How To STOP Trading Time For Money (with Christine Gallagher): Episode 265

Christine Gallagher is a speaker, trainer, bestselling author and award-winning business coach and she founded in 2009. She believes that when female entrepreneurs learn how to share their gifts and their message in a much bigger way by creating intentional, leveraged offers, they will not only dramatically elevate their expert status, enroll more clients and enjoy more income, they also become a force for positive change in the world.

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  • Christine says she helps her clients make leveraged offers, which will help them get out of working dollars for hours.
  • If you want to stop trading time for money, Christine’s first step is that you figure out what you’re good at and create a front end offer (program or course) that gets your clients quick wins and shows them that there’s more to do so you can enroll them in a long term thing, so you’re not constantly launching products.
  • Christine talks about how messaging is so key. You want to continuously be in the mind of your ideal client. Really put a stake in the ground for who you want to serve.
  • Quick wins are so important. Christine talks about how when you give them that quick win and they see the potential that is possible, they’ll see the value that working with you long term would look like.
  • Christine says that 30-50% of people who go into your front door offer will move onto your next course.
  • Christine says you want a call to action in 90% of your messaging.
  • Delivering the program to your clients will help you scale more.
  • Christine always tells her clients that you can put deadlines around your launches, but it can be more relaxed. She calls this your energetic stance. You don’t have to post your products down their throat, with a big countdown to cart close. Having a more relaxed stance on your amazing product could be more beneficial.
  • When you’re looking to scale, you actually need less, not more. Christine said that when she stripped down her offers and only focused on the 2, it allowed her more bandwidth and allowed her to go deeper with her clients. This has allowed her to really grow.
  • Christine says that the most important part is claiming who your ideal client is and don’t be afraid to leave people behind.
  • “Listen to what they’re not saying, by what they’re saying.” Get curious about the phycology around what people are not saying, and your offers will start to sell themselves.
  • Christine says that in her 2nd year of business, she wanted to make more money and to her that was about simply asking for the money. Sometimes people just don’t ask, sometimes they don’t think their products are worth the money. Realize that people need your service and don’t let those mindset blocks control you.


  • (1:51) A little more about Christine and what she does.
  • (1:56) What does a leveraged offer look like?
  • (2:50) Where is the first place you start if you’re trading time for money?
  • (4:28) How to make a killer offer that sells itself.
  • (6:01) Put a stake in the ground of who you want to serve.
  • (7:15) How to enroll clients into your next, longer term program.
  • (8:48) How to make sure your clients know your next course is the right next step for them.
  • (10:05) Systems Christine has in place.
  • (11:20) How to do a non launch, launch.
  • (15:19) Your energetic stance.
  • (16:15) What does Christine attribute her success to?
  • (18:49) One of the biggest mistakes Christine has made in her business?
  • (20:06) What is one of the best books Christine has read?
  • (21:09) What does it mean to Christine to make an impact?
  • (23:07) Where to connect with Christine.


“Your content, your mindset, your positioning, is getting in the minds of your ideal clients at all times.”

“You can have 40-50 clients total and you can have a million dollar business.”

“Launching is exhausting.”

“Delivering the program to your clients will help you scale more.”

“Less is more.”

“Claim your who.”

“Listen to what they’re not saying, by what they’re saying.”




Connect with Christine:

Instagram: @ChristineG

Facebook: Christine Gallagher

Books mentioned in the episode:

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

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How To STOP Trading Time For Money (with Christine Gallagher): Episode 265How To STOP Trading Time For Money (with Christine Gallagher): Episode 265

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