How to Design a Profitable Freelancing Business (with Aubree Malick): Episode 377

In this episode I have on host of the Freelancer to CEO podcast, Aubree Malick. Aubree is a boy mom, former teacher, and recognized by Yahoo Finance as a Top 10 VA Coach. She helps overworked and underpaid moms and (soon-to-be former) teachers experience the freedom and joy that comes from designing a freelancing business with the skills they already have.  After taking her own leap of faith over three years ago and replacing her teaching income within two months, she became passionate about helping other women start and grow their own businesses from home.  When she’s not supporting her own freelance clients (still walking that walk!) for members of her programs, you can find her looking for her next DIY project, binging her fav reality TV shows, or snuggled up on the couch with her boys.

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  • Aubree says she probably had every excuse in the book to not start her business. She was 7 months pregnant. But her point is that you are never going to have perfect timing. She says that sometimes you have to put those excuses aside and pull off the bandaid. If you go all in now, you will be so glad you did.
  • IF you don’t wait til the new year and actually get going now, you could enter the new year with 1,000 new people on your email list. You could have built out your funnel, be ready to launch your program etc. That’s why you shouldn’t wait!
  • Consistency is truly key! You can’t start and stop and wonder why it’s not working. Just keep going and if you do, you’ll start to see that gradual success.
  • The turning point, Aubree says for people to get into freelancing, is to find out what their skills are. What are the things you currently do in your job, or what are the soft skills you have that you can teach others about? If you can’t figure it out, ask the people round you! Start with the skills you already have and allow yourself to get started there!
  • Start with what you know, and allow yourself to grow in the process.
  • You don’t need a degree to start your freelancing business! Go into it with the mindset that you can figure it out!! If you go into it with that mindset, you will be successful.
  • Aubree says some of her clients have gone into marketing, web design, social media as freelancers. If they don’t know what freelancer position they want to offer, a lot of them start as part time virtual assistants. This will move you forward into what you would love to do later on in your freelancing journey.
  • Three categories that most freelance positions fall into:
    • Admin
    • Tech
    • Creative
  • Aubree says that in order to find your first clients as a freelancer, just put your name out there. To your inner circle, to your friends, Facebook, etc. Ask if they know of anyone in need of a freelancer in your field, for them to share your name. You would be surprised!


  • (1:16) A little more about Aubree.
  • (2:30) Timing–it’s never going to be the perfect time.
  • (3:45) Why you shouldn’t “wait until the new year” to get going.
  • (4:10) Look at deadlines as challenges.
  • (4:50) You could enter the new year with 1,000 new people on your email list.
  • (5:55) Starting small and allowing yourself to grow.
  • (6:30) Step 1 to setting up your freelancing business.
  • (9:40) What I look for when I hire freelancers.
  • (10:20) You don’t need a degree to start your freelancing business!
  • (12:19) Personality vs experience.
  • (13:04) Examples of freelancing jobs Aubree’s clients have gone into.
  • (15:30) More examples of freelancing jobs to offer.
  • (16:28) How to find your first clients as a freelancer.
  • (21:10) What it means to Aubree to make an impact.
  • (23:30) One of the best books Aubree’s read.
  • (24:18) Leadership books I recommend.
  • (25:03) Where to connect with Aubree.


“You can find a million excuses to wait until, but when that until comes, there will be 10 more excuses.”

“Sometimes you need to put those excuses aside and rip off the bandaid….You’ll be so glad you started then.”

“Consistency is everything.”

“Start with the skills you already have and allow yourself to get started there!”

“Clarity comes from taking action.”

“It’s not always about who can I pitch, who can I sell, instead who can you have a conversation with.”


Connect with Aubree:

Instagram: @aubreemalick

Tiktok: @aubreemalick

Podcast: Freelancer to CEO

Free Training:

Books Recommended in the episode:

Tribes by Seth Godin

5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell

Watch Full Episode:

How to Design a Profitable Freelancing Business (with Aubree Malick): Episode 377

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