6 Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest for your Business (and How to get Started)

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest for your Business (and How to get Started)

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I feel like Pinterest is this little secret that no one really knows about. I mean, it’s been the #1 game changer in my business. I started using Pinterest for my business a few years ago and I had no clue what a difference it would make.

More than my 50,000 Facebook followers, my 21,000 Instagram followers, or my 250,000 views on Youtube.

It’s Pinterest that has really changed the game for me!

I went from having ZERO traffic to my blog (except my mom lol) to over 34,000 visitors every single month. I went from no one seeing my content to launching a little $9 ebook that made $1,000 the day it launched and crashed my site! Crazy, huh?

Let’s talk about 6 reasons why should you focus on Pinterest for your business (if I haven’t convinced you already lol).


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Why Use Pinterest for Business #1. Pinners come to shop!

Pinterest works differently than other social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram. The idea isn’t to broadcast images or ideas to followers, rather save content, ideas, or products for later, which makes it the perfect marketing platform.

Research shows that large amounts of Pinterest users use the platform to research purchasing decisions before they buy. 87% of Pinners have purchased because of Pinterest!

Pinners are coming to the platform to search before they buy something. What if they came to search and they came across you and your products instead?

Why Use Pinterest for Business #2. Pinterest is a huge driver of traffic!

This is my website analytics showing Pinterest accounting for almost 94% of all of my site traffic, over 34,000 viewers a month!

What’s pretty crazy to me is that I have over 50,000 followers on Facebook, and only 14,000 on Pinterest, yet Pinterest obviously drives way more traffic.

Now, Pinterest is like any other social media platform, it takes time to gain traction. But if you do the things that I teach and you stay consistent, you can absolutely have the same results as me (or even surpass them). How would your business change if you were able to get 34,000 people seeing your content?

Why Use Pinterest for Business #3. Pinterest gains traction over time.

With Facebook and Instagram, after you post, it’s GONE within 24 hours. People won’t see the post after a day if they ever see it at all!!

Pinterest is different. It can take a pin some time to gain traction, but once it does, holy moly!

I have people coming to my blog, opt-ing in for my email list and buying my products from posts that I did a YEAR ago. This is all about my strategy of working smarter, not harder. Instead of focusing on Facebook ads and Instagram posts that the majority of your audience never even sees, why not focus on creating awesome blog content that can bring you business a year from now?

Why Use Pinterest for Business #4. Pinners have a 9% higher average income than non-users.

They also spend less time on traditional media sources like magazines, television, and catalogs. What this means is that you can reach your target audience for way less than it costs to invest in traditional advertising. Speaking of advertising…you don’t have to on Pinterest to see results. See the next point!

Why Use Pinterest for Business #5. Free traffic.

So we talked about how Pinterest was a big driver of traffic—but did I mention that it was FREE? Yes, you can pay to promote pins, but all of the site traffic that I’ve received has been FREE traffic. #score

Why Use Pinterest for Business #6. Pinterest is a search engine.

You might think of it as a social media platform, but it’s really more like Google. Pinterest has 200 million active monthly users, performing 2 BILLION searches per month. #insane

What’s even cooler is that Google wants to give you the results you want from a Google search, so you’re actually likely to see Pins and Pinterest boards appear high up in the Google search results. So while you’re working your Pinterest strategy, you’re also showing up on Google! #heckyes

Now, do you see why I’m so excited about Pinterest?? Free traffic, people who are ready to buy, content that gains even more traction over time, and a smarter strategy for you!

Now that you know why you need to focus on Pinterest, let’s talk about how you can get started using Pinterest for your business.

Register for my next master class, it’s totally free and I’ll dive in deeper about some of the strategies that I’ve used.

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Have you used Pinterest for your business yet?

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