Getting Over Your Fears (with Life Coach Lindsey Mango): Episode 198

Lindsey Mango works with women in two ways...women and coaches who want to change the world with their work. And women who are ready to change their lives. Now in her second full year in biz Lindsey has hit 500k and is scaling her business to 1 million dollars.  She has helped hundreds of thousands of women take back control over their lives and create the lives, relationships, and businesses that align with their soul, that allow them to make lots of money while affording them the freedom and flexibility they desire.

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  • A “life coach” can sound pretty intense but a “life coach” is meant to be a teacher, a coach, or a mentor.
  • When you realize you are creating similar results or the same problems over and over, finding yourself stuck in the same spot, it could be helpful to bring someone in to look at things from the outside in the form of a life coach.
  • Realizing the difference between perspective fear and purposeful fear is important, from there we need to be able to accept not only the worst case scenario, but also the best case scenario. It is only natural to have fear but to be able to know you’ll be okay whether your fears come to light or not will help you to be able to see beyond fear.
  • Making yourself a success in business can be an incredible asset to your family, but investing in yourself and in your business is a necessary step in making that happen, not something you should ever feel bad about.
  • If a life coach can add massive value and resourcefulness to your business early on, it is important to find a way to budget for it to continue to grow your business steadily.
  • You have to ask yourself “what have I learned, that I can help other people with?” Sometimes it helps to write your answers down. We often don’t think that our skill sets or experiences have value when it might be exactly what someone else needs to learn from.
  • There are consumers out there at every price point. You have to figure out the value you are bringing to your client and then ask why? How is what you are offering going to change the trajectory of their life?
  • When we undervalue our businesses we are limiting not only our potential but limiting our client’s potential outcomes as well.
  • Often times clients who are more invested in a program show up more and end up getting better results. People want to get what they pay for.
  • Money is often times the reason people say they don’t want to invest in coaching or courses that would help their business. This may be true in some cases, but often times it is because people have doubts, might not believe they are significantly going to grow their business from it.
  • Looking at failure as being on your way to success is important. When you finally create success you need to look at how you will be supported when you get there. A lot of people lose friends once they become successful, but the right people will want to be around you.
  • Having drive in business similar to that of an athlete is natural, having the motivation to try to pull off a win, when it feels like it’s out of reach, always believing there’s a way.
  • Having the opportunity to make a difference in even just a single person’s life, is something that you can always look back on as a great accomplishment.


  • (1:05) A little more about Lindsey Mango and where she came from.
  • ((3:20) Hiring a life coach that totally changed Lindsey’s mindset.
  • (6:05) How to deal with fear when we’re afraid to take action.
  • (7:30) Switching perspectives from fear to optimism and figuring the best potential outcome for your actions.
  • (9:30) Getting out of the mindset that you are selfish for simply wanting things, or wanting more.
  • (13:20) Investing in yourself in the form of a life coach.
  • (16:00) Dealing with self doubt and imposter syndrome.
  • (17:10) Don’t be afraid to charge what you are actually worth.
  • (19:40) Not limiting yourself or your potential client base because of self doubt.
  • (22:30) Dealing with someone who is unsure about coaching or investing in their business.
  • (24:10) How to deal with fear of failure but also fear of success.
  • (26:45) Comparing competition and resourcefulness in sports to entrepreneurship.
  • (30:00) What does it mean to make an impact?


“Your price is a filter for your Ideal Client.”

“People pay different amounts for everything in the world, there are people who pay $500,000 for coaching and people who pay $1 for coaching.”

“You’re going to fail a billion times, it’s a part of getting better.”

“Money is such a magnifier to what is below the surface.”

“There’s always a way.”


Connect with Lindsey:

Instagram: @Lindseymango_

Books Mentioned in the Episode:

“The Prosperous Coach” by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin 

“The Universe Has Your Back” Gabrielle Bernstein

“The Millionaire Mind” by Christopher Miller

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