Create a Streamlined Email Marketing Strategy that Actually WORKS (with Kate Doster): Episode 303

On this episode, I'm talking to Kate Doster all about STREAMLINING your email marketing strategy! Kate is the host of the Inbox Besties Podcast, creator of the Love Your List 2.0 email marketing mega course and is dangerously obsessed with helping ethical entrepreneurs carve out their slice of the interwebs. She helps her students woo open the hearts (and wallets) of their small but mighty audiences thanks to fun email marketing and easy yes mini-offers. She believes you don’t need to bleed the alphabet or be a dirty rotten spam face to write emails that jolt subscribe.

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  • Kate says she’s a natural story teller. When you’re in an inbox, you can make such a connection. You can be more yourself, because it’s contained and you can really tell a story that can connect people to you.
  • The size of your email list does not matter! Kate says that people don’t know if they’re 1 of 100 or 1 of a million. Learn to talk to people, and focus on the connection.
  • Kate says appeal to human emotion! If you’re focused on only letting in action takers onto your list, sharing your offers, sharing your story and advice, it’s going to work.
  • Kate and her students have incredible conversion rates because the lead magnet is not super generic. It’s something specific, and it’s directed towards the action taker!
  • Make sure your freebie answers a really specific question. Solve that piece for your ideal client.
  • Being on your list is a privilege. Don’t let “unsubscribes” or hate comments get to you. They shouldn’t have been on your list anyway! Don’t waste your time with someone who doesn’t align with your values.
  • Opt in rates depend on types of traffic. Kate says that she would never send people from a facebook ad to the same opt in as people who listen to her podcast and follow her on youtube. Some of your audience is warm, and knows you, and they will be quicker to buy than someone who has never heard of you. You want your Ad copy to be dialed in, so when they get to the landing page it converts better!
  • Kate did a 6 figure launch with only 2k people on her email list. Her advice? Start with the right people. People knew it was coming. These are some things that she did:
    • She had a webinar (make it something you enjoy!).
    • 2 webinars, same exact topic–Subtitle: How to Write Emails so Good People Lick the Screen.
    • On the webinar, she had an incentive for people who stayed till the very end and rewarded them with Starbucks.
    • Emails after the launch–she sent 3 emails on the last day, none of them are “5 minutes left” and all of them were addressing problems people might have. It was proving to them that action is what gets you results.
  • Webinar followup emails: Understand your audience during a launch, don’t repeat yourself in those launch emails, and truly make it about THEM and their transformation! Kate recommends playing around with quantity of emails post launch.
    • She does a webinar Monday and Tuesday live, then cart closes on Saturday.
    • Monday people don’t get a replay, they get the invite to Tuesday.
    • Tuesday people get a replay email, brief mention of course.
    • Next day is the open cart email, and Kate still makes it about them!
    • Overall Kate says she does between 9-11 emails post launch.
  • Kate says that because launches are live, often times a question comes up that will make a great email. So use the fact that it’s live to really get into the minds of your audience.
  • Kate talks about how their refund rates are low! She tells people upfront that she will need to see work being done from you before people buy. You want to make sure that people know what is expected of them before they sign up to work with you.
  • How many emails should you send to your list per month? 4 emails a month. That’s the goal. 3 is better than none, but you want to stay top of mind. People don’t like to just be sold to, look to show up! When you show up for your people, they will be more likely to buy from you when you launch something!
  • Mistakes Kate sees people making with their email list:
    • Not sending them.
    • Formatting issues (no big blocks of text!).
    • People not putting in images–add in a photo or GIF!
    • Sending people to the wrong place.
    • Don’t go off the rails of what people normally hear from you.
  • Kate says that emails should connect people, provide dopamine, and provide a lesson or fun story or stat! She said one of the best and highest converting emails was about how she locked her keys in her car–she connected that story to how she wasn’t careful with the thing that would drive her engine, and how true is that sometimes for us as business owners.


  • (2:03) A little more about Kate!
  • (2:41) How Kate got started in email marketing.
  • (3:55) Does email size list matter?
  • (5:38) Why your freebie is the key to great conversion rates.
  • (7:07) Should you work on repelling people?
  • (9:52) What is Kate’s goal on her opt in page?
  • (13:02) How Kate did a 6 figure launch with only 2k people on her email list!
  • (19:03) Post launch email sequence that Kate uses.
  • (25:10) Why Kate has low refund rates.
  • (26:01) Broadcast emails–How often does Kate send emails to her list?
  • (28:47) When you show up–people will want to work with you.
  • (29:57) What are mistakes Kate sees people making with their email list?
  • (35:02) This is one of Kates favorite and highest converting emails she’s ever sent.
  • (37:57) One of the best books Kate’s ever read?
  • (39:26) What does it mean to Kate to make an impact?
  • (41:10) Where can you connect with Kate?


“Learn how to talk to people like people.”

“Humans aren’t logical.”

“People act on feeling and emotion.”

“Start with the right people, you solve a little bit of their problem, and then you just go to the races.”

“The people that resinate with you, you will have fans for life and they’ll tell everyone else about you.”

“Let your person be the star!”

“If you’re reading that last chance email, chances are you’re truly on the fence and truly are nervous of can you recoup the cost.”

Connect with Kate Doster:

Kate’s Podcast: Inbox Besties Podcast

Kate’s Instagram: @kate_doster

Kate’s Free offer:

Kate would love to offer your listeners free access to two years worth of strategically planned weekly newsletter ideas that work for any niche–they won’t have to worry about what to send their list until 2023!  The link for that weekly newsletter will be

Books Mentioned in this Episode:

The Year of Yes by Sandra Rhymes

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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