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Double Your Energy & Business (with Mindi Huebner) Episode 113

We're talking with Mindi Huebner, a certified Health and Life coach – helping busy women take a breath, reduce stress and increase energy so they can feel and look fabulous body, mind and soul.
We're talking with Mindi Huebner, a certified Health and Life coach – helping busy women take a breath, reduce stress and increase energy so they can feel and look fabulous body, mind and soul.


  • Mindi talks about how she didn’t know whether or not to leave her full time job to be an entrepreneur. There was a lot of back and fourth, but when she stepped into the state of entrepreneurship, and what that could bring her, she knew she wanted to take it full throttle. And she trusted the process, no safety net.
  • You have to give up the good to go for the great. SUCH A KEY TAKEAWAY. If you are comfortable and have back up plans, will you ever fully take that leap?
  • Losing weight is not where you find happiness. Mindi says this and it is so true. She says if think you’ll find happiness only by losing weight, it will take your mind with you. You need to create a life of overall health instead of simply wanting a lower number on the scale. It’s about energy, lack of stress, and mindset.
  • Whatever you focus on grows. If you’re focused on stress, how much you hate your body, how you can’t get clients, that will become your story. You have to CHANGE YOUR STORY mind, body and soul.
  • Food either gives you energy or takes it away: reflect on what you’re eating, and how that really makes you feel.
  • Be, do, have- you have to be in the mindset and do the things that the future you wants to have. If you act the way a 6 figure entrepreneur does, that will BECOME you. Show up for yourself.
  • Your brain is so powerful, that if you see it, and DO it, you CAN! Mindset is so key. You have to be the person you want to be , and it starts with your mind.
  • Showing up for yourself is so key. Mindi talks about how when you show up for yourself, you automatically are up-leveling yourself. The more you show up, the more you’ll grow. Think of it like when you work out- the more consistent you are, the more results you see. The same is true for your mindset, even though it’s hard to SEE the results.
  • Paying for your health. Mindi says you will pay one way or another. Either you pay up front for whole, real foods, or you will pay later for doctors, pills, and hospital bills.


  • (1:33) A little more about Mindi’s journey as an entrepreneur.
  • (3:18) Mindi’s biggest struggle in her business, and how she overcame it.
  • (5:43) Making the shift to entrepreneurship: was it scary?
  • (7:25) Who does Mindi serve, and how does she serve them?
  • (10:24) How to get out of the bad health rut.
  • (13:20) Food- how it’s a reflection of who we are, and who we will be that day.
  • (14:55) How SHOULD you eat to get energy and get rid of brain fog?
  • (18:13) Be, do, have.
  • (21:01) Sustainability for your body- and how to create a plan that will work.
  • (24:10) The power of having a fitness coach.
  • (25:58) Why you NEED TO invest. When you need to invest and how it will impact your business.
  • (30:53) Routines that Mindi uses that helps her mind body and soul on a daily basis.
  • (33:52) Macro and micro habits.
  • (35:00) What’s the best book Mindi’s ever read?
  • (38:14) What does it mean to Mindi to make an impact?
  • (39:27) What’s next for Mindi?
  • (40:43) Where to connect with Mindi.


“If your dreams and goals don’t make you want to throw up a little bit, they’re not big enough”

“When you make those scary decisions, that’s when things happen”

“You have to give up the good to go for the great”

“There’s no end-game in our health”

“Losing weight is not where you find happiness”

“You are the thinker of your thoughts”

“Sugar, and processed foods, keep us in that state of brain fog”

“Sugar is our enemy”

“When you invest, you get it back ten fold”

“You will pay one way or another for your health”

“Our body only uses what we put into it”


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Double Your Energy & Business (with Mindi Huebner) Episode 113

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