Getting CLARITY with Your Message and Audience (with Brian Dixon): Episode 124

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Brian Dixon is a podcaster, conference speaker, and business coach. He believes that each of us were made for a purpose. You will discover that purpose by clarifying your calling, discovering your audience, and creating your products, which will help you navigate a clear path to impact and income.

Brian is passionate about helping authors, speakers, and aspiring messengers create a sustainable business through growing their platform, and creating compelling online courses.


  • Brian said he started in education for 14 years. He started a charter school and that really inspired him to be his own boss. That was his first role as an entrepreneur. This made Brian fall in love with marketing.
  • Brian says that he targeted Ads on Facebook to 90 year olds, because he knew that his target audience was lying bout their age on Facebook. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to really gain attention for your business.
  • “What did I learn in the last year that I wish I knew three years ago?” Brian says that the answer to this question is who you should target. That ONE THING is what gives you the leg up to help so many people. Things that are so obvious to you might be COMPLETE magic to someone else! So you have to use these tools you’ve learned to help others, which will lead you to thrive in your business.
  • You have to get specific. Brian shares in complete detail how he created an avatar for exactly who his ideal client is. This is so key. If you know WHO you want to help, you’re going to be able to attract that type of person. Know their dreams and their desires, and ask yourself every day what that specific person needs from you today.
  • You have to stop comparing yourself to someone else. No mater what level you’re at, there will always be people ahead of you, and that’s okay! Don’t compare- instead, just be real and open to your audience, and when you share those struggles, it opens so much room for connection and authenticity.
  • Brian said that at the end of the day, you have to review what went well and what didn’t go well. You are always going to have some in each category- but you ALWAYS get to choose your perspective on that day.
  • “The way we show up for people in our lives is also the way we show up for our customers and clients”
  • Brian shares that you have to have CLARITY. Knowing exactly what you want your future to look like, will lead you to your dreams. You have to have your vision first.


  • (1:55) A little more about Brian and his story.
  • (5:06) How discovering Facebook Ads led Brian to his target audience.
  • (6:47) Thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX to reach your target audience.
  • (8:15) How to know who to target as a brand new business.
  • (10:30) How you can use the tools you learned to really add value to your clients.
  • (12:24) Who is Brian’s ONE PERSON? (How detailed should you get?)
  • (14:50) How to attract your Cheryl through your content.
  • (19:55) Thoughts on over-filtering your life.
  • (20:20) You can not compare your life to someone else.
  • (23:15) Authenticity tips.
  • (25:24) Book recommendations from Brian
  • (25:50) How to make MORE PROFIT and grow your business.
  • (29:20) CLARITY will lead you to your dreams. You have to have your vision first.
  • (30:10) The best book Brian has ever read- the “Loving What Is” process.
  • (34:15) What it means to Brian to make an impact: Impact vs. Income.
  • (37:18) Where can you connect with Brian Dixon!


“Most authors are allergic to marketing”

“Instead of targeting everybody, target ONE”

“What’s now obvious to you, is magic to other people”

“It happened FOR my audience”

“People are just craving authenticity in the world that we’re living in now”

“Be the most reliable person at your READER”

“Messy action in order to see progress”

“The way we show up for people in our lives is also the way we show up for our customers and clients”

“Get clear on the destination”

“An expectation is a promise you make on someone else behalf without their knowledge”



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Book Recommendations in this Episode

Start with Your People: The Daily Decision that Changes Everything by Brian Dixon

Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life by Byron Katie

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Getting CLARITY with Your Message and Audience (with Brian Dixon): Episode 124

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