5 Things You Need to Stop Doing in Your Business: Episode 372

In this training, I'll share 5 things you need to stop doing in your business. We're nearing the new year, and this is the time a lot of people choose to slow down. But what if you took this time as a huge opportunity to push  forward and jump start for 2023! In this episode, we're going over 5 things you need to STOP doing in order to grow and get ready for that new year. If you want help, go to http://helpmecoachnow.com to get a free coaching call.

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1. Waiting for the perfect timing to take action (1:43)

I see this all the time.

Especially this time of year. People saying they’ll just wait until January, because with the holidays coming up it’ll be busy…

There’s always going to be something happening in your life.

But if you continue to wait for the perfect timing, you’re never going to do anything!

Realize that the timing will never be perfect, and you just have to take massive action regardless.

Look at the calendar, and make the most of the next 2 months. This is the finish line of 2022. This is where champions are made. You get to go out with a bang and finish the year strong!

2. Waiting for the thing to be perfect before launching (2:40)

Trust me when I say the thing will never be perfect. So if it’s a thing, an offer, a course that you’re trying to perfect before you launch…don’t.

If you’re not putting it out there because you don’t think it’s ready, news flash, it’s never going to be fully ready. But you’re just putting off your future!

So you’ve gotta take messy action, and do the thing. Then you can go back and make it better!

That’s how I’ve built my whole business. Don’t wait for the timing or the thing to be perfect to launch it, no one cares if it’s 100% perfect. You’re human!

3. Stop doing it all yourself (3:42)

What are the things you’re doing in your business right now? Are you doing all of them? Are you the one answering the emails, text messages, WordPress, etc…you need to stop.

When you decide to start outsourcing, that will give you freedom and space to make moneymaking things in your business.

There are people out there who can take things off your plate that are not in your zone of genius. It allows you the space, time, and energy to create those needle moving, money making ideas!

4. Stop trying to figure it out on your own (4:50)

This is the slow and painful way to see success…

The most successful people have a coach and someone that’s going to support them in the thing that they want to grow in.

Reminder: we all have blind spots.

When I was struggling with TJ, parenting while we were in Senegal, I hired a parenting coach.

When I wanted to optimize my sleep and my health after having Gabrielle because she wasn’t sleeping through the night, I hired a health coach and helped me optimize my sleep!

In the beginning of my business, I had a business coach who showed me the ropes on some of the things I had no clue how to do that ended up launching my business.

Figure out where you want to excel, and invest in that coaching. Because that will get you there 100x faster.

“You can compress decades into days when you have the right strategy!”

-Tony Robbins

No, it’s not cheap, but it’s an investment. Think about how expensive college is! How much are you spending on a degree where the future income is never promised? So it’s a matter of investing in yourself, just like that, to see the success you really want in whatever field you want it!

5. Stop starting and stopping, and giving up too soon (6:14)

The thing is, consistency needs to happen in your business. You can’t just show up when you feel like it. That will break trust with your people.

Look at the calendar and figure out when you’re going to create consistent content, and where you’re going to consistently put it! At least once a week. Whether it’s a podcast, Youtube video, nurturing your email list, etc. You have to show up for your people consistently.

At first, it’s so hard. It’s like pushing a boulder up the mountain. It’s so hard, so hard, so hard, until you reach level ground. If you stop completely, the boulder falls all the way to the bottom.

Do what you can- but make it consistent. Make sure you don’t loose trust with your audience. If you don’t show up, they won’t trust you.

So figure out what day you’ll commit to showing up for your people! We use asana to assign tasks and put them on a calendar, so I can see clearly what’s happening and what’s coming up.

Stay consistent no matter what happens. You’ve got this!



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5 Things You Need to Stop Doing in Your Business: Episode 372

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