How to Get Visible Without Relying on Social Media (with Allison Carter): Episode 373

On this weeks episode, I have on special guest Allison Carter! Allison is a Seattle mom of two and believes that if you're going to build your life by your own better make damn sure they're good rules! As the founder and CEO of Allison Carter Celebrates, she helps female owned businesses scale and gain massive visibility and credibility through simple PR strategies while skyrocketing their sales with her creative diversifying strategies. Allison is an idea generating machine and lives for creating actionable steps for her community to build the businesses they want to build. Your biz, your rules. Allison offers coaching programs, crazy fun retreats, and epic large scale events all centered around women taking action in their business. Allison and her business have been featured in Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart, Buzzfeed, Real Simple, and more! She's Bravo obsessed and never turns down a girls’ night with scratch margs.

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  • Allison talks about how she’s had so many pivots in her business and as she grew her party planning subscription box and podcast, she was getting a lot of media attention, which allowed her to pivot into helping entrepreneurs to get PR traffic and get their names out there without social media!
  • Forbes was Allison’s first major feature. She knew she wanted more eyes on her than just her Instagram followers. She had the mindset of why not me and wanted to be in Forbes. She was in a random Facebook group and saw a post from a Forbes writer looking for women founded companies to talk about. She wrote her first pitch, fully thinking they would say no, but pitched to them because she wanted to follow up and gain knowledge from the experience. But instead, the writer said yes! It was a bite of the apple that inspired Allison to go after other publications.
  • After Forbes, Allison sent in for Martha, then from Martha she got a connection for Oprah and it was through taking all these chances and showing up, really showing her authentic story that generated all these opportunities for herself.
  • “You literally have nothing to lose, because you do not have it already.” Sure, the no’s sting, you spent time doing the pitch, but that no isn’t the end of the world! Keep connecting, keep showing up as a human being, serving first. This is how you will get opportunities as you continue to pitch yourself.
  • When someone pitches all about them, how fancy they are, how many great things they’ve done, they show up proving they have to prove themselves. Instead, your pitch should be about what you can do to impact the audience.
  • A copy and paste pitch is a no no!! Don’t just pitch yourself the same way to even single thing–you have to cater to the publication, to the audience. This is how you stand out. Don’t let your pitch be self serving, cater to the audience and what you can provide to their audience.
  • Within your pitch, you want to come across relatable, talk like you’re speaking to a friend. Then you can talk about your content ideas, what topics you can talk about on their show or in their publication that is going to be relatable for their audience. Share what they can trust you to teach to their audience. Then lastly, you want an assertive close: “let me know when we can talk more,” “looking forward to hearing back from you,” “let me know when we can hop on a zoom call”! Approach with confidence.
  • Making your pitch conversational is so key. Allison said to keep it readable, talk like you would to a friend like you’re just making conversation. The goal is to not sound like an intimidating presence, it’s to come across relatable. Show up in a way that’s professional, but that sounds natural and conversational.
  • Allison doesn’t recommend going on a podcast to sell something, because it’s evergreen content and you want someone to be able to come listen to your show at any time throughout the year to become a listener, and you don’t want episodes to go out of season.
  • When you’re a podcast guest, you want to send people to your email list so you can really nurture the relationship. You don’t want to send them to confusing links, or an offer that’s going to expire. Make it simple so they remember you and connect, and then from there you can nurture them into your courses, podcast, programs, etc.
  • “Just send the dang thing!” Don’t overthink it, you can do it and it can change your business. Consistency is key!



  • (1:18) A little more about Allison!
  • (4:10) How Allison transitioned from a middle school teacher to an entrepreneur.
  • (5:04) How Allison landed Forbes.
  • (7:45) Allison’s “what else can I go after” attitude.
  • (9:36) Being unattached to the outcome.
  • (10:33) Authenticity in a pitch.
  • (13:45) Don’t give a copy and paste pitch.
  • (16:50) What to talk about in your pitch.
  • (19:38) Being assertive in your pitches.
  • (21:10) Don’t be scared of the word “pitch.”
  • (22:04) Showing up as yourself.
  • (22:50) The value of being in local media and publication.
  • (25:55) Having your content work smarter for you.
  • (27:37) Don’t sell on your podcast.
  • (28:25) Your email list is where you want to send people when you pitch on a show.
  • (29:22) What it means to Allison to make an impact.
  • (33:10) One of the best books Allison’s read.
  • (33:54) Where to connect with Allison.



“Go for it, just ask and be unattached in the outcome.”

“You literally have nothing to lose, because you do not have it already.”

“Your pitch should be about what you can do to impact the audience.”

“Everybody has gotten a copy and paste pitch.”

“Show up in a way that’s professional, but that sounds natural and conversational.”

“Just send the dang thing!”



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Superfans by Pat Flynn

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How to Get Visible Without Relying on Social Media (with Allison Carter): Episode 373

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