Equipping the Saints for the Marketplace 

You can make an impact and give back in a big way

You can make an impact and give back in a big way

Holy Spirit Led Coaching

The Lord told me that we are going to take territory, specifically in the coaching industry, which is typically run by new age practices.

So that’s exactly what we are going to do now.

This isn’t worldly coaching by someone who claims to be a Christian. This is Holy Spirit led coaching. There is a distinct difference. 

I was in the world of business coaching, and even listening to Christian coaches, was led down a path of new age, manifesting, and creating a business that ultimately, was built for my own glory.

The Lord told me “I am not in this, shut it down.”

I spent the next year dismantelling a million dollar company. Letting go of team, shutting down offers, and waiting on the Lord. 


In His goodness, He gave me prophetic words to let me know that I was on the right track. One of which was: “The Lord is having you shut things down in this season. He’s having you shut them down because you built them in your own strength. It was you and not Him. He’s going to rebuild it, but it’s going to be Him and not you, so be patient.”

He provided so much clarity on why He had me shut it all down, and how it was going to be rebuilt—this time by Him, not me.

When the Lord told me I was supposed to offer Holy Spirit led coaching and mentoring, He was clear that I was not to pursue big numbers (at least for now). That this is truly going to be discipling a very small amount of entrepreneurs, one on one for a season.

In this coaching program, you will learn how to:

Hear the voice of God and be led by the Lord in your business decisions

Lead in the way that Jesus did

Trust in God over trusting in money, man’s wisdom, or harnessing your own ‘personal power’

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus vs. keeping up with the Joneses

Harness biblical principles to grow your business

Renew your mind on the Word


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Creating Killer Content


Pin with Purpose


High Converting Sales emails


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Trust in the Lord. Build your business led by Him. Be radically obedient, and watch the Lord move. 

- Rachel Ngom

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