3 Reasons You Aren’t Hitting Your Goals (with Lori Oberbroeckling): Episode 368

On this episode I brought on Lori Oberbroeckling to talk all things goal setting! We dive into the ins and outs of how you can set goals for yourself and 3 reasons why you might not be hitting your goals.

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  • Lori said that sometimes when we’re trying to set goals, we think things will happen that aren’t true. Like if we think motivation will just come to us. If we’re waiting for motivation to start to meet, or to continue to meet your goals, you’re probably not meeting your goals.
  • You can’t maintain motivation all the time. Motivation comes with action. You’ll always have things that will zap motivation, you just have to start anyway. You just have to start! Even if it’s small. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.
  • John Maxwell’s rule of 5 is so key. He says that every day he reads, every day he files, every day he thinks, every day he asks questions and every day he writes. If you want to be a best selling author, you have to take steps to be that in your life. Even if it’s 10 minutes a day. Set the goals for yourself and don’t break them.
  • “It’s not about being special, it’s about being consistent.” Lori says this because it’s true that you don’t have to be the best in your field to create a business. You just have to show up and be consistent.
  • Hope is never a strategy. We do a lot of hoping… “Tryin’ is lying” You can’t hope to do something. You have to follow the plan. Doing a little every day is so much easier than having a huuuuuge plan and never starting it. Slowly ticking away at the plan is how we get consistency, continue to work towards those big goals, and how you can turn around and say wow I did it.
  • If you’re doubting yourself and your worthiness, the plan is key. Once you make the plan you don’t have to worry about if you’re worthy, you just have to follow the plan. You don’t have time for self doubt or to fight yourself, you just have to chip away at the plan.
  • Lori says she wakes up at 4am because that was what was right for her! Use your high energy time. Every day she does gratitude and focuses on her 1 big thing.
  • We have a set amount of will power, and it fades throughout the day. What can you do first thing in the morning to really get things done? Meal planning, working, create things? Get those things done first in the day so they don’t fade at night!
  • Your biggest boundary needs to protect your big goals!



  • (1:19) A little more about Lori.
  • (1:50) Lori’s process of goal setting.
  • (2:02) Starting small with motivation.
  • (3:45) Small, consistent action brings change.
  • (5:01) John Maxwell’s rule of 5.
  • (5:40) Hope is never a strategy. We do a lot of hoping
  • (7:12) What to do if you have self doubt.
  • (8:17) Lori’s morning routine.
  • (10:38) Figure out what you can do in the morning, and get her done.
  • (12:08) Your goals are your big goals, but they often don’t get the big boundary.
  • (14:59) Lori’s challenge.



“You can’t maintain motivation all the time.”

“Motivation comes with action.”

“It’s not about being special, it’s about being consistent.”

“Tryin’ is lying.”

“We have a set amount of will power, and it fades throughout the day.

“Use that time in the morning to be amazing.”



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3 Reasons You Aren\'t Hitting Your Goals (with Lori Oberbroeckling): Episode 368

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