Secrets to Creating a Million Dollars with Digital Products (with Christina Scalera): Episode 294

On this episode I have special guest, Christina Scalera! Christina is the attorney and founder behind The Contract Shop®, a contract template store for creative entrepreneurs, wedding professionals, and coaches. In 2014, Christina found herself dreaming of pursuing a more creative path, and she started to look for alternatives to her in-house legal job. She explored everything from teaching yoga to becoming a freelance graphic designer to opening an Etsy shop. In the process, she ended up coming full circle by creating a business that brought the benefit of her legal training to help her fellow creatives. She's now teaching others how they too can create an online shop phenomenon, create daily income, and get out of the client-getting hustle with her course, Products on Tap®. When she’s not staring at a computer or awkwardly standing on cafe chairs for the perfect overhead latte photo, you can find her in the woods doing things that are sometimes dangerous but always fun, like riding horses, skiing and reluctantly camping.

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  • Christina said that when she got her full-time dream job, she realized quickly that not having a summer break, or a change of season really effected her. She had a “midlife” crisis and moved to LA, became a doula, yoga teacher, and learned a lot about marketing. She got started with her blog and she took a shot blogging about her law degree. She created a digital commerce store, The Contract Shop, selling legal digital products. She built this d-commerce store from a $40,000 a year business to a 7 figure a year business.
  • Why digital downloading? Christina said that the number one issue she was running into was that done for you services seem to skip over how much work that entails. She didn’t want to have to show up for coaching calls all the time, and courses she had trouble launching constantly.
  • The difference with digital products is that you’re selling a small part of your success. They’re 1/2 steps–from A to B. It’s creating small tangible results for people, and they’re easy to sell with easy results.
  • Ideas for digital downloads Christina shared are:
    • Copy templates
    • Webinar scripts
    • Instagram DM scripts
    • Stock graphics for Canva
    • Templates for Canva
    • Templates for bookkeeping
  • Let’s talk pricing. Christina says that when you launch a d-commerce product, start at a lower price point than you want to end up. It’s essentially beta testing–seeing if it will sell, if people are willing to spend that much, etc. Make sure the cost matches the results people will get from it, but she recommends $30-$50 to start.
  • Christina says that if you want to have a successful digital product, ask what you want the result to be for someone, and then ask what the best container (checklist, workshop, etc.) for that product would be for the user.
  • Christina says to pick the platform for your site that’s easiest for them: Shopify, Squarespace, Etsy, etc.
  • By the time they come to your online store, chances are, Christina says, they’re already interested in buying. So you don’t need a crazy sales page in order to sell successfully. It’s all about getting someone the result.
  • Top ways to drive traffic to your store.
    • Pinterest
    • Affiliates
    • Facebook Ads
  • Pinterest is such an amazing way to drive traffic to your store! Christina says she added an app called “Inquire” to the store, asking where people heard of their Shopify site, and so many people said Pinterest.
  • The first step is just getting the products out there!
  • Christina says, just keep bumping the pricing up until you see a fall off. This will help you so much with affiliate marketing. If it’s a $1,000 product, a 10% commission for your affiliates would still make $100!
  • “Your shop is really your new blog tab.” Christina says it’s a tiny sampling of what you have to offer–a live launch, a coaching program, etc.
  • The #1 mistake that Christina says people make when opening their d-commerce shop is that people don’t have a cart icon! Have a cart icon in the corner following you around on every page! She says this is built in on Shopify, but make sure if you are on Squarespace or WordPress, you should add this!


  • (1:24) A little more about Christina.
  • (2:16) How Christina got started in d-commerce.
  • (5:34) Why digital downloads?
  • (8:06) What downloads can you create?
  • (9:57) What price point is best for d-commerce?
  • (12:08) What result are you going to get for people?
  • (13:06) Examples of Christina’s student’s products.
  • (15:21) Where to host your d-commerce store.
  • (16:40) What does your sales page look like for these products?
  • (19:15) Christina’s top ways to drive traffic to your store.
  • (23:02) Christina’s tips on affiliate marketing for your products.
  • (23:50) Should you use upsells? Should you raise your prices?
  • (27:28) Mistakes Christina has seen people make when creating their online store.
  • (29:42) What’s one of the best books Christina’s ever read?
  • (30:58) What does it mean to Christina to make an impact?
  • (31:21) Where to connect with Christina.

Examples of Christina’s Students:

Sarah Jane Burt- Shop Brand Voice Workbook:

Kelly McClellen- Shop Parent Resources:

Brittany Wasmund- Shop Click Up Templates


“It’s way easier to raise a price on something rather than lower it.”

“I sold my first $3,700 of product on pre-sale… and that all happened because I had the product descriptions up…”

“You have to start with a really stellar product.”

“Your shop is really your new blog tab.”


Connect with Christina Scalera:

Instagram: @ChristinaScalera

Books Mentioned in this Episode:

The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker

Watch Full Episode:

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