How to Conquer Fear: Episode 271

In this video, I'll share what you can do to conquer fear. Trust me there are so many things that I’ve been afraid of when starting a business. By taking those fears head on, and conquering them, you not only grow as a person, but you’ll see your business grow as well. So whatever your fear is, public speaking, money, investments, whatever it is- this episode is for you! Let’s kick those fears to the curb.

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“Ask Yourself: What are you afraid of?”

  • Failure, success, what other people might thing of you?
  • What stories are you telling yourself?
  • I used to be afraid of so many things in high school and college. I used to bee so afraid of public speaking. But by doing in, practicing, and putting myself intentionally into those positions, I grew out of that fear!


“Every day, feed and strengthen your MIND”

Podcasts and books I’m currently listening to:


  • How To Train Your Mind
  • The Power of Your Potential by John Maxwell
  • Winning the War In Your Mind by Craig Groschell


  • John Maxwell Leadership Podcast


“Every day, feed and strengthen your BODY”

  • If you don’t take care oof this, you won’t be able to go out and serve people with your message.
  • On a scale of 1-10 how are you feeding and strengthening your body?
  • Are you putting good food in? Are you exercising?
  • Tony Robbins says, “Don’t tolerate excuses.” Your mind isn’t designed to make you succeed, it’s designed to keep you safe.
  • So how can you push yourself DAILY to feed and strengthen your body?


Find a Great Role Model In The Areas That Matter To You

  • A business coach is essential if you want your business to succeed.
  • You don’t know what you don’t know, and you need someone there in the trenches with you that can see your blindspots that can actually help you get further along in that given area!
  • How can you pay for speed in the areas that actually matter to you?



Give More Than You Expect to Receive, And You’ll Never Have To Worry About Abundance

  • What is a fear you have? One of mine is a fear of running out or not having enough?
  • This stems back to when we were struggling financially: on food stamps, -$400 in our checking account.
  • One core belief I’ve adopted is that I will always be taken care of, and abundance and blessings are always coming our way.
  • One of the things that helped when my husband lost his job, I gave when we didn’t have anything coming in.
  • Start beyond scarcity. If you’re afraid of running out of money: GIVE!
  • It’s when you have nothing is when you give.
  • “If you can’t give a dime out of a dollar, you won’t give a million out of 10 million.”
  • Start when you have a dollar, give a dime. As you do this, you will be blessed beyond your wildest dreams


Do the thing that scares you!

  • Figure out what it is that scares you, and put it on the calendar.
  • Set goals to actually DO those things that scare you!
  • Every time you do that thing that scares you, your confidence is going to grow!

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How to Conquer Fear: Episode 271

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