Creating Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships to help you scale your Revenue (with Danielle Wiebe): Episode 378

On this episode, I have on special guest Danielle Wiebe! Danielle is a community builder, collaboration expert, business strategist and the founder of Business Babes Collective, a global community for female entrepreneurs. With over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in multiple different industries, (Including Sales for High-End Electronics, Health & Wellness, Weddings, Conferences & Digital Marketing), Danielle loves teaching women to create strategic and profitable collaborations, as well as building a strong foundation and systems to be able to scale their businesses without having to work around the clock. In the first 5 years of building Business Babes Collective, Danielle and her Team were able to launch into 5 chapters across North America. In 2020, the business was re-imagined with a huge emphasis on providing digital resources and support for Female Entrepreneurs.

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  • Danielle wanted to create a space where women could come and be supported. Her business started as small pop up events, but it really snowballed because it resonated with so many women.
  • Now Danielle’s events have expanded to different cities, over 300+ people!
  • At first, Danielle only wanted to cover the costs of the events- she wasn’t looking to make a ton of money through it. But as she threw more events, she was able to get sponsors, ticket prices went up, and it was able to be monitored!
  • Your ticket prices will attract the level of student. If you have a $10 ticket, as Danielle said, you might not be getting people who are very committed to invest in themselves. Of course you don’t want to screw people out of money, but as you up level your offers, an important thing to note is how much ticket price matters to bring you clients who are seriously ready to up level.
  • Danielle has always had a collaborative mindset- she always wanted to bring other business and people on board, and so this has come naturally to her. She reached out to influential people on instagram back before her brand had a following, and would put herself out there, asking if she could take people out to coffee. She knew she could provide them exposure and opportunity to speak, and so many of them were totally on board.
  • Brand partnerships are a huge way to cover costs and monetize your events. In return, those brands get access to your community.
  • Danielle realized there’s endless opportunities to collaborate, online, and in the event space.
  • Where does Danielle find people to collaborate with? She finds a lot through other people, or also in the online space. Usually through mutual connection. Her advice is to figure out who’s in your industry who has aligned audiences.
  • You need to have a mindset of abundance. If you are doing something similar to someone who has an aligned business, change your mindset not to be that you’re in competition, but that you can be collaborators. There’s enough business to go around for everyone. You can expand your mind in doing this, but also collaborate with someone and expand your business through doing this!
  • Danielle recommends making a list of people you would love to collaborate with, then spend time researching them and their mindset, their audience, their values. That way you’ll know if its a good fit, and you in turn will then know enough about them to reach out and be able to mention things about them- being personal and specific!
  • What’s in it for them? It’s so important to reach out to people and share the value you can add to them! Do you have a community? Do you have skills? Do you have product? There are so many ways we can add value, you just have to be creative!
  • Following up if you get no response is so important. Danielle recommends having a system in place, asana or other project managing systems, where you can keep track of who you’ve pitched/ reached out to, link their name, email and however you reached out and what you said, and remind yourself to follow up!
  • Patience is key. These big opportunities don’t happen overnight- but put yourself out there, don’t be worried about getting turned down. Add value and realize the value you can bring! You might move the needle slowly over 5 years- but the progress WILL be there. You’ll be so surprised how far baby steps can move you in your business- and Danielle reminds us, you WILL find success, as long as you don’t quit on yourself!!



  • (1:17) A little more about Danielle.
  • (3:30) How big Danielle’s events have gotten.
  • (4:42) How Danielle monetizes these community events.
  • (5:49) Ticket prices attract your target audiences.
  • (6:55) Collaborations and partnerships in Danielle’s business.
  • (9:20) How Danielle gets sponsors for her events.
  • (11:02) Where Danielle finds people to collaborate with.
  • (12:14) Having a mindset of abundance.
  • (13:03) Doing your research before collaborating is key!
  • (13:10) Collaborations gone wrong.
  • (15:29) How to make a relationship before you reach out to collaborate.
  • (19:06) The power of followup!
  • (22:04) Be patient, it won’t happen overnight.
  • (23:01) One of the best books Danielle has read.
  • (26:03) What it means to Danielle to make an impact.
  • (27:59) Where to connect with Danielle Wiebe.



“I want to know that the other people in the room are investing in themselves.”

“Have a mindset of abundance.”

“There are so many ways we can add value, you just have to be creative!”

“That’s the important part…Don’t quit on yourself!”



Connect with Danielle:

Instagram: @danilivinglife

Instagram: @businessbabesco

Website with Free Training:

Books Recommended in the episode:

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

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Creating Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships to help you scale your Revenue (with Danielle Wiebe): Episode 378

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