Secrets to Fast Email List Growth (with Helen Munshi): Episode 297

Helen Munshi is an online business growth strategist and quiz funnel creator. She’s also a self-confessed total business geek. She quit her stressful London job over 5 years ago with a burning desire to support women to build their own businesses and be in charge of their time and finances. She went from earning a charity wage to over 6 figures running multiple businesses, including Red Zebra Property and The Start Up Studio. Her success is all down to winning the attention & hearts of her community through high converting quiz funnels which build genuine connection.  She harnesses the power of positive interactive marketing rather than scare marketing. She is now teaching other entrepreneurs how to build simple, joyful and profitable businesses and is a huge advocate for using the transformative power of entrepreneurship to support women around the world.  Helen in numbers: 12+ years experience in strategy & working with entrepreneurs, 600+ entrepreneurs supported, 700+ hours of entrepreneurship training delivered

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  • Helen says quizzes have a weird reputation. Back in the day it used to be Cosmo and Buzzed quizzes, which TV character are you, etc. But today, it’s starting to be seen as a really powerful form of lead generation for businesses. Helen says it’s all about interactive marketing.
  • Attention spans are shorter and people are more guarded around their email address. Quizzes are a way to break the ice, get to know someone, inspire them, and show them your value before they opt in. Helen mentions that you’re able to segment your audience through these quizzes, so you know where they’re at. This really helps with more targeted, powerful marketing.
  • Helen’s examples of quizzes that perform well:
    • What’s your perfect jean style?
    • What’s your kind of skin type?
    • What kind of entrepreneur are you?
    • What’s your brand personality?
    • What’s your perfect wedding venue?
  • There is a quiz for everything–every brand or service can create a quiz that can help grow their email list. Through Helen’s examples, you can see that whether it’s clothing or wedding venues, there are quizzes that spark curiosity for every type of business.
  • When it comes to building your quiz, Helen mentions that it’s more involved than your average lead generation funnel. So her advice is take your time. Really look into your customer’s journey. She also says to know what you’re funneling towards. Do you want to sell products? Services? Lead to a blog? Know where you want them to land. Another piece of advice is to keep the answers positive. Infuse every answer with positivity to inspire them.
  • Helen says you should have 7-10 questions total in your quiz. Some can be more fun, personality type questions, and some should segment off to the answers.
  • Think creatively! Helen says to get creative with how you ask your questions. Instead of asking what their favorite social media app is, maybe rephrase it to something like,
    • “You’re stuck waiting in line at the post office, and whip out your phone. What is the first app you open to pass the time?
      • 1. Pinterest
      • 2. Instagram
      • 3 Facebook
      • 4. Tiktok
  • Segmentation, Helen says, is like buckets or categories. Not everyone will fall into the same place. Through segmentation or categories, is separating those people into categories. Ask questions in your quizzes that will separate these people into those different buckets.
  • Helen says all the tech stuff can be outsourced. You don’t have to do all this alone, you can hire someone, or use Interact–a quiz creation platform.
  • The number one mistake Helen sees people making when creative quizzes is that they rush or just throw it together. She says you should work backwards, know what the end goal or landing page for these people are, and then build your questions and  segments from those different outcomes. Take your time. You should also make sure to have a direct call to action that is scalable.
  • Helen says a good call to action is following on social media, a mini course or upsell, and getting them into your welcome sequence.
  • Helen mentions that you should have like 3-4 potential results for your quiz. You want them to be distinctive enough to be different, but not too many or you will have so much unnecessary copy to do.
  • Ask for email addresses after they take the quiz, before they get the results!


  • (2:29) A little more about Helen Munshi!
  • (3:26) What is a quiz, and what purpose does it serve for your biz?
  • (5:08) Some examples of quizzes that perform well.
  • (5:46) Helen’s top tips for creating a quiz that builds connection and can lead to sales.
  • (7:39) Start with the end in mind.
  • (7:50) Helen’s quiz idea for my business.
  • (9:04) How many questions should you have in a quiz?
  • (10:02) How can you ask your questions more creatively?
  • (10:13) Let’s talk segmentation!
  • (12:19) Can you outsource quiz creation?
  • (13:52) Common mistakes Helen sees people making when they create quizzes.
  • (14:35) Helen’s examples of a good call to action for your quiz.
  • (15:10) How many potential results should your quiz have?
  • (15:43) When is the best time to ask for email addresses and have them opt in?
  • (16:26) What does it mean to Helen to make an impact?
  • (17:18) What’s the best book Helen’s read?
  • (17:42) Where to connect with Helen Munshi?


“People opt in and they’re doing it from a place of feeling empowered and positive and buy from you because of that.”

“Start with the end in mind.”


Interact- Quiz program to use

Connect with Helen Munshi:

Instagram: @helenmunshi

Books Mentioned in this Episode:

Playing Big by Tara Mohr

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Secrets to Fast Email List Growth (with Helen Munshi): Episode 297

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