Self Talk Keeping You Small: Episode 256

In this episode, I'm sharing the self talk you might be telling yourself that is keeping you small!
In this episode, I'm sharing the self talk you might be telling yourself that is keeping you small!

“Try vs. Committed Action” (1:20)


  • Don’t use the word try. You’re either committed to doing something or your’e not. Get into the habit of using more definitive talk to yourself, “I am going to do that!”



“I’m Overwhelmed or I’m Busy” (2:01)


  • This is the story you’re telling yourself. There are crazy successful entrepreneurs out there that have multiple businesses, and yet they make time for things. Of course there are days you feel overwhelmed, but in those moments you have to ask yourself how you can expand your plate, or ask for support. You don’t have to do it all alone.



“I Can’t Afford It” (3:22)


  • Think back to all the times you’ve said, “We can’t afford that”. Instead ask HOW can I afford that. It will give you a chance to brainstorm all the possible ways to expand yourself, and leave the money mindset problems behind.



“It Costs Too Much Vs. The Investment It Is” (4:17)


  • Successful entrepreneurs know they have to invest in themselves. You have to let go of money self talk, and realize that in order to grow in your business, you’re going to have to invest. Don’t be hyper focused on the cost.



“Later vs. Now” (4:55)


  • Have urgency! Take massive action and get things done that need to be done. Putting things off isn’t going to move the needle.



“I Can’t vs. How Can I?” (5:29)


  • Same thing. If you make excuses for things, you’ll never get it done. Instead, ask how can you make time for something? If you carve out time, there will be time.


“Blaming Others vs. Being Responsible” (5:53)


  • If you’ve gone through a course or done something that wasn’t up to your expectations, did you blame the program or the person in charge? Or did you ask yourself if you gave its 100%.
  • If you’re going to live life blaming others, it’s going to be hard to be successful.



“I Have To vs. I Get To” (6:53)


  • You don’t have to show up, send emails, you get too!
  • Make this shift in everything in your life. The doctor, the dentist- start looking at these things with gratitude, and your whole life will change.



“I’m Not Good Enough, or I Don’t Know Enough” (8:45)


  • You know plenty. All you need to know is within you.
  • There are people out there that know way more than an expert you’re following, but they had confidence and the courage to step up and start.



“I Don’t Feel Like It” (9:30)


  • I wouldn’t do anything if I only did things when I felt like it.
  • Take action even when you don’t want to.
  • Eat that frog!



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