How to Rebrand Your Business Effectively (with Monique Bryan): Episode 340

On this episode, we have on special guest Monique Bryan! Monique has a BA in fashion design, three startups under her belt (so she knows a bit about entrepreneur life) and has developed programming in partnership with companies throughout Asia and exciting global brands like PayPal, Burberry, Toms Shoes and Shopify. Bringing over 15 years of top-level industry experience in the areas of product development, entrepreneurship, branding, business development, and personal styling today, today Monique runs a successful personal brand consultancy while being a brand herself. When you work with her, you’re getting a creative director for your brand. She will train you on how to clarify your messaging, build your unique brand personality and up-level your style profile so you can amplify your credibility in your industry and use your personal brand as a visual communication power tool.  Monique is a breast cancer survivor and has grown an engaged community of over 15,700+ people on social media, while in remission. She is also the host of a 5 Star rated Podcast, The Juicy CEO, speaks on international stages and has been featured on Global television, in Entrepreneur and Elle Magazine, Bustle, and countless podcasts.  Her motto is, “Our personal brand is all we have, so it is your job to control the message going out about you.

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  • Monique says while she was in a corporate position, she decided she wanted to work for herself. She launched a jewelry business, and used everything she had for 6 years. While she was doing this she was building a big clientele. People started asking about her branding, and asking her for advice in the personal branding space. She didn’t realize that while she was giving business advice in general, she really honed into personal branding space, that’s what people told her she was really good at.
  • Your mission should be at the heart of your personal brand. What people say about your brand when you’re not around is what your brand actually is.
  • Monique says to start with the end in mind, what are you working towards?
    • Know who you’re trying to influence
    • Know what message you’re trying to put out
    • Know what change you’re trying to make
    • You want to make your name sonnomys with the expertise you say you’re doing
  • Let’s talk mindset. Monique says people will always have opinions, so strengthening your mind and message are so key when you’re starting to build your brand.
  • Things to look at before you rebrand: Are you trying to target a new audience? Do you have a new business model? Is your content getting stale? If those answers are yes, then it’s time. But Monique says not to rebrand lightly. When you rebrand, you’re not starting over, but you’re starting newly. So if you’re going to take that on, make sure you have a real good business reason for doing it vs a feeling, an emotional reason for doing it.
  • Rebranding Steps:
    • 1. Look at who you’re speaking to. Who are they, who are you trying to attract?
    • 2. What kind of brand voice do you want to have? How do you want people to hear you? What’s your tone of voice?
    • 3. What are your brand values? What do you stand for? People buy from people who share their values. Before you get to visual components, you need to know the very essence of who you are.
    • 4. What feelings/ emotions does your brand evoke? You want your brand to have human characteristics. Feeling and emotion. Monique says people buy from a
    • 5. Marketing- take everything offline that doesn’t apply to your new brand. Archive old posts, set old interviews to private, change bios, and change profile pictures. Embrace the new you and clean up that digital house.
    • 6. Look at your digital channels. What are your marketing channels?
    • 7. Start sharing your new brand messaging. Pick a few channels and show up consistently sharing your values and your voice.
    • 8. Focus on brand visuals. Put your best visual foot forward. Take photos wearing clothes and styled as the best version of your authentic self!
  • It takes time for people to see you, trust you, and decide to follow along. The only way people can continue to follow along is if you’re consistent.
  • The reality is, we’re always starting something new at some point in your business. Monique says to use a rebrand as an opportunity for people to see what’s coming from you. Take them on that journey as opposed to it being all done and being a surprise!
  • You can use a rebrand as a marketing tool by create content around what’s coming and letting people in on your life and business, and what’s coming up! Count down to that big reveal, maybe do a live or bring on collaborators. Monique says to be transparent of what’s happening. Each new announcement is a marketing moment itself.
  • Some common mistakes Monique has seen people make when rebranding:
    • Doing the rebrand in a vacuum so no one knows/is a part of what you’re doing.
    • Not thinking about the customer first, just doing a rebrand for yourself not the business values.
    • Putting the visual components ahead of the value you provide.
  • “When you go on a website, social, whatever it is, we should always be able to know what you do, and who you do it for.”
  • Monique says that if you want to create a brand that stands out, it doesn’t mean you need to be loud with bold colors. Building a stand out brand means being authentic to who YOU are. Don’t pretend to be anything other than who you are. Show up at your 12, whatever your 12 is! Monique says to provide value first, then tell people who you are. On lives, don’t lead with everything about you. Instead, show up and add VALUE first.
  • Consistency will win the day. People on average need to see you 7 times before they actually care. Once they’re hooked, they will follow along. So you have to be consistent with your valuable content.
  • Looking cohesive online builds trust.
  • Monique says that in short, if you want to stand out, look like a professional online, and give value.


  • (1:34) A little more about Monique.
  • (2:19) Monique got into branding by accident!
  • (5:05) Some of the most important elements to your personal brand.
  • (5:58) Developing your mindset.
  • (6:40) What is rebranding, and how to know when it’s time to rebrand.
  • (8:42) Steps to take to rebrand your business.
  • (12:01) Giving your brand human characteristics.
  • (13:15) Cleaning up your digital house.
  • (14:10) Look at your digital channels.
  • (14:52) It takes time for people to see you, trust you, and decide to follow along.
  • (15:49) Visual branding: putting your best visual foot forward.
  • (16:50) Fear people have behind a rebrand.
  • (18:21) How to use rebranding as a marketing tool.
  • (19:18) Marketing mistakes Monique has seen people make when rebranding.
  • (20:14) Creating a standout brand.
  • (22:10) Provide value first!
  • (23:32) The power of showing up.
  • (24:48) What does it mean to Monique to make an impact?
  • (26:40) The best book that Monique has read.
  • (27:29) Where to connect with Monique Bryan?


“We can’t be everything to everyone or we’ll be confusing as heck.”

“Make sure you have a real good business reason for doing it vs a feeling, an emotional reason for doing it.”

“Your brand is about you, but it’s not for you. It’s for your audience.”

“You must have a personality out here with your brand!”

“Just like you don’t want to date someone without a personality, you don’t wanna buy from anyone who doesn’t have a personality.”

“When you feel confident, you act confident. And people want to buy from confident.”

“Take them on that journey! Bring people into your business”

“Each new announcement is a marketing moment itself.”

“When you go on a website, social, whatever it is, we should always be able to know what you do, and who you do it for.”

“Show up at your 12, whatever your 12 is!”

“If you’re always coming out here with value, you will always stand out from the rest.”

Looking cohesive online builds trust.”

“You don’t necessarily have to be the best in the world, you just have to show up consistently.”


Connect with Monique:


Podcast:The Juicy CEO

Instagram: @moniquebryan_co

Book Recommendations:

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller

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