Habit Hacking Secrets to Experience Faster Success Today (with Hayley Hobson): Episode 333

Hayley Hobson is a Certified Health and Life Coach, doTERRA Wellness Advocate + Double Presidential Diamond, holistic health educator, and online entrepreneur. Over the last decade, between overcoming debilitating health struggles and learning how to build an online business from the ground up, Hayley realized there are three key pillars for revolutionizing your life and biz: nutrition, rest, and productivity. She’s taken her expertise in those three areas and turned it into her life’s mission to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs and creative professionals to consciously create their dream life. Hayley has helped thousands of people transform their lives as a result of her teachings. So they can move from self-doubt to self-belief – experiencing unprecedented career and personal growth by optimizing their wellness and taking intentional action in their lives.

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  • Hayley says “habit hacking” are little simple strategies that you are implementing into your business. Simple ones for her are:
    • Adding Cacao into her daily diet.
    • Allowing nutrition into her body daily.
  • People always say they don’t have time for some strategies, but it’s your job to MAKE time, so you can create a better life for yourself.
  • Brain Tab was the system that allowed Hayley to create a habit around meditation. For 2 years now, she’s done a meditation every morning. When she first started, she did not think she could do it. But she created the habit around it, and now it’s a part of her daily life.
  • In order to have better relationships with your family, spouse, yourself, you need to be in alignment with yourself.
  • Hayley’s nightly routine:
      • Wind down routine starting at 5pm.
      • No meetings after 3pm.
      • Start to connect with family.
      • Dinner between 5-6pm.
      • Fill up diffuser.
      • Change into pajamas.
      • Wind down, asleep by 9.
  • Hayley’s morning routine:
      • Waking up early (5-6).
      • Skin care routine (5min).
      • Meditation (15min).
      • Scrawl.
      • Do hair and makeup.
      • Take daughter to the bus stop.
      • Workout.
      • Shower.
      • Do some Instagram stories.
      • Check into Asana for the day.
  • Habit #1: Eat dinner as early as you can, 3 hours before you go to sleep.
  • Habit #2: Hayley says schedule yourself an extra hour of sleep than you anticipate.
  • Habit #3: Give yourself time to have your morning routine. Don’t put calls or schedule meetings until hours after your wake up and have time to do your morning routine.
  • One of the most important parts of being an entrepreneur is being able to manage your mind, your emotions and your team. If you can do this through your morning routine, you are setting yourself up for a successful day.
  • You have to know what time you are most productive. You want to schedule your work for when you are most productive. Some people are most productive at night, or first thing in the morning. But sometimes it takes having a morning routine to enter yourself into that productive state.
  • Hayley says one thing about being productive, if you are showing up as something is happening, if you wake up at 7:30am for an 8am meeting, you are going to be on the defense all day long. This is why it is so important to operate on the offense, put some padding at the beginning of your day, Hayley says, and see what it does for your life!


  • (1:42) A little more about Hayley Hobson.
  • (3:40) How Hayley overcame her stomach issues through wholistic living.
  • (5:49) What is habit hacking and how can you start?
  • (7:10) How Hayley was able to make meditation a part of her daily routine.
  • (10:33) Up-leveling your relationships through alignment with yourself.
  • (11:49) Creating habits for your business.
  • (12:42) Hayley’s night time routine.
  • (17:40) Hayley’s morning routine.
  • (21:57) Know what time you are most productive.
  • (22:51) Show up for yourself first.
  • (24:06) One of the best books Hayley’s read.
  • (25:35) Where to connect with Hayley.


“I was in control of how I could feel.”

“Habits can also be business habits.”

“Your body needs a long time to process food.”

“When your sleep is off, your aura is off.”

“One of the most important parts of being an entrepreneur is being able to manage your mind, your emotions, your team.”


Connect with Hayley:

Website: hayleyhobson.com

Instagram: @hayleyhobson

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Book Recommendations:

Hayley’s Book: Get It Done by Hayley Hobson

Parenting Your Teenage Girl

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Habit Hacking Secrets to Experience Faster Success Today (with Hayley Hobson): Episode 333

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