How to Create a Profitable Email Marketing Strategy (with Brianna Sexton): Episode 186

In this episode, I’m talking to Brianna Sexton all about how to create a profitable email marketing strategy. If you know me, you know how much I talk about the importance of an email list, and how it can increase your leads and sales more than anything else. We go over strategies on how to build yours successfully, and how you can start to see growth almost immediately!

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  • Email marketing is a great way to grow and support a business outside of social media in a direct format. 
  • When you are putting yourself out there through email marketing don’t be afraid of sounding like a salesman or a spammer.
  • Craft your emails so that they can feel like you are only talking to one person one on one, rather than a massive audience. 
  • Using email marketing helps you find the people who are meant to be a part of your audience, not everyone you email will come on board, but the people who do choose to buy into what you’re doing will do it because you’ve connected with them. 
  • Find out where your customers are in their journey so that you know where to meet them. 
  • You want to be able to help your customer map out where they are and where they are going so that you can figure out what you can offer to help them get there. 
  • Most of the time your “Nurture Sequence” emails will be automated and set up to help explain more about you and add some value. It will consist of 3-5-7 emails that introduce you and build a connection. 
  • Add your own personality into your nurture sequence and add a call to action to make your nurture sequence emails memorable. 
  • Sales sequences are good for leading up to new product launches as well as a follow up. The fortune is in the follow up. 
  • Coming off an event or webinar you can add bonuses or discounts to give yourself every reason for someone to give you a chance. This can be done in a congratulatory follow up or survey. 
  • After a webinar you want to send about 5-7 emails with a replay email and 4-5 days of engagement to help make it easier for your customer to make a decision to work with you. 
  • Everyone checks their emails at different times of the day and it is easy for you to get lost in the inbox so don’t be afraid to send multiple emails space out throughout the day to help give you the best chance to connect. 





  • (1:05) A little more about Brianna and what she is doing. 
  • (3:30) Don’t be afraid to send an email or newsletter because you don’t want to come off as spam, or an annoying salesman.
  • (5:40) Create an email that has your personality and uniqueness in it. 
  • (6:30) Not everyone you reach out to through email marketing will be into it.
  • (7:15) Know who you are and know what you have to offer. 
  • (8:00) Know your audience, who they are and what problem you’re solving for them. 
  • (10:15) Nurture Sequences- the first 3-7 emails that a person receives that introduces them to you. 
  • (12:50) Converting social media growth from email marketing. 
  • (14:10) Make sure that your first introductory emails stand out and are memorable. 
  • (16:20) Sales Sequences, not to be confused with “Spam Emails.” 
  • (18:00) Incentivizing your sales sequence using momentum. 
  • (19:10) After a webinar you want to send 5-7 emails in 5 days following. 
  • (20:10) Sometimes it is okay to send multiple emails in one day, even 3 in one day.





“When I started my business I thought that you didn’t need it.” (Email Marketing)

“Go from spam to service.” 

“The fortune is in the follow up.” 

“Anything that is going to help make it easier for your customer to make a decision to work with you.” 

“When I was working 9-5 I may not have checked my email in the morning, I may not have checked it at 2 pm.” 

“I just helped 2 rockstar ladies with their launches and I think I wrote about 20-30 (emails) for each of them.”







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“Building a Story Brand” Donald Miller


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