Passive Income Products (with Stefanie Gass): Episode 132

Stefanie Gass helps mompreneurs create passive income businesses that light them up! Fueled by Jesus, iced coffee, & toddler snuggles, Stef is both an exceptional mama AND an extremely successful entrepreneur. Stef’s call is empowering women to claim their BEST lives by working less, yet making more. Stef believes that when we let God's miracles light our path, we will profit from our passions, live proactively, & design a life that fuels our soul. She believes we can actually have it all.

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  • Stefanie says that up until she met her husband, she loved the corporate life. But then she was “re-aligned.” Her company shut down, and that led her onto a different path. She knew she wanted to have kids and around that time her mom got started in Network Marketing. So she signed up too and did it for two years. She started to see that she was putting that job first. All that validation crashed down around her when her salary got cut by 1/3. She had failed, and that led her to the path for creating her OWN business.
  • Stefanie said she was led to helping other female entrepreneurs–which lead to her niche to Christian “mom-preneurs.” She said what led her here was doing ONE THING every day that the person she WANTED to become would do. 
  • You have to realize that your worth does not come from how much money you make. You have to retrain yourself to think that you are MORE than your paycheck.
  • Stefanie shares that passive products are the way to go. She says 60% of what she makes comes from passive income. A course, webinar, etc. that you can sell EVERY DAY without having to show up. You can totally free up your time from creating passive income.
  • Stefanie funnels people from her podcast by sharing where people can connect with her via her DM’s, on Instagram, and setting up 15 minute voice to voice messages with potential clients. She automates her process–and sharing that voice to voice message with potential clients are the way she gets the most turn around to people buying her course if she is a good fit for them!
  • Stefanie says that her audience was craving her authenticity. They were saying that they didn’t like her “styled, perfect” Instagram feed–they liked her sweatpants, blooper reel of a feed. She knew she needed to shed her fake image, and that’s when everything exploded for her.
  • You can’t be afraid to push people away. Stef says that by releasing people who aren’t following you for your “mission,” you will make room for so many more people who want to follow you for that calling. “Your responsibility is just to be obedient to your mission!”
  • Stef says that when hard things happen to her now she thinks that she has more to share with people. It’s okay that people don’t always like you, and things don’t always go perfect or as planned. You are going to grow so much from this. “You will be tested. If you’re not getting push-back and opposition, what you are saying is probably not making an impact on the world.”


  • (2:28) A little more about Stefanie.
  • (3:18) What does Stefanie do and who does she serve?
  • (4:08) How she got started as an entrepreneur. From FAILING at network marketing to becoming a total girl boss.
  • (10:50) How Stefanie got to where she is by doing what “SHE” would do.
  • (14:43) Passive Income–how to make money constantly.
  • (17:13) Start making money without showing up to work.
  • (19:09) How Stefanie funnels people from her podcast to her online courses?
  • (22:11) Know your potential clients and if you can help them. And if you can’t, it’s okay to tell them that!
  • (25:10) How Stefanie came to work with Christian entrepreneurs.
  • (28:02) The POWER of authenticity and how Stef blew up her business because of it!
  • (30:03) Don’t be afraid to push people away.
  • (33:35) Why it’s okay that things fall apart or if people don’t always like you.
  • (35:50) The best book Stefanie’s ever read.
  • (36:32) What does it mean to Stefanie to make an impact?
  • (37:17) What’s next for Stefanie?
  • (37:55) Where to connect with Stefanie.


“Success does not equal happiness”

“In your darkest moments, those are the beginning of the light”

“I believe that everything comes from God”

“I pushed a lot of people away, but I brought in thousands more that were just like me”

“Your responsibility is just to be obedient to your mission”

“You’re never going to have 100% of the answers when you start and if you do you waited way too long to start”

“The journey is the destination”

“When something bad happens, I think now I have a story to share”

“You will be tested. If you’re not getting push-back and opposition, what you are saying is probably not making an impact on the world”

“If you don’t want to be criticized, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing”


Connect with Stefanie:


Podcast: Mom-preneur Mastermind Show

Instagram: @StefanieGass

Books Recommended in the Episode:

The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson

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Passive Income Products (with Stefanie Gass): Episode 132

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