Using Social Media to Grow Your Small Business (with Danielle Welch): Episode 194

Danielle Welch decided to take the 5+ years experience she had as an advertising sales agent and marketing consultant to bring Bridge to life. She recognized the various needs that small businesses had when it came to properly marketing themselves, finding their customers and building their brand. Bridge began servicing only small businesses but has since expanded to also serve entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and influencers. Danielle started Bridge Consulting & Design, LLC in 2018 mostly doing freelance web design to start. She went full time in her business and quit her day job about 2 months into it and by month #3 of business, she was matching her job income with business revenue.

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  • The people around you play a huge role in shaping who you are and what you learn. When you find someone who has something in life that you want, you can learn from them.
  • You never want to lie to your customers, if ever a boss or partner asks you to do something that does not fit your personal code of ethics or makes you feel bad, it is always okay to walk away and find something else.
  • When Danielle reached her most profitable month yet, at over $10,000 she realized she was doing all the work on her own and if she was going to grow her business even further she needed to figure out how to scale the business. For her that was creating a course to help people learn how to do for themselves, what she was doing.
  • Facebook is the recommended platform to begin using if you’re new to social media. Facebook has almost half the world’s population and has so many people and businesses to engage with.
  • There is a difference in posting on social media everyday and spending money on actual ads. Ads are where you try to engage new people to take action with you in a pay for play move. Content marketing is more about brand awareness and creating your voice in your market by establishing yourself as an industry authority.
  • When posting onto social media only 20% of your posts should be promoting and the other 80% should engage your followers and show them who you are and what you do in an organic way. These are posts that are conversation starters, stories, or something that teaches people something. This is also helpful in bringing up the quality of your ads because when people click over to your page from your ad they will get a better understanding of who you are and what you do.
  • When you are first starting out posting on social media you want to be consistent and be posting at least once a day on Facebook. Schedule out what you want to post about on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Batching content is when you create and schedule multiple posts in one sitting and blocking out time to do this every week is going to improve the quality of your content and help you to be consistent on social media.
  • Figure out your “peak time” when you have a solid block of hours everyday where you have time set aside for being creative and making content.
  • Facebook’s creator schedule allows you to schedule out posts on a business page for both instagram and Facebook for free, and it also runs free detailed analytics at the same time.
  • Putting yourself in the videos in your posts humanizes your business and helps build a connection with your customers. Sometimes it is scary as an entrepreneur to get in front of the camera but it goes a long way.
  • Filming yourself in a video can absolutely be done on an iPhone, the quality is more than good enough. Make sure that you don’t leave too much room above you and that you are centered in the frame. Also make sure your surroundings are appealing..Don’t leave trash laying around in the frame.
  • Video is one of the biggest trends at the moment and that won’t be changing. Make sure that you add captions to your videos because most of the time a video comes up on someones phone the sound is off and if they can’t see what you are saying they are most likely going to swipe to the next video.
  • Social media is used for entertainment for a lot of people so do not stress about it too much. If you put out a video and it tanks don’t worry and just be ready to put out another video tomorrow.
  • If you want to be known more than your competitors, then make sure that people are talking about you more and how do you do that? You’ve got to be in front of them more.
  • Make sure that you are following the right people on social media. All that you want to be influenced by on social media are things that are going inspire you, motivate you, and make you want to be better.


  • (1:05) A little more about Danielle Welch and her background.
  • (5:00) Finding someone who knows something that you want to learn and learning from them.
  • (7:30) When someone that you work for or a company you associate with does not do business to your moral standards.
  • (10:20) Reaching the point where you no longer can continue to grow while doing everything for everyone, but instead teaching what you know.  
  • (13:10) How to get started with social media and what platform to start with.
  • (13:45) Knowing the difference between social media content marketing and social media advertising.
  • (15:15) What your ratio of promotion and content that shows who you are should be in your social media posts.
  • (17:00) When you are first starting out how often should you be posting consistently?
  • (19:05) Batching content in a way that will save you both time and money.
  • (21:13) Figuring out when you are most creative and when you are most productive.
  • (24:50) Best programs for scheduling out posts in at a low cost.
  • (27:30) Try to get in front of the camera!  
  • (29:34) Filming your own content and showing up consistently.
  • (31:30) Upcoming trends in the social media world.
  • (34:05) Taking messy action and having fun with social media.
  • (35:02) Showing up more than your competitors on a regular basis.
  • (37:20) Being cautious on social media with who you are following and how you are perceiving content.


“It’s all about who you know.”

“Your net worth is directly correlated to your network.”

“Small businesses need someone to help them understand what decisions to make.”

“I have to know when my times are and I have to protect them.”

“People just want you to show up!”

“If you want to be known more than your competitors, then make sure that people are talking about you more and how do you do that? You’ve got to be in front of them more.”


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Books mentioned in the episode: The Go-Giver by Bob Burg

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