Major SETBACKS I’ve Been Through (& How I’ve Grown Because of Them): Episode 157

I've had quite a few setbacks in my businesses over the years. What I've found is that it’s all about your mindset and reframing your focus--when bad things happen, what can you do to get through it, and how can you grow from them!

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  • It’s all about your mindset and re-framing your focus–when bad things happen, what can you do to get through it.
  • I played volleyball for so long that it became my identity. When I got injured I had a point where I struggled to find what was next for me. But because of that injury I was able to go to Kenya on a service trip for a month–it completely changed my life and would have never happened had I kept playing volleyball.
  • If I would have gotten a big time 9-5 job straight out of college I would have never gone down the path of entrepreneurship.
  • I was so committed to my network marketing job that I pushed my body wayyyy too hard. I was not taking care of myself. I’m grateful I went through this–it was a huge takeaway that moving forward I had to take care of my body and my health first, or else nothing else was going to get done.
  • I owed $12,000 in taxes one year because my income skyrocketed and I didn’t put enough money away for taxes! It taught me that you have to be conservative with putting money away and just how important it is to have a good bookkeeper and accountant.
  • Network marketing was exciting and I made a lot of money. But the wake-up call happened when my income was cut in half. It made me realize I can’t put all my eggs in one basket–you’ve gotta diversify your income.
  • When Facebook Ads tippled their price, it taught me that it’s okay to start over with working with someone. You don’t have to be paying $6,500 for someone to manage your ads.
  • I had an offer that launched and got no tracking. I did a Black Friday offer, which I didn’t even really feel like I should do–I did it because everyone else was doing it. That was my first mistake. Do things because it feels right and you’re excited for it. Don’t ever do something just because someone else you follow is. Follow your gut.
  • Our webinar crashed. I was at a hotel room in Disney and we had spent thousands of dollars to set it up. I was able to think on my toes and had everyone join my zoom link. This really taught me that I need to have a backup link and someone else from my team standing by just in case things go wrong. Having a plan for if things go wrong is always a good idea!
  • When we went to launch the Pinterest templates I was so excited about the idea that I didn’t wait to have all the tech stuff double checked before launching. Sometimes it’s a good thing to take a breath and make sure those great ideas are executed properly!
  • We live launched Pin With Purpose when it was doing well as an evergreen webinar. Not only did the launch not do great, but the evergreen numbers tanked. This taught me that when you have something that is working evergreen, don’t live launch it–keep it evergreen and launch something else!
  • Neil Patel was scheduled on the podcast, which was a huge deal to me, and that day I was in Senegal and lost all internet connection and had to reschedule! I learned to always have a strong internet connection (haha) but also that things are going to happen and it’s always figure-out-able.
  • Our sales email went out to the wrong sales page for a launch. And just the other day we set the wrong times for livestreams for our Challenge. It happens! You are going to have these little hiccups, but it’s about how you handle them.


  • (2:20) Setback #1: How my injury shifted my identity from volleyball to service.
  • (3:48) Setback #2: After I graduated I couldn’t find a job.
  • (4:51) Setback #3: I gave myself adrenal fatigue from overworking.
  • (6:17) Setback #4: I owed the IRS $12,000 because I didn’t set money aside for taxes.
  • (7:25) Setback #5: My network marketing income was cut in half.
  • (8:48) Setback #6: Facebook Ads tippled their price.
  • (9:25) Setback #7: Launching an offer to crickets.
  • (10:48) Setback #8: Our webinar crashed after spending thousands of dollars to set it up.
  • (11:58) Setback #9: We launched our Pinterest templates and they didn’t work…
  • (12:48) Setback #10: Our Evergreen Webinar sales tanked when we live launched Pin With Purpose.
  • (14:04) Setback #11: Always have a strong internet connection.
  • (15:28) Setback #12: Our sales email went out to the wrong sales page & we set the wrong times for livestreams.


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Major SETBACKS I’ve Been Through (& How I’ve Grown Because of Them): Episode 157

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