How to Build a Brand on Instagram as a Busy Mom (with Allison Scholes): Episode 263

Allison is an Instagram Coach and Podcaster. She helps mompreneurs build their Instagram presence through coaching, creative copy and content. Allison also hosts her Podcast, Social Media for Mompreneurs. Each week, the show helps busy moms build their brand online in just minutes a day—even when those minutes are hard to come by. Allison believes social media should be fun and easy, not daunting! With her sassy and fun personality, mixed with her creativity and love for sweatpants and coffee, she’s able to deliver the simple and creative tools to help mompreneurs boost their business with confidence and ease. Fun Fact: I started my entrepreneurial journey as a Disney World Blogger!!

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  • Allison says that she started in the corporate world, but knew it wasn’t for her. She had the goal of staying at home with her kids, and went back to school for teaching, which also didn’t seem like a fit. She felt pulled to go back to her creative roots. She came up with the idea boss lady in sweatpants, a way for her to stay home and teach others about social media.
  • Instagram is evolving like crazy. It started out as a visual platform, and now it’s more about being authentic, and less about being “perfect.” People want to follow every day influencers instead of picture perfect feeds.
  • There are over 500,000,000 users on Instagram.
  • Understand how to approach the platform. It’s not about you anymore, it’s about who you’re serving.
  • Breaking down Instagram into 3 chunks:
    • 1. Clarify–Clarify your own personal brand, your value, your audience, your visuals.
      • Content Pillars
      • What do you want to be known for?
    • 2. Creating a plan–How often should you post, posting schedule.
      • What are your intentions?
      • Where are you trying to drive traffic?
    • 3. Execute your plan with consistency–What will you do daily that is simple and easy for you?
  • You don’t need to be on Instagram all day long to get a following. Allison follows the 10 10 10 rule–break up 30 minutes on Instagram a day into 10 minute segments. 10 minutes in the morning interacting in comments, 10 minutes in the afternoon interacting on her story, posting story content, and then in the evening, she spends 10 minutes in her hashtag hubs interacting with a new audience.
  • Hashtag hubs. Hashtags help your discoverability. Every time you use a hashtag in a post, it’s clickable and you can go into that hub of all the photos that have used that hashtag. Allison hits the recent tab and interacts (comment, share and tags) some of those top posts. This allows you to interact with an entire new audience that in turn might interact and be interested in you and you’re content.
  • Instagram reels are 15-30 second video clips, short content.
  • If you want to stand out on reels, do these 3 things:
    • 1. Stop watching what everyone else is doing. Think of something in your niche and make a short video about that! An immediate win.
    • 2. Show your face and use your voice–be your unique self!
    • 3. Be consistent with your reels!
  • Instagram stories often times are used to document too much. You want to remember that your audience wants a connection, but you have to do it in a way that isn’t about you. Make it about your audience. Allison averages 3-7 stories per day.
  • Allison says the tin order to increase engagement, be very specific of the call to actions in your captions. Get specific and don’t be broad, no one is doing to write a paragraph in he comments.
  • When you’re branding on instagram, Allison says that you should try to stay “on brand.” When someone sees your news feed, you want to be recognizable (fonts and colors). But try to remember Instagram is less about brand feel, perfect layout now. Let go of some of the perfectionism around the content and just post!
  • Carousel posts are great right now, (multiple photos in one post) these get the most shares and saves!



  • (1:39) A little more about Allison Scholes and how she became a mom-preneur.
  • (4:11) Changes happening on instagram in 2021.
  • (5:18) How to stand out on Instagram.
  • (6:24) Break down Instagram into 3 chunks.
  • (10:18) The 10 10 10 rule.
  • (11:05) What are hashtag hubs?
  • (13:22) Instagram reels–what are they and how can you use them effectively?
  • (14:18) 3 tips to do if you want to stand out on Instagram reels!
  • (17:01) Instagram stories–what to share and what NOT to share.
  • (20:17) Ways to increase engagement and reach.
  • (21:25) Branding yourself on Instagram.
  • (25:15) What kind of captions and posts works best?
  • (26:17) One of the best books Allison has read?
  • (27:13) What it means to Allison to make an impact.
  • (27:35) Where to connect with Allison Scholes.



“It doesn’t have to be hard.”

“It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.”

“You’re going to define your own consistency.”

“You have to keep your ideal clients in mind.”

“We are over the fakeness now.”

“Don’t be serving yourself in your instagram stories.”



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Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

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How to Build a Brand on Instagram as a Busy Mom (with Allison Scholes): Episode 263

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