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Online Courses

Whether you want to uplevel your Pinterest game, create killer content, or build your generational wealth I have a course for you! 


Business Coaching

If you’re looking to make an influence, create life-changing income and have a massive impact on the world want 1:1 support then elite coaching is for you.


Impact Partnership

An invite-only year-long mastermind that’s designed for entrepreneurs looking to diversify their income streams and scale their revenue to $1million+ per year with semi-passive + passive income.

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help leaders and impact makers passionately pursue a life of heaven on earth. 

I’m the host of the She’s Making an Impact Podcast with over 400 episodes.

I launched my first online business in 2012 serving over 10,000 students in our online courses, coaching, and events. In 2023, the Lord had me shut down most of our million-dollar company to pursue ministry.

I’m currently enrolled in the Global School of Supernatural Ministry where I’ve seen Jesus radically heal people.

My hubby and I are serial entrepreneurs and run 2 businesses in Senegal, West Africa, and an equestrian property in Orlando, FLorida. 

We’ve lived in France, Senegal, and America. 


Listen to the She's Making an Impact Podcast

With over 400 episodes to binge, Rachel helps leaders and change makers create a kingdom impact. Leave each listening session feeling




5.0 out of 5

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Bold and Inspiring
Rachel is bold with her faith and with her business strategies. Her podcast is a great tool for equipping, inspiring, and teaching other Christian entrepreneurs. I love the different guests she has on and I always come away with multiple things to help me grow!
@Robin Rhine McDonald
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Can I just say AMEN?!
Rachel is creating waves in the Kingdom with her interviews, wisdom, and tips. Her heart for Jesus and to see His Kingdom COME is inspiring - to say the least. I also fully appreciate her dependence on the Holy Spirit and the work He does through her. HIGHLY recommend!
@Pandora T
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Love seeing Christian entrepreneur advice! 👏
I’ve been on a recent journey looking for fellow Christian makers and business owners and I love that I found this podcast - not even because of this search, but because of an ad about business help that was completely unrelated to the Christian aspect, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the Christian element of it! I sell products that aren’t explicitly Christian but are aimed to promote joy, goodness, and other biblical themes and truths, and it’s always lovely to meet other people who are similar. Truthfully I like being on the email list more than listing to podcasts, but the episodes I’ve listened to so far have had good info - useful and/or encouraging - and are definitely something I can put on in the background!
@ Austin, Plum & Parcel
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A breath of fresh air!
I love Rachel’s authenticity and practical advice as a fellow christian entrepreneur. From leadership to business and marketing strategy, Rachel speaks to my ears. Grateful for you, Rachel, and this podcast!
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Rachel is legit in what she does!
Rachel makes sure that her guests are THE BEST and IN ALIGNMENT! I love that and respect that about her. It makes sure her podcast is always on point.
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Grow & Learn
Rachel is an inspirationally faith based entrepreneur. She has helped me grow and become a better woman is this crazy world. She is infectious and you can’t help but want to be better.

Love God.
Put Family First.
Raise Happy Children.
Create an Impact.

Leave a Legacy.

Your life has purpose.
Your story is important.
Your dreams count.
Your voice matters.

You were born to make an impact.

The Lord is calling you to

step out & be obedient

“We are faith-filled, big-thinking risk takers.
We want to seek God for the impossible.
Believe God for miracles.
Dream that God would do exceedingly and abundantly more in our lives for His Glory that generations would know who He is.
We will be faith-filled with all that we do.”


There has never been another you.
There never will be another you.
You have a unique genius that only YOU can bring.

Through entrepreneurship,
you can change the world.

You’ve gotten as far as you can go trading time for money…Let me teach you how to get out of the hustle and create more FREEDOM.

Grab your copy of the Top 3 Income Streams You Need to Have in Your Business to Create More Freedom