Mastering Podcast Pitching (with Kelly Glover): Episode 162

Kelly Glover specializes in booking  podcast tours for entrepreneurs and authors. She started podcasting in 2007 and has an 18-year track record working in media and talent management. Kelly is the founder of The Talent Squad and is here to teach the benefits of the podcast guesting strategy and how you can not only get ready to pitch and get booked, but also how to actually ace your interview.

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  • Kelly says that there is so much value in having a podcast, but also so much value in being a podcast guest! You are able to have expert status and strengthen your personal brand. Kelly says it amplifies what you have. If your message is loud and clear, that will be amplified when you’re a guest. You will be able to leverage someone elses audience!
  • Podcasting is great for introverts.
  • Kelly says that podcasts are amazing for your brand because they are active–not accidental. Once someone is a listener they will probably be back. And people don’t listen to 10 minutes, normally they listen the whole way through!
  • Kelly says that podcasting really helps to build likeability and raises the trust factor. People who are weekly listeners are so much more likely to then go and buy your course/products.
  • Podcast tours are, as Kelly describes, the new book tour! It is a pack of interview bookings. Podcast tours are normally 4-12 interviews without even leaving your house.
  • You can’t start as a guest on the biggest shows. Kelly says that’s like saying I want to marry Brad Pitt or no one at all. You have to start as a guest on smaller shows and really get your pitch/message out there. The more you do, the better you will get.
  • Steps to get booked on someones podcast:
    • 1. Who am I talking to and what do I want as a result from listening to me on the show?
    • 2. What value can I bring to their audience/what can I teach them?
    • 3. Do you have your one sheet/headshot/your messaging straight?
    • 4. Pitch yourself: I want to get booked.
    • 5. Followup emails to get booked.
  • Click-bait that actually delivers: You can’t say “Kelly Glover pitch.” You want your podcast pitch headlines in your email to be so good that it gets the email open. The subject line will get your email opened, the first two lines of the email will get them to read on, but they will still have to vet you and see if you will be a good fit from allll your other social medias, podcasts, website, etc.
  • 3 key things to have in your pitch:
    • Recognizing the audience.
    • Recognizing previous episodes.
    • Realizing the gap that you can fill with your knowledge.
  • Your One Sheet is an example of what you can speak about. It should include: your name, a short bio, sample talking points, sample questions. Make sure it’s a part of your branding.
  • Your Press Kit is a resource for the host to get all the information they want in one place. It should include: your short bio, a show intro, a long bio, multiple photos of you, several talking points, and previous podcast interviews etc.


  • (1:38) A little more about Kelly Glover.
  • (2:51) How Kelly accidentally got into podcasting.
  • (3:58) Benefits of having a podcast and being a podcast guest.
  • (8:20) There is so much power in speaking to your audience.
  • (9:30) Podcasts are active, not accidental.
  • (11:35) Why podcasts are educational entertainment.
  • (12:16) How to monetize your podcasts as a guest or a host.
  • (15:00) What is a podcast tour?
  • (16:39) Baby update!
  • (18:02) Start small as a guest and grow from there.
  • (20:16) Steps for how to become a guest on someones podcast.
  • (23:10) How to craft a good subject line for pitching yourself.
  • (24:48) Kelly’s examples of really great click-bait headlines.
  • (28:20) 3 key things that you should have in your email pitch.
  • (30:02) What your press kit and media One Sheet should include.
  • (33:20) Where to find relevant podcasts to pitch to?
  • (37:00) Podcast recommendations from Kelly Glover.
  • (38:14) What does it mean to Kelly to make an impact?
  • (39:10) Where to connect with Kelly!


“Hearing someones voice and inflections, us as humans get a lot from that that you can’t get from written word.”

“Podcasts are active, not accidental.”

“It’s really about re-framing your mindset. You see your opportunities and it is the promised land.”

“If you’re thinking about doing it, do it now.”

“Practice in private before you go public.”


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Kelly is the founder of The Talent Squad and is here to teach the benefits of the podcast guesting strategy and how you can not only get ready to pitch and get booked, but also how to actually ace your interview. Also head to the blog ( to grab some of my freebies, like my free video on making your blog content go viral and my top 10 tips to increase your biz using Pinterest! #shesmakinganimpact #bloggingtips #entrepreneurtips
Mastering Podcast Pitching (with Kelly Glover): Episode 162

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