Creating and Selling an Online Course (with Natalie and Joeel Rivera): Episode 116

Today's episode I'm talking to Joeel and Natalie Rivera- a dynamic duo, husband-and-wife team, partners in crime, and BFFs! They are freedom junkies and prolific content creators who have been coaching, speaking, writing, and teaching for more than a decade!

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  • Natalie and Joeel talk about how entrepreneurship was the key to pursuing a life of serving people world wide, and being able to make a profit. They say it’s a way of empowering people and making it accessible to everybody.
  • Joeel says that entrepreneurship is what gives you full control of your life, your destiny, your time, and that what you want is possible if you’re willing to commit! They decided that they wanted to make this lifestyle accessible to others.
  • They talk about how important it is to monetize your online course! Don’t wait until it’s the perfect time, or for everything to be perfect. Natalie says they started off by using a small mic and an iPhone app to start their first course! If the content is good, it will sell. Put your heart into it, and don’t wait for perfect.
  • Joeel says the main way to manifest what you want in you life is to know exactly how you want it to play out. If you’re not clear on how you want something to happen, you won’t know how to direct your energy and vision.
  • Enjoy dreaming! Don’t get attached to not having something- use your mind to find a way to enjoy where you are at and don’t let mental blocks make you feel hopeless.
  • Joeel says that when you’re not passionate about it, you might create temporary success, but not permanent success. SO KEY! You need to let your passion lead your business, and not expect it to come easy. Use your own skills, expertise, or your passions to help others. That is what your course should be- something you are so passionate and driven by.
  • Know your audience. Know what they need, what conflicts they’re facing, and how YOU can help. If you don’t know what they need, how can you help?
  • Natalie talks about how important it is to niche down early on. Find a niche you are passionate about, where you can reach people in that niche! She says one mistake they made was not honing in on that niche early on.
  • Joeel says balance is so key for being an entrepreneur. Take time to have clarity, and review what is and is not working. He also says you need to CELEBRATE! If you aren’t celebrating successes, you are going to burn out. Be inspired by your progress. His last tip is to hire out those small tasks!! Take things off your plate to save yourself time.


  • (2:34) A little more about Natalie and Joeel Rivera’s story.
  • (5:43) Who is their ideal client?
  • (7:19) Their transition from social work to the online space!
  • (10:47) How many companies Natalie and Joel have had, and how they combined them.
  • (13:03) How to MONETIZE your courses.
  • (16:02) How to market your online courses.
  • (18:14) How Natalie and Joeel have manifested their success.
  • (22:03) Mistakes Natalie and Joeel have seen entrepreneurs making while creating their online courses.
  • (26:01) You need to KNOW your audience- their pain points, their goals.
  • (26:56) Mistakes Natalie and Joeel have made in their business.
  • (28:45) Why you need to focus in on a NICHE.
  • (29:05) Joeel’s top tips to move yourself forward.
  • (31:50) The best book they’ve ever read.
  • (34:02) What does it mean to them to make an impact?
  • (36:07) What’s next for them?
  • (38:29) Changes coming in the workplace!
  • (41:05) Where to connect with Natalie and Joeel!


“Entrepreneurship is the best empowerment that you can have”

“If you’re not embarrassed by your first launch, than you waited too long”

“Life is happening for you, not to you”

“If you can figure out how to be happy in the worst of circumstances, that’s going to change everything”

“When you’re not passionate about it, you might create temporary success, but not permanent success”

“Know your audience, and know their trials”


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