How to Write and Launch Your First Book (with Cindy Childress): Episode 189

In this episode I have Dr. Cindy, The Expert’s Ghostwriter sharing how to write and launch your first book. She is a ghostwriter and book coach for entrepreneurs that go on to achieve bestseller status, book TEDx Talks, build thriving businesses. She has a Ph. D. in English from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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  • There is plenty of room in the online entrepreneur space for people from all walks of life with their own individual skills and experiences. 
  • Everything starts with finding out who your target audience is for your book and what your goals are as an author.
  • Creating an opt in for your readers to then engage with you after reading will allow you to continue to engage with them in the future, many book publishers don’t tell you who bought your book so you almost have to make sure they find you.
  • Depending on what your book is about you can create things such as a fun personal quiz or reveal the first chapter of your next book in exchange for people then going and following you as an opt in. 
  • A book is a great way to engage people in your business because it may not be as expensive as something like a course but it can be a great intro into your business and lead people to wanting to know more and take more of that journey.
  • Sometimes starting a book off writing an introduction or writing chapter one can be difficult because it puts a lot of pressure to know exactly how to introduce everything you are about to discuss and talk about before it is even written.
  • It is important to value the writing process and to be passionate about what you’re writing about and if you get stuck using a ghost writer may help, but you have to be totally invested in what you are doing and have your business plan down.
  • A ghost writer can cost anywhere from 10,000-75,000 depending on how much experience a writer has. 
  • Self recording, just talking things out loud, is a great way to brain storm and give something over to the editing team (even if that is you).
  • Use the platforms you already have whether it be on social media or an email list, to get the word out about your book. Feel free to tease certain quotes or lines from your book and let people know what they are in for. 
  • Give your fans and followers extra incentive to go get the book the day that it comes out and leave you great reviews on amazon. When you are marketing the book, whether that be on social media or on amazon ads, the great reviews will help reassure people that they need to buy your book. 
  • You want to explain in the title and summary of your book who should be reading and who should not so you are not misleading anyone on what the book is about and getting it to the people who would find the information valuable and will give you a good review. 
  • Actually tell people to go leave you a review and maybe give them some questions on what to think about while they are leaving a review, not everyone is an author and knows how to write a review.
  • Amazon ads is the most cost effective way to advertise your book, they are already on amazon looking for things to buy and amazon will show them your book before they check out.
  • When figuring out how to put together a pitch for your book you need to ask who is your target audience and why are they picking it and what is the thing that they want as the outcome in reading your book.
  • People aren’t just buying the thing you’re selling them, they’re buying the hope and expectation of how themselves and their life will be better, afterwards.
  • A title is a promise for what is inside the manuscript and it is going to attract attention. Your tag line should explain that promise and lock in your reader. People can try to be too cute with the title or tagline, in the end it is a marketing tool. 


  • (1:30) A little more about Cindy and how she helps her clients. 
  • (2:25) Starting out in the online entrepreneur space. 
  • (3:00) What you need to do before you begin writing your book.
  • (4:05) Connecting with your readers and getting them to follow you after reading your book.
  • (4:50) Examples of content to give your readers in addition to your book. 
  • (6:42) The power of a book in working as a tool for your business. 
  • (8:47) Where people get stuck in trying to write their book. 
  • (10:26) Collaborating with other people on writing or hiring a ghost writer. 
  • (13:30) Speaking your books out loud to write your book and record it. 
  • (16:58) Launching your book so that people are ready to buy it the day it comes out.
  • (18:00) Getting positive reviews and using them to your advantage with amazon ads. 
  • (19:15) Be very clear about who you wrote your book for and who should be reading it and who should not be reading it. 
  • (21:05) Engaging with readers to get more and better reviews. 
  • (21:57) Where to spend money on ads promoting your book.  
  • (24:58) Figuring out how to pitch your book to everyone from readers or publishers. 
  • (26:38) People care more about the way that your book will transform their lives than anything else.
  • (28:30) Talking about the importance of a title and a tagline. 


“You can’t plagiarize yourself.”

“There should be a whole product suite.”

“People aren’t just buying the thing you’re selling them, they’re buying the hope and expectation of how themselves and their life will be better, afterwards.”

“instead of just doing the information dump you are engaging in a dynamic conversation.”

“People are asking and that’s why you’re telling.”


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“Alter Ego” by Todd Herman

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Learn How to Write and Launch Your First Book! In this episode of She’s Making An Impact, Cindy Childress gives great tips on writing and launching your first book, from getting started with the writing process, finding out who your target audience is, to the most cost effective way to advertise your book. Repin and grab my free cheat sheet to get more leads for free using Pinterest! #shesmakinganimpact #entrepreneur #entrepreneurtips 

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