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Take your business to the next level
without sacrificing what matters.

10 Pinterest Hacks that
Increased my Traffic by
34,000 / month

Wanna learn how to double your leads and sales in the next 30 days with Pinterest?

Learn how to drastically
cut your work week down to 20 hours or less per week

Your life has purpose.
Your story is important.
Your dreams count.
Your voice matters.

You were born to make an impact.

Let’s make an impact together


Online Courses

Whether you want to uplevel your Pinterest game, create killer content, or build your generational wealth I have a course for you! 


Business Coaching

If you’re looking to make an influence, create life-changing income and have a massive impact on the world want 1:1 support then elite coaching is for you.


Impact Partnership

An invite-only year-long mastermind that’s designed for entrepreneurs looking to diversify their income streams and scale their revenue to $1million+ per year with semi-passive + passive income.

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I’m a former Big Ten volleyball player turned entrepreneur and professional cheese taster (kidding–but that would be a sweet job).

I’m a business and marketing strategist for faith-driven entrepreneurs who are on their journey to creating generational wealth so they can create the life they want with their family, and create the most impact in the world by being a blessing unto others.

The first marketing strategy I used was Pinterest and it increased my blog traffic to 34,000/month…for free! Next, I incorporated multiple passive income streams into my business and became a millionaire by 34.

I’m obsessed with: my family, adventure, chocolate, and France.

Oh, and if you hang out with me long enough, I’ll brainwash you into believing in yourself and knowing you can achieve ANYTHING!

Serve God.
Put Family First.
Raise Happy Children.
Create an Impact.

Leave a Legacy.

With over 300 episodes to binge, Rachel brings you expert interviews and simple strategies that are easy to digest and implement. You’ll learn all about the different marketing strategies you can use in your online business to grow your business quicker than you imagined. Leave each listening session feeling




5.0 out of 5

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Great Podcast
This is a great podcastfor for entrepreneurs. Rachel's podcast is so informative, inspirational, and full of value.
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Outstanding and Inspiring Business Advice
Rachel is so inspiring to me as an entrepreneur. Her podcast has given me great ideas to apply to my Interior Design business. I’m so grateful that I found this! Take a listen! You won’t be disappointed.
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Love listening to She’s Making an Impact!
I’ve followed Rachel for years- from the time I was just starting in online marketing and looking to grow my Pinterest account to now for general online business advice. Her story is inspiring and her heart is definitely in the right place. Make it a regular part of your week and you won’t be disappointed.
@ Tannercoop25
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Love love love!
I highly recommend!
@One Tree Hiller
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I love her content and she so easy to listen to! Highly recommend!
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Practical take aways from each episode!
This isn’t just a “feel good” podcast (although it is very positive!) - it gives real, tangible take aways! Rachel is down to earth and great to listen to.

The more money you make,
the greater                you can have.


There has never been another you.
There never will be another you.
You have a unique genius that only YOU can bring.

Through entrepreneurship,
you can change the world.

“We are faith-filled, big-thinking risk takers.
We want to seek God for the impossible.
Believe God for miracles.
Dream that God would do exceedingly and abundantly more in our lives for His Glory that generations would know who He is.
We will be faith-filled with all that we do.”


You’ve gotten as far as you can go trading time for money…Let me teach you how to get out of the hustle and create more FREEDOM.

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