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A Christ-centered podcast equipping the Saints to bring the Kingdom into the marketplace

5.0 out of 5

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Bold and Inspiring
Rachel is bold with her faith and with her business strategies. Her podcast is a great tool for equipping, inspiring, and teaching other Christian entrepreneurs. I love the different guests she has on and I always come away with multiple things to help me grow!
@Robin Rhine McDonald
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Can I just say AMEN?!
Rachel is creating waves in the Kingdom with her interviews, wisdom, and tips. Her heart for Jesus and to see His Kingdom COME is inspiring - to say the least. I also fully appreciate her dependence on the Holy Spirit and the work He does through her. HIGHLY recommend!
@Pandora T
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Love seeing Christian entrepreneur advice! 👏
I’ve been on a recent journey looking for fellow Christian makers and business owners and I love that I found this podcast - not even because of this search, but because of an ad about business help that was completely unrelated to the Christian aspect, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the Christian element of it! I sell products that aren’t explicitly Christian but are aimed to promote joy, goodness, and other biblical themes and truths, and it’s always lovely to meet other people who are similar. Truthfully I like being on the email list more than listing to podcasts, but the episodes I’ve listened to so far have had good info - useful and/or encouraging - and are definitely something I can put on in the background!
@ Austin, Plum & Parcel
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A breath of fresh air!
I love Rachel’s authenticity and practical advice as a fellow christian entrepreneur. From leadership to business and marketing strategy, Rachel speaks to my ears. Grateful for you, Rachel, and this podcast!
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Rachel is legit in what she does!
Rachel makes sure that her guests are THE BEST and IN ALIGNMENT! I love that and respect that about her. It makes sure her podcast is always on point.
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Grow & Learn
Rachel is an inspirationally faith based entrepreneur. She has helped me grow and become a better woman is this crazy world. She is infectious and you can’t help but want to be better.


The TOXIC Personal Development Industry: Harmonizing Personal Progress with Faith

In this episode of the She’s Making an Impact podcast, I’m opening up about a topic that’s been weighing on my heart – the toxic side of the personal development industry.

I’m sharing my own experiences and revelations, shedding light on the dangers of self-dependence and the pursuit of materialistic goals often promoted by this industry.

I share some emotional and personal stories in this one! Tune in for a discussion about a more faith-driven approach than the personal development world you may be used to.

Transforming Life through the Power of Faith and Scripture (With William Wood) - Episode 439

Today we’re sitting down with William Wood, a man whose journey from a tumultuous past to a life of faith and purpose is nothing short of miraculous.
William opens up about his early life devoid of faith, leading to his own battle with drug addiction. His turning point came during a life-threatening overdose, where he experienced a divine encounter with Jesus, leading to his miraculous healing and conversion to Christianity. This marked the beginning of his incredible journey of discovering his identity in Christ.
William also shares his insights on renewing the mind through God’s word, the purpose of wilderness seasons, and the strategies used by the enemy to deceive and tempt. He emphasizes the importance of obedience to God, even when it seems illogical, by recounting his own experiences of following spontaneous thoughts and divine guidance, leading to miraculous outcomes.
Let’s listen in!

Essential Conversations on the Bible and Beyond: Debunking Myths, Uncovering Truths (With Abdu Murray) - Episode 448

In this episode, we’re honored to have Abdu Murray, a former Muslim who embraced Christianity after a profound journey of spiritual and intellectual exploration. Murray, now a seasoned apologist and author, shares his insights into the reliability of the Bible, the essence of Christianity, and addresses some of the most pressing questions about faith and the modern world.