Secrets to Creating an Irresistible Offer (with Colin Boyd): Episode 314

Colin helps experts, course creators and coaches speak confidently on stage to sell...without coming across pushy or sales-y. He’s obsessed with creating step-by-step strategies that anyone can follow to become both confident and powerful at speaking and selling on live stage, webinar and video. As a keynote speaker for over 10 years he brings a depth of experience that few have to entertain and also move an audience to action. He’s best know for Sell From Stage Academy, which is the leading program for growing your business through speaking. He lives in Newport Beach California with his amazing wife and two little kids.

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  • Colin talks about how he had a desire to make a difference back when he had one client, and he got a call to fill in as a public speaker for a presentation. He was so nervous, but after his presentation, 125 out of 137 gave him their information. He gained so many clients from this and suddenly more opportunities to speak came from that. That one opportunity changed his life.
  • Before this opportunity, Colin had struggled getting clients. But since that day, he’s never had a shortage of clients.
  • Colin says there aren’t too many differences between selling online and in person. He says the skill of connecting with your audience is the most important key.
  • Infusion selling: lead your selling throughout your speaking. Don’t leave your pitch till the end, you actually want to design content that doesn’t just inform people, you want to get them to make a greater commitment to themselves and to the outcome you can help them achieve. One technique you can implement throughout your presentation is asking people to make decisions throughout your pitch. This creates desire around your content.
  • Don’t just dump content on your ideal clients. Most of the time if you overwhelm people with content, they will be nervous to sign on with you.
  • Colin says to include decisions into your webinar or speech. People need to identify with your journey. For example: signature stories. A story that creates conversion. Not just a story where people get to know you.
    • Ex: Ask your clients where they would rate themselves between 1-10 in that situation.
    • Ex: Ask questions that force them to make decisions. Ask them to “comment” specific things–like “I commit.”
  • A good conversion story does 3 things:
    • 1. Creates connection. It’s vulnerable. It shows struggle, and desire to make a difference. When you do this your audience relates.
    • 2.  Credibility. People think this is the sole reason of the story, but if you spend too much time in credibility, people will think you’re cocky.
    • 3. It has to be aligned with the core idea you want your audience to understand. There’s usually one key idea that if your audience gets, they will be moved to what you can help them with. This is the big domino.
  • All the content has to be built around a core idea. Colin’s core idea is that “you’re one presentation away from the breakthrough you want in your business,” then he has to prove this! His whole pitch has to prove this concept to be clear.
  • Signature story: 3-5 minutes. This has nothing to do with YOU. When you’re telling your story, weave in language to connect with your ideal client. Maybe they didn’t have that exact experience, but they’ve felt how you have. That’s the key. Emotional connection and touching their hearts.
  • Understand what your audience REALLY NEEDS! Colin says the problem is that if you give too many practice steps with your ideal client before they sign on with you, you will distract them and overwhelm them.
  • People need a process that works and skin in the game.
  • Colin says that when you’re making an offer, you’re not trying to sell something. Realize that when you make an offer, you’re offering your audience a transformation. Instead of making it awkward, offer the space. “I’ve created a space where you can have a transformation. To enter this space, the commitment is time, money, energy, attention…etc.”
  • When you make the shift to not sell something, but have a place for transformation, you will feel that difference. “I’m willing to offer you this space.”
  • Colin says that one key tool in getting people is future pace experience–to see their future selves. Asking who that future self is, how their lives could change. Asking if they’re committed to becoming that future version of themselves and leading that into being committed to their own growth. What he’s doing is articulating values of commitment, value, change, and what that life looks like. Ask for commitment and then introduce what transformation can give them.
  • Elements of an offer:
    • If you were your client, would you go OMG this is an offer!
    • Feel like you as the seller are getting ripped off.
    • You’ve gotta have an attractive program name, clear outcome, clear pathway through modules, bonuses address objections.
  • Colin says your bonuses should be so good, people want to buy the course just for those bonus offers.
  • 3 elements to dial into to have success in your business:
    • 1. Understanding your audience.
    • 2. Creating a message that resinates and creates desire.
    • 3. Irresistible offer.
  • Tweak your offer: Colin says sometimes you need to reframe what helpful is. Colin recommends reducing the steps. There should be one process you want to teach, but more than one, becomes overwhelming. There’s no commitment until there’s skin in the game.
  • One top mistake Colin sees people making is not asking questions. They stack in too much content in their presentation. Have that balance of great stories, key concepts, and questions to keep engagement.


  • (1:33) A little more about Colin Boyd.
  • (2:12) How Colin got started in public speaking.
  • (3:15) How one opportunity changed Colin’s life and business forever.
  • (4:55) Selling virtually vs selling on a stage.
  • (6:04) How to connect with your audience on a deep level.
  • (6:30) What is infusion selling?
  • (8:02) Elements you should include in your webinar.
  • (8:42) What is a conversion story?
  • (11:04) The power of Colin’s methodology.
  • (11:31) An example of a powerful conversion story.
  • (14:22) One of Colin’s clients stories: how she dialed into her core premise and did $191,000 on her next webinar!
  • (15:13) Examples of core ideas.
  • (17:38) Your signature story and how connection and vulnerability should be the focus.
  • (20:13) How to make sure people come to your webinar and make sure they leave with value.
  • (24:10) Change your mindset from selling your course to offering space for a transformation.
  • (26:45) A transition Colin uses to shift from story to offer.
  • (29:53) Elements of an offer.
  • (32:04) Why Colin says the bonuses ARE the offer.
  • (34:23) 3 elements to dial into to have success.
  • (34:49) What things to tweak to increase conversion.
  • (36:03) How many steps should you give people in your webinar?
  • (37:25) Top mistakes Colin sees people making in their offers, webinars, etc.
  • (39:38) TAKE ACTION! Do a Facebook live sharing your story and ask your audience to rate themselves between 1-10 on where they’re at, and how it would feel 6 months from now if they implemented it!
  • (40:30) Best book Colin’s read.
  • (41:40) What it means to Colin to make an impact.
  • (42:05) Where to connect with Colin.


“You get in front of the right audience with the right message, make an irresistible offer, your life can change over night.

“You’re one presentation away from the breakthrough you want in your business.”

“Your signature story has nothing to do with you.”

“One of the cleanest currencies of commitment is money.”

“When you’re making an offer, you’re not trying to sell something.”

“The bonuses are the offer.”


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Secrets to Creating an Irresistible Offer (with Colin Boyd): Episode 314

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