How to Deal with Critics: Episode 367

In this episode, I'm sharing my experience with critics. In your business, you are going to have people who give you feedback, and it's not always going to be positive. I'm talking all about how to take criticism and use it to your advantage, and how important feedback is in order to grow as a business, and as a person

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Different forms of Criticism (1:03)

“Every time after I’m down with a speech, I always ask people watching how I can do better.” -Brendon Bershard

He always asks for feedback. Asking for tips on what he could have done better. He’s an incredible public speaker, and it’s not because he was perfect when he started, it’s because he’s seeking out that feedback and things to improve upon.


Feedback in neutral (2:12)

Feedback is neutral. Sure you might think of it as negative and positive, but try to think of it all as neutral. If someone doesn’t like something about your presentation, or course, that’s just as important as someone telling you they like areas of your course.

If you stop taking it personally, you’ll be able to handle it so much better, and grow so much more because of it!

Just because someone doesn’t like your program, doesn’t mean you’re a terrible person or that they hate you.


How can you get more feedback? (2:46)

One thing you need to ask is how an you get more feedback?

We implemented surveys after courses, webinars, and live events. It’s awesome to get feedback on what people like and don’t like.

Little tweaks or big feedback can help you to make whatever it is you’re selling so much better!


Feedback is a growing opportunity! (4:10)

It’s not that you’re a horrible person if you’re getting feedback. It’s neutral, and a growing opportunity!

I did a training where we actually had to give negative feedback. I froze, and I couldn’t do it. You have to be able to give negative feedback- telling people how it is even if it’s in a positive light, you can help other people to see their blindspots!


What can you learn from feedback? (5:12)

What can you learn? Are they right, or do they just not like you? You also have to be able to weed out the people who are just being mean or spamming you. But you can’t let that get to you either, it does not reflect on you’re actual self worth.

It’s only a matter of time til people won’t like you, if you’re growing your business.

Maybe they are dealing with something really hard in their lives, and they’re taking it out on you.

“Often those that criticize others reveal what he himself lacks.”

-Shannon Alder

They’re hiding behind a keyboard, and it might not have anything to do with you!


Not everyone is going to like you (6:40)

“Don’t be distracted by criticism, remember the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you!”

-Zig Zigler

Just be yourself! Show up every day as yourself, and have fun . That’s how you’re going to attract the people who actually will want to work with you.

You want people to not like you. Be polarizing! That’s okay! Learn to accept that.


Being Saved by Criticism (7:38)

“The trouble with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise, then saved by criticism.”

-Norman Vincent Peale

Criticism, that feedback, has the opportunity to a actually save us and make us so much better!

It’s impossible to grow to higher and higher levels if we aren’t able to take or give feedback as well.

“To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing be nothing…”


My experience with criticism… (8:30)

When I first started growing my business, I got a few negative comments, and felt it in my soul. But what I did is thought of who really positively impacted my life: Tony Robbins. So I went to Tony’s book reviews on amazon, read some positive reviews and then started reading some negative ones.

And low and behold, this man who positively impacted my life SO MUCH had several negative reviews. It happens to everyone. Even Tony Robbins. Just know that as you grow your impact and your influence, it’s only a matter of time before someone doesn’t like you. And that’s okay!

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How to Deal with Critics: Episode 367

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