Launching for Greater Profits (with Tasha Booth): Episode 166

Tasha Booth began her journey in the online business space five years ago as a virtual assistant when she decided she was tired of living an “ordinary” life on someone else’s terms. As her business grew, so did her commitment to helping others figure out how to make the life they craved a reality. Now, whether she’s leading her team of 18 to support established coaches and course creators as the Founder and CEO of The Launch Guild agency, coaching virtual support professionals as they start and scale their own business, or hosting the “How She Did That” podcast for VAs, OBMs, and project managers, Tasha is always helping other entrepreneurs live more fully in their zone of genius. When she’s not supporting her team of 18, she proudly spends her time as an Air Force wife to her husband Scott, stepmom to Grace and Meredith, and work from home dog mom to Stanley and Boomer.

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  • A launch is any event, normally ranging a week to 10 days, of a new product, service, or group program.
  • Webinars or live classes give the potential buyer a connection with the seller.
  • It is helpful for people to have 2 webinars scheduled, give people options for their schedules.
  • 8-12 weeks of thinking about what people need to know to understand the value and thinking of objections that people might have.
  • Having a team in place is incredibly helpful, try and have a budget for a virtual assistant.
  • If possible, hire a copywriter/designer. It can be expensive but incredibly helpful.
  • Facebook live is a great tool for connecting with your audience on a weekly basis.
  • Telling people far in advance about a launch can help them plan their time and money around it.
  • Set up incentives for people on a wait list to take action early for discounts and early access.
  • Facebook ads done right can be incredibly successful, but start them early, not in the middle of a launch week.
  • “Zoom” is a reliable software for doing video webinars, “Webinar Jam” is a simple and easy software for webinars. It is a good idea to use one and then have one set up as a back-up. If your software has an issue you do not want your entire webinar to be ruined. 
  • Three important team members to start off with are a virtual assistant, project manager, and graphic designer.
  • If you can’t afford a project manager in the entire launch, hire a project planner to set up the launch project plan. An experienced project manager can see the holes in a plan before it’s put into place.
  • She’s Making an Impact listeners can check out
  • One of the biggest mistakes you could make is trying to rush through a launch, take your time and plan it out.
  • Your first launch is a great learning experience for the next launch, figure out what needs to be fixed and make it better for the next launch.
  • Plan ahead and prioritize your launch so you can give it the appropriate amount of energy and be excited about it.
  • Just because somebody said no this time doesn’t mean they won’t say yes next time.
  • Clients are encouraged to be unattached to the outcome, whether the launch achieves its goals or not, you still have a message to give.
  • Figure out what went well and build on that.


  • (1:30) A little more about Tasha Booth
  • (3:30) What is a launch and what are the benefits
  • (5:30) 3-5 Day Challenges
  • (7:30) Planning things out in advance to talk about objectives
  • (10:10) Starting to build a team
  • (12:05) Using a copywriter and designer
  • (14:25) Connecting with your audience consistently
  • (16:20) Incentivizing people to join a wait list
  • (17:30) Running ads
  • (19:30) Using the right tools to have a successful webinar
  • (22:00) You have to have a plan B for everything
  • (22:48) Hiring a project manager
  • (23:45) 6 Pillars of a successful course launch project plan
  • (24:25) Do not try to launch in just a week
  • (25:25) Don’t get discouraged after one launch
  • (29:05) Continue to nurture your audience
  • (30:40) Clients are encourage to be unattached to the outcome
  • (31:20) Evaluating your launch after the fact


“Find a way to connect with your audience every single week.”

“What is your way to cut through the noise?”

“It’s so important to have plan Bs for everything.”

“Waiting because you don’t know how to do the tech is not a good excuse to wait.”

“Enjoy the process.”


Books Mentioned in this Episode:

“Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah

“Superfans” by Pat Flynn

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Tasha Booth began her journey in the online business space five years ago as a virtual assistant when she decided she was tired of living an “ordinary” life on someone else’s terms. As her business grew, so did her commitment to helping others figure out how to make the life they craved a reality. In this episode, we talk about webinars, Facebook Ads, and lots more! Click to listen in! Repin and grab my free pinterest cheat sheet! #pinterestmarketing #socialmediamarketing #pinteresttips #femaleentrepreneurtips
Launching for Greater Profits (with Tasha Booth): Episode 166

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