Conversations on RACE AND UNITY: Episode 178

I’m talking to William and Shiloh Karshima all about RACE and UNITY. What can WE DO in this time, and action steps to actually make a difference.

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  • We all have something to learn, bringing in people with experiences unlike your own adds massive value and helps us to see perspectives we may never have even known existed. 
  • We need to learn how to appreciate one another now, there is no putting it off. The idea of peace and unity in heaven cannot exist there if we don’t start it here on Earth.  
  • We know in our hearts that we are not racist, though it’s hard for us to justify that we live in a reality that some of us benefit, and some of us are stomped on by the system.
  • We hope to create a culture where people are free and encouraged to stand up for this human life issue regardless of fear. This is not an issue of politics, it is about right and wrong. 
  • People protesting have other things going on, jobs, kids, etc. But they NEED to be out spreading the message right now, so they make arrangements to be able to be there protesting.
  • People are not making up stories, we need to listen carefully to people and do what we can to help them feel safe and heard. 
  • The first thing we need to do is acknowledge that there is a problem, otherwise we cannot have an open heart to listen.
  • We need to be careful not to justify other people’s pain, while trying to find balance or make excuses for something that happened. We should NOT be saying “this happened, but.” There is no but when it comes to racism.
  • It is important to be posting on social media and using our various platforms to support the movement. However, it cannot stop there, we also have to educate ourselves so that after the protests stop, the justice does not stop. We need this movement to continue through our actions.
  • You have to do the work to let your friends of color know that you are an educated ally. 
  • People of color need support from people outside of their community to lift them up and help carry the mantle. 
  • It can be overwhelming for parents to have to explain to children of color the extra precautions that they need to take.
  • Children are seeing and talking about a lot of the things that we are seeing as adults and it is a difficult thing to talk about and explain, parents have to try to gauge the right age and time in their child’s life to explain these things. 
  • When we don’t know people, when we don’t know their stories or culture we tend to reduce people to a shade or a color. 
  • When people are hurting, when people are going through what the black community is going through, we need to give them good news. We need to let them know that we will be there with them, that we will stand with them. 
  • (3:35) How their vision began to come to life.
  • (6:00) Understanding the importance of diversity. 
  • (9:38) How did we get here? 
  • (11:23) This is not a riot or a rebellion, it’s a revolution. 
  • (14:11) People who are trying to make a change.  
  • (15:12) William’s story of racism in his own church.
  • (16:40) Listening and taking people seriously. 
  • (19:00) What can we do? 
  • (21:10) Validating and acknowledging people’s pain.
  • (22:20) Using your platform but don’t stop there.
  • (24:25) Showing your friends and family of color support. 
  • (25:58) People of color can’t do it on their own. 
  • (27:40) How do you talk to kids about this? 
  • (29:05) Children adapting to what they see in society. 
  • (31:00) Seeing people in shades due to lack of experiences. 
  • (32:30) Standing with those who are marginalized. 
“We all have something to learn.” 

“You had to soak in the discomfort.” 
“The heart of God is diversity.”
“People are not making things up, these are real life stories.” 
“Don’t be afraid to apologize.” 
“How can the black community dismantle a problem that they didn’t create.” 
Austin Channing Brown- The next question (Podcast)

Books Mentioned in this Episode:
White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo
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We need to learn how to appreciate one another now, there is no putting it off. The idea of peace and unity in heaven cannot exist there if we don’t start it here on Earth. I’m talking to William and Shiloh Karshima all about RACE and UNITY. What can WE DO in this time, and action steps to actually make a difference. Click to listen to the full episode on the She's Making An Impact podcast!

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