How Founder of Sseko Designs is Changing the World Through Social Entrepreneurship (with Liz Forkin Bohannon): Episode 126

Liz Forkin Bohannon is the founder of Sseko Designs. Sseko Designs is an ethical fashion brand that works to educate and empower women. By providing employment and educational opportunities, Sseko enables women to continue their education and become leaders in their country. Liz shares her passion for social enterprise, conscious consumerism, social justice, creative leadership, gender equity, risk-taking, and empowering women. She believes deeply that business is a powerful platform for social change and that girls are our future.

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  • Liz says that when she first got to Uganda, she didn’t have a plan. She met the women there, and that led her to several ventures. Some failed and she persisted. Eventually, through those failures, she was able to meet 3 women and start Sseko Designs.
  • One topic Liz touched on is how charitable solutions are not the only way to solve problems. Instead, she wants to use more business structure and ethical brands to employ people, giving them opportunities and sustainable income for a future.
  • Liz says “dream small” because she’s seen so many people paralyzed by success, or people who are beating themselves up for not doing things perfect, or comparing themselves to other influencers. So she decided she wanted to change that message – give them the permission to dream small. Take that big dream, remove ALLLL the excuses, and then it becomes a goal (a small dream.)
  • Liz met Agnes without having a job for her, and she promised that if she hired her as only an intern to start, that she would add massive value to her business. Liz says that Agnes ended up completely transforming the business, leading the whole team in Uganda.
  • The best way to deal with disappointment- a miracle hunter. Liz shares that in those moments and times of frustration and disappointment, train yourself to look out for a miracle. Believe that there is a reason it didn’t work out the way you thought it would, and be on the lookout for that reason why.
  • For every yes that you want, you have to be ready to get 100 No’s. The people who are getting YES’S in your business, are the people who can withstand the NO’S and not take it to heart. That NO does not devalue you. Think of it as though you HAVE to get 99 no’s before a yes. If you make it almost a game, and realize those are the percentages, you will learn to take it much easier, and move forward to chase that YES.
  • Liz talks about how fear is a sign that you have pushed yourself to do something great. If you aren’t afraid, you probably aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary.
  • Running out of money pushed Liz to just START! She shares how she was stuck in the “land of preparation” and once she ran out of time and money, she was forced to just start already, and that is why she calls it a miracle.


  • (1:48) A little more about Liz and how she got started with Sseko Designs.
  • (3:10) How Liz left for Uganda a plan.
  • (4:14) Using business as a tool to help create dignified opportunities for people.
  • (5:29) Sseko Designs- how she went from 3 employees in Uganda to 60+
  • (8:10) About Beginners Pluck.
  • (9:00) Why you should dream SMALL.
  • (10:14) Liz’s example of her BIG DREAM and how she made it SMALL (and attainable).
  • (12:28) How her family reacted to the news that she was going to move to Africa.
  • (13:00) How often does Liz go back to Uganda? How does she manage all the travel, building a business, and raising little kids?
  • (13:40) How does Sseko ship everything from Uganda to the states?
  • (15:00) Liz tells us about Agnes and her story. 
  • (16:43) What is a miracle hunter?
  • (17:50) How NO’S are a part of every day life as an entrepreneur.
  • (19:11) Liz tells us about her experience on Shark Tank, and what her biggest takeaway from it was? 
  • (20:06) Liz’s thoughts on fear- even as a successful entrepreneur.
  • (21:30) Why Liz calls running out of money a miracle.
  • (23:04) The best book Liz has ever read.
  • (23:59) What does it mean to Liz to make an impact?
  • (24:50) Where can you connect with Liz?


“All of those things in between the big dream and what I thought I needed to get there ended up actually not motivating me”

“Treat your small dreams as the sacred things that they are.”

“Every no gets me closer to a yes”

“A step in any direction is infinitely better than standing in fear-induced stillness”

“Preparation is great, but at some point you have to move the needle”

“If what you put out is 100% perfect, you waited too long”


Connect with Liz:

Instagram: @LizBohannon



Liz’s Book:

Beginners Pluck by Liz Forkin Bohannon

Liz’s Book Recommendations:

Catastrophic Happiness: Finding Joy in Childhood’s Messy Years by Catherine Newman

Watch Full Interview:

How Founder of Sseko Designs is Changing the World Through Social Entrepreneurship (with Liz Forkin Bohannon): Episode 126

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