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7 Simple Tips to Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout

Tips to avoid burnout
As entrepreneurs trying to do all the things, we're bound to experience burnout. how do we avoid burnout? In this blog, I'm giving you my 7 simple tips to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur.

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Hey hey! Today we’re talking about how to avoid burnout and I have 7 tips to share with you.


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And of course, you should def register for my free masterclass where I’ll share my top secret strategies to getting new sales and leads on autopilot with Pinterest.

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Have you struggled with burnout? 

This is something I’m all too familiar with…

7 years ago I was hustling in my Network Marketing business doing all the things for recognition, rewards, and making money. I ended up working 24/7.

I wasn’t sleeping well because my son TJ wasn’t sleeping well. I was sick every month. Gained thirty pounds…

I felt like the worst mom. 

Burnout is no fun at allllll and I don’t want that for you. So here are my 5  tips to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur.

Tips to avoid burnout #1: Have Set Business Hours

Decide when you are going to work your business.

You’re not working 24/7. We have a serious loop thrown at us right now with a lot of us homeschooling or doing virtual school. And that’s a whole other thing that we’re thinking about.

So, figure out when are you working? Have those set business hours.

Be flexible with them now more than ever.

But It helps a lot to know when you’re done at 5pm-computer goes away, they phone goes away. And you can be present.

Tips to Avoid Burnout #2: Unplug Often

One of the things I do is keeping my phone away. I don’t check it.

I have boundaries.

You can set up in your settings “limit my phone from this time to this time.” Limit apps or delete certain apps.

That has been huuuuuge. Charge your phone downstairs and not in your room. 

I find when it’s so accessible, I keep checking it.

To prevent yourself, just put it away

Tips to Avoid Burnout #3: Schedule Time Away

Look at your calendar and decide-when am I going to be working and going all in and when am I taking time off?

Like take a week vacation. 

I know one of my mentors takes the whole month of December off!

Make it non-negotiable and figure out what you’re going to be doing.

Tips to Avoid Burnout #4: Figure Out Your Zone of Genius

Figure out your zone of genius, stay there and outsource as much as you can so you don’t have a million and 17 things on your to-do list that don’t need to happen.

Then, figure out what I can only do.

For example: only I can show up on Facebook. But I have people on our team who create the events, takes video and audio and puts them on the podcast, social media, and the blog.

Can I do all those things? Yes.

But, my first priority is being the best mom I can be and figuring out how i can run my business without burning out while being a present mom and impacting as many lives as possible. 

It doesn’t require me to send the transcription and taking other tasks.

Figure out your zone of genius, the things only you can do, and outsource the rest.

Tips to Avoid Burnout #5: Create a Business that Doesn’t Trade Time for Money

How is your business set up? Are you doing client work and only getting paid if you show up?

It’s time to diversify!

Two of our highest income streams are selling online courses and our group coaching program, Activate.

With a course, you can create it and sell it as an evergreen product.

With Activate, I decide who, when and where I show up. For 3 to 5 hours I show up and we’re able to have other people step in and support our students.

So, think about what income stream do you have now? 

What do you need to do to shift that so that you have another income stream that’s more passive so you’re not trading time for money? And do it!

Messy massive action!

Tips to Avoid Burnout #6: Set Boundaries with Your Clients

It is no fun when your clients are hounding you and expecting an immediate response.

Set the boundaries and expectations from the beginning.

When I have a private client I let them know–You have Voxer access. Expect me to respond between these specific hours. I will not answer you on weekends.

Set the example and the expectation so you don’t burnout. 

Because if you don’t, they might expect communication or an immediate response.

Bonus Tip to Avoid Burnout #7: Give Yourself Grace

2020 has been a wild year. I believe we can finish the year strong together by going all in and adding massive value to our people and just serving people well.

Things are going to come up with many of us homeschooling, virtual schooling. Like, You got kids.

Give yourself some grace.


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7 Tips to avoid entrepreneurial burnout

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7 Simple Tips to Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout

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Tony Robbins