How to Gain CONFIDENCE & Incorporate Faith into Your Business (with Emi Valerio): Episode 087

Emi Valerio is an Author, Testimonial Speaker, Self Love + Brand Strategist and Founder of She Commands, LLC. Emi's mission is to educate, encourage, and equip women of faith to take hold of God's promise so they will NEVER compromise their integrity for earthly gain and power by providing inspirational value, products, and services. Through She Commands, Emi helps Christian solopreneurs bring their brand to life by boosting engagement, maximizing exposure, &  creating a profitable online business and ministry all while "staying in the vine" (John 15).

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  • Emi talks about how She Commands was born through heartbreak. She talks about how she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, which led to a really hard breakup. With this, came some depression, and she saw herself about to fall into old habits. But instead, she wanted to break the cycle. She started by empowering herself and desired to empower others going through the same thing! This led her to see how good she was as a counselor, which then led her to starting her own company for entrepreneurs.
  • Emi talks about how you have to do the work within. MINDSET IS KEY! She said she had to allow herself to move forward and make a strategy so she didn’t fall into the same cycle. Journaling, vision boards, and affirmations are two key tool she used daily to help mindset.
  • Whatever you want to happen, you have to commit to it! Manifestation is such a powerful tool- but if you don’t believe the things you hope for, or think they’re possible, it won’t happen. It’s all about manifesting those dreams into reality!
  • Emi said she started off by writing, taking a minute to journal. You don’t have to write for hours! She says start with one minute. That is a part of self care and it can do a lot for your mental health, and helps you be intentional.
  • SELF CARE!! It’s so important. Some of Emi’s tips include giving yourself much needed time for yourself- take yourself out on a date- do one thing for yourself that you’ve been wanting to do. Another tip is organization- get rid of the things that you don’t need anymore and donate those things to make room for the things you need vs the things you only want. Her last tip is to communicate your thoughts. She said that you need to be intentional about your words and actions. Don’t allow people to internalize your words. Be clear and communicate them effectively.
  • Faith in business. Something that a lot of people struggle with. Emi talks about how her business is BECAUSE of God. She has no trouble talking about God in her business because He makes these things possible for her. I think this is a great point. If someone doesn’t  like that you don’t talk about God, that’s okay. Not everyone will agree with everything you are saying. However, by talking about God and other things you want to talk about, you will attract-like minded people, or people who think the same as you. Attract your tribe and be yourself.
  • Confidence is so key! Emi’s big piece of advice is that you have to know who you are and be confident in that. Without knowing who you want to be, and what you want to be known for, other people won’t follow you and find you as a leader. Believe in yourself first, so others do too.


  • (1:43) A little more about Emi.
  • (2:34) How Emi got started as an entrepreneur.
  • (3:16) How her breakup led to her successful company, She Commands.
  • (6:50) Some of the first things she did to build the confidence in herself.
  • (10:45) The power of manifestation: writing down your goals, and BELIEVING them!
  • (14:30) Be specific with what your goals are- in business, in relationships, etc.
  • (16:35) Emi’s tips for journaling.
  • (18:32) Emi’s definition of “self-care”
  • (19:38) Setting intentions for yourself, and what it can do for you.
  • (20:42) Why you should learn in a way that is most helpful to you! (Example: Visual learner: videos, books etc. Audio learner: podcasts, audiobooks)
  • (21:40) Other self care idea Emi has for us!
  • (25:42) Faith in business: Emi’s tips on how to incorporate her beliefs into her business.
  • (31:45 Community through prayer.
  • (32:15) One piece of advice Emi has for entrepreneurs.
  • (36:43) Best book she’s ever read?
  • (37:41) What does it mean to Emi to make an impact?
  • (38:46) What’s net for Emi?
  • (40:01) Where can we connect with Emi?


“I would rather help people out in this way rather than living day in and day out in sadness”

“Mindset is the first step into really catapult your business”

“I had to do the work within”

“Today is going to be a joyful day”

“We all have a blindspot”

“Connection is already divine”

“Confidence in taking action”


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