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Here are some "love letters" from our clients and students

I can’t tell you how much I love empowering other entrepreneurs to create the business and life they’ve always dreamed of creating.  It’s why my team and I do what we do!

We call these testimonials our “love letters,” and we are so grateful for each and every one of them.  Just check out all the amazing things that our students have accomplished–they really are making an impact!

Activate & Impact Blogging Academy Students

Activate is a 12-month, all-inclusive group coaching program for serious entrepreneurs ready to build and grow a profitable online business.  

With access to Impact Blogging Academy within Activate, you’ll learn my EXACT step-by-step processes I’ve used to attract my tribe, grow my email list, have one successful launch after another, and grow to multiple six figures!  Bonus: we have our own private, in-person business retreat!

I had my first 5-figure month: $10,233 on my FIRST LAUNCH.

“Email list from zero to 1.3k.  

Group from non-existent to 1.1k.  

30 courses sold.

3 podcast interviews.

Biggest takeaway:  TAKING MESSY ACTION.  I was always waiting until I was ready and learned in Impact Blogging Academy that clarity comes through action.”

Taylor Slango
Manifestation & Business Coach

taylor slango headshet

Katie Ferro

Licensed CPA & Bookkeeper

Megan Sumrell

Time Management Coach for Working Moms


I just had my first 5-figure WEEK!

“I am so very excited!

Deeper clarity cam again in working through the class creation videos and the opportunities opening up to me.

I reorganized some more thoughts and found my path and am allowing myself grace to push that into the new year.

And WHILE that’s happening, I’m taking messy action and moving forward.

And moving forward means I had a 5-figure week, and I’m so excited!”

Amy Eicher
Pain Coach & Speaker

Mindi Huebner

Life on Purpose Coach

Michelle Fernandez

Social Media & Live Video Strategist

I had my first $5k month.

“Before I joined Activate, I was trying to be everything to everybody.  It was not working; I was not making money.

Halfway through Activate, I had my first $5k month and was able to leave my corporate job. I now work 100% for myself. 

It would not have been possible without Activate!”

Ashley Kaplan
Strategic WordPress Designer & Coach

ashley (2 of 30) square

Pin with Purpose Students

Pin with Purpose is my signature 6-week program for online business owners to get noticed, attract hot new leads, and profit from Pinterest!

I've doubled my reach on Pinterest.

“Rachel is phenomenal.  She always says, ‘It’s only going to get better. It’s just the beginning.’ I believe her.

Since joining Pin with Purpose, my followers have increased by over 300 on Pinterest.  I’ve sold 3 large art prints, 8 shirts, and I’ve doubled my reach on Pinterest to 4 million.

My website is averaging 1,600 visitors a month, and 900 come from Pinterest.  

Around 20 people used to Google my name (“Kenal Louis”), which is my brand… it went up to 200 monthly searches.

It’s all Pinterest!

Kenal Louis


I made $7K my first launch.

“By working with Rachel, I made $7K my first launch with my free 5-day challenge and $4k with my 1.5-hour workshops!

this step-by-step system, I have no clue where I’d be… besides $11K+ poorer! I’m forever grateful and cannot recommend enough!”

Megan Yelaney Bayen
Health & Fitness Coach

I launched my course and made over $1,200 WITHOUT Facebook ads!

“With the help of Pin with Purpose, my Pinterest page views jumped from 2K per month to the upper 5 digits within a month!

I began getting a steady stream of 5-10 new email subscribers every DAY.

I don’t know what I would have done without learning to leverage Pinterest.”

Brynna Haddock
Health Coach

I am getting 93% of traffic to my website from PINTEREST!

“Rachel’s methods are really clear, and she’s straight to the point in her demonstrations.

If you haven’t bought a course from her yet, DO IT! You won’t regret it.

Magnolia Sunrise
Jewelry Designer

My email list is growing by 14 people per day!

“I think Rachel is a genius with what she knows, and I believe in the process 100%.”

Natalie Tuman
Health Coach

“You have been given just the right set of skills, placed into the proper circumstance, and graced with the appropriate challenges needed, for you to learn the lessons that will help you succeed.”

Brock Cahill

50% Complete

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