that I repurpose my content.


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And of course, you should def register for my free masterclass where I’ll share my top secret strategies to getting new leads and sales on autopilot with Pinterest!


Benefits of repurposing content

Why should you repurpose your content? Repurposing content can:

  • Increase your social reach! Instead of just being a blogger, you can turn a blog into a youtube video, a Facebook live, an Instagram post, etc! So you can be found on all of these different platforms instead of just your blog! Repurposing a blog post into a Facebook live video can increase your engagement by 62%!!
  • Help you gain authority in your niche! When people start seeing your name/brand on multiple different platforms, they start seeing you as an authority in your niche.
  • Boost your SEO ranking. Linking back to your site helps increase your SEO rankings, plus more content means you have more opportunities to receive backlinks.
  • Get your main points across. Repetition is the mother of skill! Sometimes people need to read, hear, or watch something for it to really sink in. By providing content in multiple formats, you’re helping your audience really learn your key points.

Repurposing Content: What kinds of content should you repurpose?

I don’t think every single piece of content should be repurposed, but if it’s evergreen (aka timeless), a popular post, content that’s getting a lot of engagement already, or content you can expand on, repurpose it!

An example is a blog post that I did that went viral on Pinterest. As of this writing, it’s been repinned over 80,000 times!

I decided to create a youtube video to go with it, and yup, the video is doing well on Youtube too having been viewed over 10,000 times in two months!

So if you have something that’s getting tons of engagement, ask yourself: how else can I use this content?

Repurposing Content: How should you do it?

I’m going to share with you my strategies for repurposing content…it may seem like a ton of work, but really it’s not! Creating the first piece of content is really the hardest part, then the rest is easy peasy!

Repurposing Content Idea 1: Blog Post

Every week I create a blog post (like this one).

I sit down and write out a helpful post (for each of my businesses). If you need help creating content and want to know step by step how I come up with content like this blog, this is a great post to help you do that.

If you haven’t committed to writing consistent content, dude, it’s time to start. Your audience needs to know that they can count on you, and that comes from showing up regularly!

Repurposing Content Idea 2:

Then I upload the blog to Medium is a great site where you can connect with other bloggers and get your content found! You can follow me on Medium here.

This step literally takes 5 minutes and can be a great way to get more eyeballs on your content.

Repurposing Content Idea 3: Pinterest Graphics

I also create several different graphics for the post that I then share on Pinterest.

Yes, I also have a blog post on how to create rocking Pinterest images that convert, and you can check that out here.

I made four different graphics for this blog post, you can see those below.

Repurposing Content Idea 4: Youtube Video

I take the outline from the blog post and create a video that I send off to my video editor. I save the Youtube video my editor sends me and upload it (with the right keywords and titles so it ranks on Youtube—that’s a whole other post lol). I also embed it in the blog post.

If the blog post is getting a ton of traction, sometimes I save that video and use it as a content upgrade so I can give people the video in exchange for their email address.

What’s a content upgrade?

Essentially, it’s a way that you can upgrade your post and collect email addresses. So a video or cheat sheet that dives deeper into the topic of the post could be a great content upgrade. You can see an example of a content upgrade I did in this post here.

Repurposing Content Idea 5: Facebook Live

I take the same content and go live on Facebook. If you want to, you can skip creating the youtube video and just go live and repurpose that Facebook live video on Youtube, but since I’m building up my Youtube channel right now I’m focused on creating content specifically for Youtube.

I essentially take the same outline from the video I created for Youtube, and use that to go live. Live video is where it’s AT on Facebook right now, so be sure you’re taking advantage of that feature, and of the content that you’ve already created!

Repurposing Content Idea 6: Facebook & Instagram Posts

Then, I take bullet points from the blog post and turn them into Instagram and Facebook posts.

If I cover 6 bullet points in my blog post about how to crush it on Pinterest, I can turn that into 6 Facebook or Instagram posts! Just create a square image in Canva so you can share it on Instagram and Facebook. The post below was just one of the tips I mentioned in this epic blog post. 

Repurposing Content Idea 7: SHARE everywhere, especially Pinterest!

I use Social Warfare to share the blog post on all social platforms, especially Pinterest, with my description and a call to action. Yes, I cover how to do that in my free cheat sheet =)

Then, I share the Pinterest graphics with my group boards and Tailwind Tribes. Like I shared above, I’ve created several different graphics for this one blog post, so I can upload a picture/day to each of my boards and tribes.

Repurposing Content Idea 8: Freebie, eBook, or eCourse

If it’s content that is really resonating with my audience, I’ll either turn it into a freebie (put the blog post into a pretty PDF) on my site, or I’ve even turned several blog posts in a series into an eBook that I’ve gone on to sell.

Obviously, the eBook was way more than just the blog posts, but it gave me a great base to work from, and I knew my audience would eat it up (they did, they crashed my site the day it launched).

I’ve done the same thing with my course, Pin with Purpose. You might find similar content on my blog, but you won’t see the entire system unless you’re inside of the course. Think of it like the blog posts are going to give you quick wins, and account for 10% of what someone needs to know to have success with Pinterest. The course? That’s the whole shebang bang and it’s everrrrrything someone needs to know to crush it on Pinterest, from start to finish.

Repurposing Content Idea 9: Webinar

I’ve taken several of my popular blog posts and turned them into a webinar, where I could teach and then sell my next program or product.

All you need to do is take the main points from your blog post and put them on your slides, with an introduction at the beginning and your pitch at the end. #boom

Repurposing Content Idea 10: Email your list

Are you ever lost on what to send to your list?

Just because someone is on your email list, doesn’t mean that they read every single blog post you make.

So send them an email and let them know what the post is all about. I typically will email my list with a brief snapshot about what the post is all about, then provide the link to the blog and also the link to where they can pin it (which increases my traffic on Pinterest!).

I know this probably sounds like a LOT, but I swear once you get into the workflow, it’s really not!

I have a designated day for each task and have created smart systems to make this way easier!

Also, you can totally add an audio element to this, like upload the content to a podcast…I just haven’t done that yet. Should I create a podcast? Would you listen?

The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Content on Pinterest

Hey! I’m Rachel. I’m a former Big Ten volleyball player turned entrepreneur and professional cheese taster (kidding–but that would be a sweet job).

I’m a Pinterest strategist for female entrepreneurs who are sick of struggling on Facebook & Instagram and want to automate their traffic and get more leads on autopilot. I’ve used Pinterest to increase my blog traffic by 34,000/month…for free!

Obsessed with: adventure, champagne, chocolate, and yoga pants.

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