Secrets to Captivating Your Audience Now (with Tracy Goodwin): Episode 295

Tracy Goodwin, owner of Captivate the Room and creator of Psychology of the Voice has taught thousands of celebrities, professionals, and entrepreneurs, how to transform their lives and the lives of their listeners with their voice by stepping into the power of their natural voice so they amplify their authority and captivate the room. Tracy’s unique approach, Psychology of the Voice gets to the core of limiting voice habits and transforms voices from the inside out. People all over the world seek her out for her expertise to free voice barriers and get them to the next level in their business and life. Her game-changing voice training teaches you how to captivate the room, no matter the message, the venue or the size of the audience.

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  • Tracy says everything she does is centered around phycology of the voice–teaching people to speak with their real voice, which is their greatest asset.
  • Psychology of the voice is the subconscious adding in voice habits for a sense of belonging. Our subconscious goal is to protect our heart. The voice is the orchestra of the heart.
  • What’s going on in our head actually determines how we’re going to show up vocally.
  • Tracy says our core-driver comes from the phrases that we’ve heard our whole lives “you’re so loud,” “stop talking,” etc. As long as this driver is in our head, we won’t be able to show up. Stop hearing the noise, question it, and then recognize how to be in the moment.
  • The biggest thing is being present. With clients, with an audience, don’t be in the past or the future, be in the moment. Be IN the conversation. You have the words in you, you just need to show up fully, vocally in a conversation.
  • Steps Tracy takes for people to find their voice:
    • 1. Foundation is first. Tracy says that when she has a new client, she needs to focus first on foundation.
    • 2. Voice masks. What are you hiding behind? What are those stories and past voices telling you? Is your voice a mask you’re putting up to keep people out?
    • 3. Bits of you. What are the little pieces of you that you show to your spouse or friends? You want to show this side to people. This is an emotional connection.
  • Don’t hand your power over to your audience by deciding what they’re thinking!
  • Believe everything you’re talking about. Boldly own everything that comes out of your mouth, like it’s a fact. You know you’re the expert–trust that you have the words.
  • Release the outcome. Tracy says that if you’re a perfectionist, release the outcome. Work from a place of trusting that you have the words, and message–what do you need your audience to know? If you’re so caught up in your mind that you need it to be perfect, it won’t be.
  • Tracy says that going in your head and focusing on words is the biggest mistake she sees people make. It’s not about the words–it’s about how you make me feel.
  • Bits of you is a step Tracy asks her clients to find about themselves. What are the little pieces of you that you show to your spouse or friends? The parts of you that make an emotional connection. You want to show this side to people and you can’t do it if you are thinking of the words you’re trying to say.
  • You never want to become what you think people want you to be. You want to be who YOU are. But you want to play those shades of you. Embrace who you are and release judgement.
  • We all start at zero. Show up. That is how you move the needle, and become more solid. You find yourself through taking messy action and showing up.
  • Tracy says it’s important to show your audience your flaws, moments in our lives that we aren’t perfect or things go wrong. These are permission slips to be human, and it creates a greater connection with our audience–they get to see who we really are.


  • (1:35) A little more about Tracy, and how she got started.
  • (3:17) What is psychology of the voice?
  • (4:55) How do we shift out of the subconscious being in control?
  • (6:43) What does it look like to work with Tracy.
  • (8:32) More about voice masks.
  • (9:56) How can you show up as the most confident version of yourself?
  • (11:40) You ALREADY have the words.
  • (12:52) Advice for perfectionists. How to show up.
  • (14:55) Mistakes Tracy sees people making.
  • (18:38) Bits of you.
  • (20:16) Ways to appeal to different personalities.
  • (22:54) Tracy coaches ME. How she thinks I can improve my voice quality and how I’m showing up.
  • (30:08) Resources to help you know what is going through your subconscious.
  • (33:57) We all start at zero.
  • (38:10) Permission slips to be human.
  • (39:15) One of the best books Tracy’s ever read.
  • (40:38) What does it mean to Tracy to make an impact?
  • (40:46) Where to connect with Tracy.


“If I’m in the past or the future, my voice won’t work.”

“Stop all the noise in the head.”

“Stop trying to get the words right, trust that you’ve got them.”

“Turn everything into a conversation in your minds eye with someone you know like and trust.”

“Stop deciding what we’re thinking.”

“Boldly own everything that comes out of your mouth, like it’s a fact.”

”It’s not about the words–it’s about how you make me feel.”

“Stop getting ready to get ready.”


Connect with Tracy Goodwin:

Instagram: @captivatetheroom

Books Mentioned in this Episode:

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Klok

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

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