Incorporate Charity in Your Business Model Today (with Jess Glazer): Episode 277

Today I'm talking with Jess Glazer about incorporating charity in your business model!

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  • Jess talks about how her overnight success was 10 years in the making. She started her first business in 2012. She said there were so many pivots, failures, and twists that got her to where she is today.
  • Perspective is everything: entrepreneurship is just one big pivot.
  • Jess says that in all of her years of being an entrepreneur, one of her biggest lessons from building her success is turning inward and asking better questions. She says when you ask better questions, you can get better answers.
  • Every time you make a big decision in your business, Jess says you should pause. She says she’s all about messy action, but it is so important that when you pivot in your business, hire new people, or expand, that you give yourself the time and space to reflect instead of jumping so quick from one thing to the next.
  • Jess says that she takes the 1-1 approach to their business when it comes to charity, similar to Toms. So for every person that goes through their programs, they donate education for 1 student for 1 year overseas.
  • Jess says that it costs $50,000 to build a school and get it running. Jess says that so far they have donated $120,000! They work with Pencils of Promise. In order to sustain this school, Jess said it just depends on how many kids, how many teachers, etc. to determine what it costs for the resources, teachers, electricity.
  • Imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, what other people will think, getting out of her own way: these were three big mindset block Jess faced when building her business.
  • Jess said that in order to get to a million dollar business, she had to ask for help. She said this is the number one thing she would recommend–get help. Outsource. She said that when she dropped her ego and asked for help in areas, her business started growing even faster.
  • In order to wake up from burnout, Jess had to actually go down that road. She said she worked herself to the ground, had major back issues, a breast cancer scare, and that’s when she woke up from the burnout. She knew in that moment she needed to set boundaries, ask for help, and prioritize happiness, health, and redefine success.


  • (1:30) A little more about Jess and how she got started.
  • (2:58) What an “overnight success” actually looks like?
  • (4:20) One of the biggest lessons Jess has learned from those pivots in her biz.
  • (5:35) What it’s like being an entrepreneur on the road.
  • (8:03) How Jess incorporates charity into her business model.
  • (10:18) How much does it cost to build a school and sustain it ongoing?
  • (13:15) The ripple effect of Jess teaching her students about incorporating charity into their businesses.
  • (15:20) Biggest mindset challenges Jess has faced when building her 7 figure business.
  • (17:22) Personal limitations Jess has had to face to reach a million dollar business.
  • (18:18) Let’s talk burnout: What Jess had to go through to prevent burnout.
  • (22:24) One of the best books Jess has read.
  • (23:12) What it means to Jess to make an impact.
  • (23:55) Where to connect with Jess Glazer.


Entrepreneurship is just one big pivot.”

“New levels, new devils.”

“Feedback sometimes stings.”

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