5 Principles to Build an Impactful Business (with Mariana Ruiz)

In this episode, I’m talking to Mariana Ruiz about 5 principles to build an impactful business! Mariana is a Certified Business Coach + Consultant, international best selling author, and the founder and CEO of The Impact Driven Entrepreneur -- A company that is on a mission to transform coaches into Thriving Impactful CEOs.

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  • The Principles of building an impactful business.
    • 1. Pay yourself a steady salary + bonuses (Profit First!)
      • Mariana says if you can’t yet afford to pay yourself first, to challenge yourself to change the things you think you need in your business, the things you’re investing in. Cut back on some investments that aren’t bringing in revenue, and live below your means so you can pay yourself first.
    • 2. Focus on impacting your clients, and getting your clients success.
      • You want your clients to get results along the way. You want them to get instant wins, and so you should pour a lot of time, patience, and practice into getting your clients the best results. Streamline how you’re teaching things so as you go, it gets easer and becomes a step by step process of successes.
    • 3. Hiring and supporting a team.
      • “People” build businesses.
      • If you want to build something scalable, Mariana says focus on your people and your people plan.
      • Mariana says almost every person they hire is in house.
    • 4. Give back.
      • How are you giving back? Time, scholarship program, donations. etc.
    • 5. You market and sell in a way that adds value.
      • Throughout your sales process, you focus on adding value the whole time.
      • The sales call isn’t just about working together- if it’s transformational for them, they will see the values you can provide them.
      • Start operating your sales calls on a value basis.
  • Mariana talks about how they have a 90 day training process to build a team that makes 4x what she pays them. The key is for each person to have key performance indicators, so they are feeding the funnel and creating revenue.
  • Mariana says that in order to have a 6 figure business while working less, you need to hire more people.


  • (1:18) A little more about Mariana.
  • (1:47) How she got started as a business coach and CEO.
  • (3:23) What Mariana’s business model looks like today.
  • (4:07) The #1 Principle of building an impactful business- Profit first
  • (5:48) How to “sell every day”
  • (4:07) More principle of building an impactful business
  • (11:39) How to build a team that is making you money (4X what you’re paying them)
  • (14:15) Examples of KPI for social media manager.
  • (15:02) How to have a 6 figure business while working less.
  • (16:59) One of the best books Mariana’s ever read.
  • (17:30) The best books Mariana has ever read.
  • (18:02) What it means to Mariana to make an impact.
  • (18:20) Where to connect with Mariana


“There’s a difference in investing in something that is gonna be profit producing, and investing in something that remains the status quo.”

“Books are hands down the easiest way to get like 20 years of somebody knowledge in 100 pages.”


Connect with Mariana Ruiz:


Instagram: @impactdriivenentreprenenur

Books mentioned in the episode:

This Is Marketing by Seth Godin

Top Grading by Bradford D. Smart

Watch Full Epiosde:

5 Principles to Build an Impactful Business (with Mariana Ruiz)

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