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We guide faith driven entrepreneurs on the journey of creating generational wealth so they can create the life they want with their family, and create the most impact in the world by being a blessing unto others.

I believe that creating a freedom lifestyle can happen without the hustle.

You know that you're made for more.

And I bet I know a few things about you. You:

Have big freaking dreams.
Want to make a massive impact.
Know you can help make a difference.
But on the other hand…

You don’t want to give up control to your team.
You’re so tired and feel burnt out.
You’re not sure how to achieve more without working harder.

You need a strategy. A roadmap. A guide.

You need someone who can help you free up your time so you can spend it with your family.

Someone who can help you grow your business in a meaningful way that increases your influence, income, and impact without burning out.


And, girl… You are in the right place

I’m an adventure lover who believes in balance and living a life full of JOY =)

I love God, travel, Africa, France, my family, having FUN, good music, reading, being active, and helping women get clarity and crush it in business.

I started my first business when I was 23 back in 2010 with ZERO social media experience. I have my Master’s in Social Work–not social media or marketing.

When I couldn’t find a job with my Master’s and I ended up pregnant, on food stamps, with negative $400 in my checking account, I decided I needed to learn how to grow my own biz.

I had no clue what I was doing, but was determined to figure it out.

My blog started ZERO traffic (except my mom, lol), and now we have over 34,000 visitors every single month.

Even better than that: I went from earning $20,000 in 2013 to over $100,000 in 2015 in my fitness business.

As Featured In

I knew I could do more…
And you can, too.

At the end of 2017, I knew there was more I could be doing.

I saw how many entrepreneurs were struggling…so I started a new business teaching my Pinterest strategies.

With a teeny, tiny email list (2 weeks into my new biz), I pre-sold my very first online training course, earning over $3,000 that first month.

The next month? I tripled that.

Our first year in business we served over 1,700 clients and made over $430,000.

Since then, we’ve served thousands more students, earned millions of dollars, started multiple businesses on multiple continents, and learned to become investors so we can create generational wealth.

As our business grew we used it business to fund other businesses in Africa and America.

It’s my passion to coach other entrepreneurs.

To teach them how to set up strategic systems.

To create a SMART online strategy that works for them.

I’ve learned a lot over the past few years being in business.

With my experience, I can give you a step-by-step strategy to help you diversify your income streams to create more freedom, break through that revenue ceiling, and live out your purpose.

I would love to help you rock your biz!

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You have ONE LIFE, how are you spending your time?

Do you like learning random facts about others?

Me too!

Random facts about Rachel!

I’ve gone white-water rafting down the Nile River in Uganda – so much fun!

I learned how to speak French in a little Wolof when I moved to Senegal (West Africa).

I always dreamed of living in France, and it happened!

I lived there with my husband and son for two years!

I love to travel and have visited Kenya, Egypt, Belgium, Israel, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Guatemala to name a few.

Played volleyball in China and Italy

On any given day you’ll find me wearing yoga pants

I love dark chocolate and coffee, and can’t stand olives or pickles.

In 6th grade I sold my beanie babies to my science teacher and made $2,000.

One of my first side hustles 🤣

Growing up I used to make origami and sell it

I’m really tall. 6’1’’. 

Don’t be surprised when you meet me in person! I love being tall–it served me well in playing volleyball. Only hard thing is finding great shoes in a size 13!

I am OBSESSED with Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran and made my hubby and son drive from France to Amsterdam so I could see Ed in concert.

I have 20 income streams in my business

I earned the 2 comma club award

I’m in a top ranked fitness infomercial

I’m a ruby on the GEMS assessment AKA super driven personality. 

It served me well in sports and business until I burned out and realized I was sacricfing my health and family to succeed. I’ve since learned how to flex into the other personalities so I can stay driven, but in a healthy way that prioritizes what matters most.

I am deathly afraid of something happening to my family or not being there to see my kids grow up.

My superpowers are systems, funnels, list building

Some day I want to buy a villa in France.

I believe everything happens for a reason … and that’s why you’re here right now.

For fun I like to go to a french cafe and pretend i’m back in france, hanging out at the spa, or riding my bike

And when I’m not busy working you’ll catch me binging Emily in Paris, browsing pre-loved Chanel purses, watching my son play baseball, my hubby train horses on our property, or chasing our 2 year old on the property

A few of my favorite people …

My babies!

TJ & Gabrielle




How things progressed

2005 - 2022


All-American volleyball player & National Champion


Full ride volleyball scholarship to the University of Illinois



Moved to Kenya













Meet Rachel’s Team!

Operations Team

Arijana Ilibasic

Location: Serbia

Fun Fact: My husband and I moved from Canada to Serbia in 2019 with our 2 young kids.

Michelle Oxier

Location: Canada

Fun Fact: I have 32 tattoos.

Julie Herco

Location: Israel

Fun Fact: I’ve been vegan for 5+ years (and I’m from Argentina, “the country of the meat”).

April Dawn Vitor

Location: Philippines

Fun fact: I love to sing to my son and I make all the songs sound like an opera.

Our Coaches & Guest Experts

Jacqueline Hullaby

Location: Texas

Fun fact: I dream of homesteading on an acreage and living in a tiny home!

Sharon Mckaskill

Location: Melrose, New York

Fun Fact: My kids and I really enjoy Harry Potter, so we named our Australian Shepherd Luna Lovegood.

Tasha Glover

Location: Mississippi, USA

Fun Fact: Fun fact about me is that I dance anytime, anyplace, and every day. My family and I have random dance parties and we are unashamed 🤣.

Courtney Stich

Location: USA

Fun Fact: I opened my first Pinterest account in 2010: when the platform first launched! (#pinobsessed)

Emily Brandenburg


Fun fact: 

Katerina Kormas

Location: Austin, TX

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with all things Disney and go to Disney World at least once a year with my family. It reminds me to be playful and creative, and not take life so seriously!


Terra DeMerchant

Location: US

Fun Fact: I’m a worship leader, songwriter, I sing and play piano.

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“Live true to you, not what others believe is success.”

— Rachel Ngom

You’ve gotten as far as you can go trading time for money…Let me teach you how to get out of the hustle and create more FREEDOM.

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