Triple Your Productivity This WEEK (with Megan Sumrell): Episode 130

Megan is a former corporate techie turned entrepreneur.  She also wears the hat of wife, mom, daughter, sister, business owner, COO, house cleaner, cook, chauffeur, techie, trainer, aunt, shoe lover, etc… She wanted to succeed as an entrepreneur and working mom…but her old ways of doing things were no longer working.  She needed to change things up.    With 20+ years of expertise combining my skills in organization, time management, systems, processes and math (don’t get scared…math CAN be easy and cool) and created new ways to manage my time. Her courses and services are helping female entrepreneurs JUST LIKE YOU!  You CAN have more. You CAN feel less overwhelmed. You CAN master your time and master your business!

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  • Megan talks about how motherhood really derailed her routines. She found herself struggling to juggle her network marketing job, her career, and motherhood. She knew something had to change. She needed to have herself be a bigger part of her business.
  • She knew through her experiences, that she could really help women with their productivity in business. And that’s where her new business was born!
  • Instead of doing a day-to-day plan, back it up to a monthly plan, weekly plan, and then your days can come together.
  • Create and prioritize non-working time!
  • When you highlight different tasks with different colors, Megan says you are able to visualize out that context, and chunk together time blocks of one hat.
  • Know when you are most productive- and schedule the harder things (writing, creativity, etc.) first so you can get it out of the way!
  • Megan shares that her CYA time that she schedules allows her entire week not to derail if something goes wrong. By intentionally reserving that time, your stress level goes down. And if nothing goes wrong, then you find yourself with that free time for yourself!
  • Use a timer!! Megan says that more often than not, a task takes as much time as you have. So if you set a timer for 1 hour to get something done, it’s probably going to take an hour. But if you don’t, it could take you 4 hours, or all day.
  • Turn off your apps: Go into settings, screen time, and you can set all those settings- this will totally change your productivity for the better!


  • (1:28) A little more about Megan
  • (2:04) What made her want to leave a 20 year career!
  • (7:50) What are some of the first changes Megan suggests when they’re feeling burnt out.
  • (9:48) Megan’s 5 step process for scheduling non-working time.
  • (12:30) The power of color coding and time blocking your weekly schedule.
  • (18:10) You have to plan for things going wrong in your week. (Cover Your Butt Time!)
  • (23:01) What is a good amount of time for a time-block?
  • (25:40) A setting on your phone that will set do-not-disturb times on your phone and TOTALLY change your productivity game!
  • (28:04) Megan’s planner: A planner that teaches you how to plan!
  • (31:10) What’s the best book Megan’s ever read
  • (35:15) Megan’s vision.
  • (36:51) Where to connect with Megan?


“Be really intentional with every part of your day, even if that part of your day is not working”

“You can have it all- you just can’t have it all at the same time”

“What you can have is work-life harmony, but you’ve got to stop trying to wear all those hats at the same time”

“Often times you find, a task takes as long as you have”


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Megan’s Book Recommendations:

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran

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