How to Get Started with SEO (with Mariya Bentz): Episode 246

Today we have special guest, Mariya Bentz sharing how to get started with SEO. Mariya is the founder of MBM Agency, a digital marketing company that helps service-based businesses grow their revenue through profitable websites. Mariya also hosts the top-rated Marketing Mindset Podcast. Mariya's work has been recognized by iTunes (Top 200 Business Podcasts), Voyage ATL, Fit Small Business, Content Marketing Institute, and more. She is now on a mission to help B2B businesses get creative with their own marketing strategies.

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  • SEO is search engine optimization. Mariya describes it as making your website relevant to your ideal clients Google search and making sure Google understands what you are about.
  • Mariya tells us that some of the core principles of SEO are thinking about what keywords people would search on google if they were looking for your business. Then go on UberSuggest, a tool you can use to see how keywords rank. After you see where they rank, then you add those keywords to your website!
  • Mariya’s suggestion is to have 1 keyword on your homepage, 1 keyword on your about page, different services each have a keyword in the service page and she also adds keywords to every blog on the website.
  • When creating content, Mariya says to first go on UberSuggest, and find some keywords to spark your ideas on what to write about. Find a keyword, then write the blog post, then add in that keyword.
  • In order to rank on Google, Mariya suggests your blog post is 500 words and have your keyword 1x in the title, 2x in the subhead, and 3x in the body of the blog post.
  • You should try to get creative and enticing when it comes to your title. If your keyword is “Pinterest Marketing,” don’t just have that be the title, try adding in other eye catching words like “Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips.” Mariya reminds us that Google will still be able to pick up the keyword even if you have variation within the title.
  • Different tools Mariya uses for SEO:
    • Yoast SEO
    • Lighthouse (Google Chrome extension)
    • Google Search Console
    • UberSuggest
  • Mariya says you never know what blog post is going to show up when, so it is a good idea to have different blog posts with the same keyword. If you’re able to dominate a niche keyword, or even rank in google for a more popular keyword, that will really help your SEO, so don’t be afraid to write multiple blog posts with similar keywords in mind.
  • Mariya uses UberSuggest, Google Search Console and Google Analytics to track how well her website is ranking.
  • Tips to rank higher in a search:
    • Start with keywords that are not as competitive.
    • Keep updating your website.
    • Post consistently.
    • Rename your images on Pinterest.
    • Update past blog posts.
  • SEO Hacks:
    • Add images to your blog posts.
    • Go to the backend and add titles and descriptions with keywords.
    • Have links (Pinterest, podcast interviews, press, etc.) link back to your website.
  • Mariya says that there are a few things that people should add to their website to keep people from clicking out. Two easy to add things that will help are: stats and video testimonials. Mariya says both of these things are proven to help legitimize you in front of new audiences.
  • Keep your website language simple. Don’t ever confuse people with big words. You want to be clear not clever.


  • (0:40) A little more about Mariya.
  • (1:13) How Mariya got started as an entrepreneur.
  • (2:07) What is SEO?
  • (3:02) Core principles of SEO.
  • (3:57) How many keywords should be in your website?
  • (5:36) How to create content with keywords in mind.
  • (6:55) How long should your blog post be and how many times should you use your keyword in order to rank on Google?
  • (7:14) Creating a creative title including your keyword?
  • (8:14) Different tools Mariya uses for SEO.
  • (9:48) Should you try to rank for the same keyword more than once?
  • (10:22) How to track how well your website is ranking.
  • (12:04) What you can do to beat other people in a ranking.
  • (14:40) Mariya’s SEO hacks.
  • (17:25) How to create a profitable website that people don’t click out of.
  • (20:27) Last tips Mariya has on SEO.
  • (22:49) The best book Mariya has read.
  • (23:18) What does it mean to Mariya to make an impact?
  • (23:57) Where to connect with Mariya?


“Start with keywords that are not as competitive.”

“There are so many people going on Google.”

“Once people find you on google and go on your website, you want to make sure people don’t click out.”

“Remember everyone is reading 3-6th grade level.”

“Be clear, not clever.”

“It’s all about your money mindset.”


Connect with Mariya Bentz:

Instagram: @mariyabentz


Podcast: “The Marketing Mindset

Tools Mentioned in the Episode:

    • Yoast SEO
    • UberSuggest
    • Lighthouse (Google Chrome extension)
    • Google Search Console

Books Mentioned in the Episode:

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How to Get Started with SEO (with Mariya Bentz): Episode 246

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