How to Write COPY that Magnetically Attracts Your Dream Client (with Marisa Corcoran): Episode 160

Ready to discover what to say and how to say it to magnetically attract your dream clients? Then you need Marisa Corcoran in your corner... In addition to writing the words that get landing pages converting at 60% (or higher!) and crafting personality-filled emails, Marisa helps coaches and creatives craft their uncopyable message inside her 6 month mastermind, The Copy Confidence Society. Marisa lives in Atlanta with an M.F.A. from Harvard University. When not click-clacking on her laptop, you can find Marisa analyzing a Real Housewives episode like it’s government policy and consuming inappropriate amounts of Nutrageous bars.

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  • Marisa says her superpower is storytelling. She says there is so much value in taking an every day life situation and turning it into a storytelling opportunity.
  • “Slice of life moments.” She says there are every day moments in daily life that can later be used for a storytelling opportunity in sales.
  • Ways to transition your slice of life stories to your sales pitch:
    • Why am I telling you this?
    • This made me think of you.
    • This is going to be even better than that.
  • Word Closet, Marisa shares, is inserting personality into business and sales. Have a list of words that describe you so when someone wants to get to know you, you can make sure it is throughout your copy. It should sound so authentically like yourself–like you’re talking to a friend.
  • Marisa shares how to convert landing pages at over 60%. You have to make sure your are speaking to your ideal client. Ask them questions and you will get specific words and answers that will be perfect for a landing page.
  • When you’re talking to your ideal clients, get specific and ask follow up questions. So if they say it would be exciting to work with you, ask what exciting looks like to them–and use their words (it would give me more time with my kids, I would get to work from home, etc.) on that landing page!
  • Two of the biggest mistakes Marisa has seen when writing copy: People being afraid to be themselves and highlighting their credibility. Don’t tone down your accomplishments, your testimonials, and your successes! Be 100% you and 100% confident in what you do.
  • Your own story can be your testimonial if you don’t have any yet.
  • There are multiple personality types when it comes to who you’re selling to. Some people need allll the details; some need testimonials; some will ask a million questions. You have to make sure your landing pages speak to all of those personalities.
  • Subject lines 3 categories to help you peak curiosity:
    • Cosmo Category–Runners World, Golf Digest. The cover of magazines–take those headlines and put them all into a Google doc. When you want to write, go to your Google doc and take one of those headlines and edit it to apply in your business.
    • Darlene and Clark Method–“Read This” / “Look at this” / “OMG” / “Check this out”
    • International Man Of Mystery–If two things don’t go together, that will make people want to click it / “Papertowels and Hot Priests” / “Photoshoot Nightmare and Duck Walks”
  • Drop people right in the moment in the first sentence of your emails. Avoid saying “Today I’m going to talk about…” or “Hey ___ today I’m sharing…” because it will lose people. Get them hooked from what your subject line is talking about, tell that story and have a call to action.
  • A “P.S.” is your best friend! Use it in every email at the end with a call to action, or to tell another story, or for the “Joeys” use a GIF or a joke. This P.S. is a huge opportunity!


  • (1:28) A little more about Marisa Corcoran and what she does.
  • (3:13) What is Marisa’s superpower?
  • (3:42) Slice of life moments.
  • (4:40) A slice of life moment example from Marisa!
  • (7:17) How to transition from your slice of life stories into a sales connection.
  • (8:29) Your Word Closet.
  • (10:50) How Marisa converts landing pages over 60%.
  • (14:12) What to ask when you’re talking to your ideal clients.
  • (16:00) Biggest mistakes Marisa has seen with people writing copy.
  • (18:40) What to do if you don’t have testimonials yet?
  • (19:53) Tools, resources, and books that she would recommend to help write copy.
  • (20:55) “Friends” Analogy: How your sales are like Friends.
  • (25:48) 3 helpful categories for subject lines: Why they are so important.
  • (29:24) Using Pre-Headers / Hook-em Openers.
  • (33:10) A P.S. is your best friend!
  • (34:36) What does it mean to Marisa to make an impact?
  • (36:17) Where to connect with Marisa Corcoran.


“Your copy should sound like you’re writing to a friend.”

“Your story, at first, can really serve as a giant piece of social proof.”

“Tell them exactly what to do.”


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