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How to Remove Self-Doubt When Growing Your Business

Remove self-doubt

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And of course, you should def register for my free masterclass where I’ll share my top secret strategies to getting new sales and leads on autopilot with Pinterest.

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Hey! Hey! Today, we are talking about how to remove doubt when you’re growing your business.

Do you doubt yourself when it comes to growing your business, do you suffer from imposter syndrome?

This is so common. Like it’s so crazy. Cause you it’s typically like you think you’re the only person that thinks this way or feels this way. 

And then you talk to people who you think are at the pinnacle of success, they’re like crushing it and they struggle with imposter syndrome. So just know like you are not alone.

But if you want to actually grow your business to levels where you can truly be free and make an impact, you have to get over a lot of these barriers and these limiting beliefs that are holding you back. And a lot of times this comes from doubt.

Just know you’re going to have to do these consistently. And that I don’t think you’ll ever feel like you’ve made it. And you’re going to have to keep working on this. 

I still work on all of these things cause I am not perfect. I am always a work in progress. I am Always growing.

So here are my 10 tips to help you remove doubt from your mind:

Tips to Remove Self-doubt #1: Take consistent, massive and messy action.

I see it so many times people are doubting themselves because they’re trying to think their way to success. And so, they end up just putting themselves in this thinking spiral and it never ends up getting to where you want to go from thinking your way there. 

You need to just take massive messy action. 

Clarity comes through taking action.

It doesn’t come through thinking your way there. 

So I’ve been talking to one of my friends who wants to start a podcast and she’s asking me like, Oh, is this title okay? Is this title okay? And I’m like, just create the title and go!

You could change it. You could always change it. 

Or I hear people all the time say, but what if I don’t know what to say? Or what if I stay in the wrong, the first 50-100 episodes of whatever it is that you’re doing a YouTube channel, Facebook live podcast. There’s probably not going to be a lot of people listening. 

So it’s mostly you finding your voice. 

And so, by you showing up and being consistent and taking massive and messy action, even when it’s not perfect. That’s when you’re going to start finding your voice.

So take massive messy action. Clarity comes from taking actio

Tips to Remove Self-Doubt #2: Surround Yourself with Other Entrepreneurs

This is why I think Activate, my group coaching program is so powerful because you get to hang out with other entrepreneurs that are just like you and share your wins, but share your struggles. 

You know, you’re not alone. If you’re not a part of some group, a mastermind, something where you are surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs, you are missing out so much, so much.

I’ve been in two masterminds where that might be, be something come up for me. And I’m like, Hey, have you struggled with this? Or, Hey, how are you handling this kind of a situation? You don’t have to do it alone. Okay. And by being able to express yourself, talk to other entrepreneurs that are going there.

We’re on the same journey as you. That is huge. Huge, okay.

If your interested in learning more about Activate, go to to apply

Tips to Remove Self-doubt #3: Avoid Toxic People.

Okay. So have you ever shared with a friend or a family member, the business that you’re doing, your business idea, what it is that you’re launching? so on and so forth, how much you’re charging? How much you’re spending and they just look at you and are like:

Are you crazy? 

Are you nuts? 

Did you lose your mind? 

If this person, while they could be super well intentioned, they might not be an entrepreneur and they might not understand what it is that you’re trying to do. 

I’ll tell you that entrepreneurs think very, very, very differently from non-entrepreneurs. 

And so there are investments I’ve made in my business-Like the fact that I’ve spent over $75-$80,000 this year on coaching and masterminds. Yeah. They’d probably think I lost it. 

So, I don’t tell them.

And this is so key in avoiding toxic people is avoiding negative situations. 

Just keep surrounding yourself with the right people-other entrepreneurs that are going to help you grow and remove the Negative Nancys

Tips to Remove Self-Doubt #4: Remove the negative Nancys

You know, so even my husband, I love him, we don’t talk a lot about my business and how much I make. 

We talk about investments and that kind of thing, but I don’t share like details of I’ve made this much. 

Cause it’s, it’s my business and he’s, he’s pretty frugal and he’d be like, you did what? He would support me, but he’d think I had lost my mind a little bit. 

Right. So avoiding those kinds of situations is definitely going to be helpful.

And that goes to, for Facebook that goes for Instagram.

And it’s really hard when you have people that are putting you down or don’t believe in what you’re doing or just think differently.

So do your best to avoid those toxic situations as much as humans possible, and pour in positivity.

Tips to Remove Self-doubt #5: Pour in Positivity

So I want you to think about the past 24, 48 hours…

What have you been feeding your mind? What have you been watching on YouTube? Facebook? Instagram? On TV? 

Wherever it is that you’re watching. What have you been feeding your mind with? 

Is it stuff that’s going to help you grow, help you with your mindset? Or is it the news or is it just scrolling on Facebook, seeing the news there or Twitter or whatever it is, is that helping you grow? 

Is that helping you remove doubts? 

So one of the things I do is I like to put in earbuds and I listen to or I’m watching something YouTube or some kind of inspirational motivational worship, something first thing in the morning. 

…And last thing before I go to bed.

it’s so important for me that I start my day on a positive note and I end my day on a positive note.

And so even throughout the day, because that’s N.E.T time, no extra time, where you can be feeding your mind with something that’s positive. That’s going to help you stay in a positive mindset. 

I think it’s about 90% of our thoughts are on autopilot, 

And so you got to make sure that the 10% that you control are positive and are helping you serving you.

Tips to Remove Self-Doubt #6:Create little wins

If you’re setting giant massive, extraordinary goals that you’re never going to hit, it could end up draining you and creating doubt in you of like, Oh my gosh, I haven’t hit that goal yet. 

In reality, you’re crushing it. 

And so I’m I’ll give you an example. Actually, I set a huge stretch goal at the end of the year to hit this specific number. We got sooooo close and here’s what happened…

We had the highest earning month by over $50,000. Like it was insane!!

I was just mind blown, but I didn’t take the time to celebrate it because I was more focused that we did hit that goal then by the fact that we were able to serve and support so many people. And have an Epic, Epic month.

Yes, obviously you want big goals, but you want to create little wins too, to show yourself like, 

Hey, I can do this. Hey, I’m crushing it. 

And so a little win could be, you go live on Facebook twice per week. You go live on Facebook five times a week, whatever that little one is going to be for you. 

Start to build that belief in yourself that when y

Tips to Remove Self-Doubt #7: Keep the promises you make to yourself

So if you tell yourself, I’m going to be waking up at 6:00 AM to get a workout in and you hit the snooze button, what are you telling yourself every time You do that? 

I’m not worthy? I’m not good enough? I’m not going to show up? I don’t follow through on my commitments?

So what are the promises that you’re making to yourself and are you keeping them? 

You have to have integrity with yourself and your words. 

So when you say you’re going to do something, you freaking do it and you show up. So if you set your alarm for 6:00 AM, get your booty out of bed at 6:00 AM!!

Every time you do that, you’re going to start to build more belief in yourself, your capabilities and what you can accomplish. Okay?

Tips to Remove Self-Doubt #8: Embrace your breakdowns because they lead to breakthroughs. 

So often we have breakdowns in our business and our life. And we start to doubt ourselves when we have these breakdowns of,

We think, Oh my gosh, I’m terrible. I suck this happened. I’m not good enough.

Whatever negative chatter you’re having, embrace the breakdown because it’s going to lead to a breakthrough. 

So I shared with a team that I’m a part of a breakdown that I was having when I was coming to my own health and fitness. 

So I’ve already lost like 60 pounds after I had a Gabrielle, I have another, like 13 left to go. And for whatever reason, last week I drank two glasses of wine and then binged on three protein bars and a pear when I was not even hungry. And I just felt awful about myself. 

And I brought it to the team and I was like, why did I do this? 

And I had such massive breakthroughs and realizations, there actually sharing my struggle and speaking it out loud. And then having the realization of why the heck it happened to prevent it from happening again. 

Oh my gosh.

But I wouldn’t have had that realization if I didn’t have the breakdown. And if I wasn’t open and vulnerable enough to actually share it and have the breakthrough. 

Whew. I hope you understood that one. Cause that’s a big one.

Tips to Remove Self-Doubt #9:Celebrate your progress.

Celebrate your progress no matter how small. So I’ve lost 60 pounds since I’ve had Gabrielle and it’s been five months. I’m going to celebrate that crap. Like I feel really, really good. I’m not like I’m entirely to my goal yet of where I want to be.

I feel so freaking good. And I’m really proud of how far I’ve gotten.

celebrate your goal in your business. Like celebrate your progress. Even if it’s like something tiny. 

When you wake up at 6:00 AM. When you told yourself you’re going to celebrate that. Like I woke up at six, I’m a fricking rockstar!

Tips to Remove Self-Doubt #10: The last one is to have a coach. 

Having a coach helps you remove so much doubt because they see things in you that you don’t see in yourself because there are moments that I might doubt myself and I bring it to my coach and she just speaks so much life over me. 

And what the possibilities that she sees for me, 

I do the same thing with my clients. They come to me, with something that they’re struggling with and I’m able to see the struggle, remove them from that struggle and speak life into it.

Huge, huge, huge. I can’t even explain or stress the importance of having that person in your life that is helping you remove that doubt in that negativity.


  1. Take Consistent, Massive And Messy Action.
  2. Surround Yourself With Other Entrepreneurs,
  3. Avoid Toxic People,
  4. Pour In Positivity,
  5. Remove Negativity,
  6. Celebrate Little Wins,
  7. Celebrate Your Progress.
  8. Keep The Promises You Make To Yourself,
  9. Embrace Your Breakdowns 
  10. Have A Coach

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How to Remove Self-Doubt When Growing Your Business

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Tony Robbins