Increase Energy, Productivity, and Clarity to Get More Done (with Tanessa Shears): Episode 261

Tanessa Shears is a health consultant that helps entrepreneurs scale their business by optimizing their health, focus & productivity with science and biohacking. Her passion is working closely with business owners to implement effective sleep, nutrition, work flow and stress management strategies to eliminate brain fog and help them get more done in 8 hours than most people can get done in a week. She does this by optimizing the performance capacity of your body & brain so you can produce more meaningful, impactful work output and scale your business faster.

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  • Tanessa says that her business naturally evolved after she learned what could get her clients better results.
  • She says that before you can optimize your brain for success, you have to ask yourself if you’re suffering from brain fog.
  • Symptoms of brain fog:
    • Forgetting words
    • Feeling low energy
    • Easily distracted
    • Energy crashes throughout the day
  • If you’re experiencing brain fog, that is a sign there’s inflammation in your system.
    • Are you sleeping enough?
    • Are you not moving enough throughout the day?
    • Are you eating the right things?
  • Tanessa says that when it comes to sleep, you need to be sure of the quality of sleep you’re getting. 5% of the time you are tossing and turning in your sleep. You want 7.5 hours of sleeping hours a night.
  • Tanessa uses a Fitbit for her clients to track their sleep.
  • The way to get quality sleep is to figure out where your body optimally wants to go, and fostering sleep habits around that.
  • Everyones sensitivity to caffeine is different. What you want to look at is that the later in the day, the more it effects your sleep. The more your brain will be stimulated by caffeine.
  • Tanessa says that a rise in blood sugar results in a rise in insulin, creating energy rises and crashes. Aside from that impacting fat gain and that in turn causes inflammation and brain fog. Staying away from processed foods keeps your brain sharp.
  • She talks about how you should always allow movement into your day. Set up those chunks of time where you can work and get it done! But don’t forget to move around and set those breaks for yourself.
  • Biohacking tips:
    • is a remote control for the state you want your brain to be in. It uses computers to create a frequency in the music that syncs our brain to that beta.
    • Hot/Cold contrast showers is one thing that Tanessa implemented in her routine! Cold for 20 seconds, Hot for 10–repeat for 5 minutes. It reduces inflammation, burns fat and helps create clarity in your body!
    • Blue light blocker glasses with red lenses. The filters block blue light, green light and violet light from entering into your eyes. This helps because our brains are really sensitive to those things. That puts a break to melatonin into our bodies.
    • Hold your hand in front of your face in bed–if you can see your hand, it’s not dark enough in your room. Our skin and eyes are so sensitive to light and it’s important to eliminate as much as possible so the quality of our sleep is better.
    • Sound machines really help with the quality of your sleep. Your brain wakes up at changes in songs, so always use a machine, or the same song on a playlist.


  • (2:48) A little more about Tanessa.
  • (3:50) How Tanessa got started.
  • (4:41) How to optimize your brain so you can focus.
  • (6:52) How much sleep do you really need?
  • (9:30) Sleep Chronotype.
  • (10:57) What happens to your brain when you sleep?
  • (12:49) How much coffee is too much coffee?
  • (15:10) Nutrition hacks for productivity!
  • (17:17) Why to consider keeping carbs for the night.
  • (17:29) Foods with serotonin.
  • (18:18) How long you should work until you take a break.
  • (20:49) Hacks for controlling your brain and you’re state of being.
  • (21:42) Biohacking tips!!
  • (28:26) One of the best books Tanessa has read.
  • (30:04) What does it mean to Tanessa to make an impact?
  • (30:59) Where to connect with Tanessa?


“If I put energy into something, I need to be getting more energy out of it.”

“Respect your biological clock.”

“The more consistent you are, the higher quality your sleep is going to be.”

“When you’re always giving away your best stuff, you’re consistently being called to create better stuff.”


Connect with Tanessa :

Instagram: @tanessashears

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Books mentioned in the episode:

The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss by Dr. Jason Fung

WTF Should I Eat? by Dr. Mark Hyman

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza

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