Hybrid Marketing Method (with Gemma Bonham-Carter): Episode 348

On this episode, we have online course strategist and digital marketer, Gemma Bonham-Carter. Gemma has helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs and hundreds of students launch and scale their businesses, and coaches clients on how to monetize their ideas using online courses and digital products. Her core business principles include: sharing your story and skills, doing good in the world, building a business that supports your version of a dream life, and making money while you sleep. When she's not building her latest training or coaching inside of her student communities, you'll find her chasing after her two young kids, traveling, or tackling her next room makeover.

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  • Gemma says webinars paired with great emails and 1 social media platform is the backbone to a successful launch and a successful business!
  • If you run through your course the first time in a live group program, you’re getting feedback in real time, you’re getting paid to create it,  you’re building out all the worksheets and templates, holding these first members hands through the course which will probably make for great testimonials.
  • Sometimes we know our niche so well, that we don’t dumb it down enough for beginners. We’re so close to our expertise that we don’t realize that most people don’t know what we’re talking about in our course.
  • The “Hybrid Marketing Method” is a combo of the live launch and the funnel for your launch. It’s sustainable, consistent growth and cashflow, and a chill model of a launch where you’re not overwhelmed.
  • The 3 layers of The “Hybrid Marketing Method”
    • 1. Live launches–great for influx of cash, lots of hype around purchasing decision, this is where Gemma creates new parts of her course.
    • 2. Primary Evergreen Funnel, 30 days or less–for those people looking for a solution, opt in and ready to sign up after building “know, like and trust.”
    • 3. The Forever Funnel–you continue to make conversions and sales outside of that 30 days in an automated way with your funnel. It’s not just repeating the primary funnel, it’s thought provoking emails with an option to opt into your program and submit application.
  • Gemma says the forever funnel can last however long you’d want–3 months to a year is generally what she recommends.
  • Examples of different email styles:
    • Thought provoking email–something polarizing, why your viewpoint is the best.
    • Conversation starter–short, no graphics or GIFs, simple, often using first name and sharing specifics.
  • Don’t live your life for your business, use your business to allow you to live the life you want!



  • (1:21) A little more about Gemma and what she does.
  • (2:08) What it looks like to do a successful course launch.
  • (3:14) The backbone to a successful launch and business.
  • (5:01) A mistake when making your course.
  • (5:21) The “Hybrid Marketing Method.”
  • (8:32) What goes into creating a million dollar funnel.
  • (10:09) How the forever funnel works.
  • (11:19) How long does the forever funnel last?
  • (14:20) The power of relationship building when warming your potential clients.
  • (15:19) Examples of different successful email styles.
  • (18:58) One of the best books Gemma has read.
  • (20:19) What does it mean to Gemma to make an impact?
  • (21:27) Where to connect with Gemma.


“I hate to see people spend time on a course that won’t sell.”

“There’s a lot of time that goes into creating a million dollar funnel.”


Connect with Gemma:

Training: gemmabonhamcarter.com/class

Instagram: @gemma.bonhamcarter

Books Mentioned in this episode:

Company of 1 by Paul Jarvas

Watch Full Episode:

Hybrid Marketing Method (with Gemma Bonham-Carter): Episode 348

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