9 Secrets to Creating a Million Dollar Funnel: Episode 370

I’m sharing 9 of my top secrets of what it takes to create a million dollar funnel. It’s not easy, it definitely takes strategy, but if you put in the work, you can do it too!
I’m sharing 9 of my top secrets of what it takes to create a million dollar funnel. It’s not easy, it definitely takes strategy, but if you put in the work, you can do it too!

1 Funnelhacking (1:17)

A lot of my funnel tips, I learned from Russel Brunson. One of the things he talks about is actually looking at other people’s funnels.  You’re not going to copy it directly, but you’re going to look at other people’s funnels and take notes on what theirs is like, and try to implement it for your own funnel!

Can up use the same call to action wording, similar headlines, etc?

I don’t just come up with it on my own, I look at really successful people in my industry and study their funnel style, and implement them into mine!

“If you want to create a million dollar funnel, don’t start from scratch.”

Look at what people have done before you and ask if you can tweak it to make it your own.


2 Rinse and Repeat (3:10)

We have multiple funnels, but not multiple programs. I made our million dollar funnel, same funnel, but could we do the webinar over and over again and make it better each time.

You don’t need to change your offer every single time! It’s not the offer, it’s the messaging behind the offer.

Nail your messaging, keep tweaking it every single time you do it, and that’s how you get better. Don’t change your offer if it’s not selling, change your offer.


3 Start Before You’re Ready (4:15)

It’s never going to be perfect, you’re never going to feel fully ready. But every time you do it you’re going to feel more confident, you’re going to get better and better.

Rip the bandiad off and GO! Just do the thing. If no one shows up, or 1 person does, help that 1 person! If you help them they will bring more.


4 Help Your People Get Results (5:50)

Help your people so you can get great testimonials.

In the beginning, I only had my own, but as you help your students, you get so many people’s stories of how your offer works.

Can you turn your testimonials into case studies?

Make it your focus: How can I help more people? Then you have great testimonials to use in your funnel.


5 Don’t Get Shiny Object Syndrome (6:43)

Don’t pop from one thing to another. Focus on ONE THING!

Russel Brunson said, “Focus on one funnel, make a million dollar funnel, and once that funnel makes a million dollars then you can make funnel #2.”

We’ve helped over 2,700 students go through the program Pin With Purpose, made over $1M. We’re going to create funnel #2 soon (next year!!!) I’m so excited. It will be about the structure and systems that allow me to work 20 hours or less per week.

But that’s the thing, I am not rushing to do the next thing just yet. We hit that million dollar mark, and just now am I starting to create that next offer. Don’t get shiny object syndrome. Stick with your offer, rinse and repeat it, and make it good.


6 Know Your Numbers (8:12)

Any time you do anything in your business, you have to know your numbers. We have a spreadsheet and every time we do a launch, a webinar, etc we have a spreadsheet.

By knowing your numbers, you are able to see where the money for ads, the effort is going, your show up rate, how many people bought live, how many people bought after, your conversion rate.

You have to know your numbers so you know where you can improve. These metrics we look at every single time. This way you can optimize your funnel and offer other bonuses, etc to make it even better.

If no one buys, (this has happened to me!) it’s OKAY!! Don’t be attached to your outcome. Get curious. Don’t be upset, you learn and grow from those moments.


7 SCALE! (11:40)

Once you know your numbers, and how things are converting, it’s time to scale!

This is when you start spending more. When things are going good and your numbers are good, that’s when you start spending ads. It’s adding fuel to the fire!


8 Add upsets, downsells, and test price points ! (12:43)

Test all these things! Could you add upsets, downsells, etc!

Then test the price point- $497, $697, $997, $1997.

When you start funnel hacking, you’ll notice so many people use something that ends with 7. Look at other successful people, take notes, and test it out!


9 Get Coaching! (14:02)

I didn’t come up with the idea on my own.

If I didn’t have my coach, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My coach helped me with my funnel, my course idea, and really showed me the ropes. Don’t do it all yourself… get help. You will go so much fasted if you learn from people ahead of you.

Building a million dollar empire, I don’t know anyone who’s done it on their own.

For help now, so you can FAST TRACK your success, and get a free coaching session at http://helpmecoachnow.com!! We would love to help you!

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9 Secrets to Creating a Million Dollar Funnel: Episode 370

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