TikTok Growth Secrets Revealed (with Molly Keyser): Episode 391

On this episode, I have guest Molly Keyser sharing her secrets on how to grow on TikTok! As a successful professional photographer for 16 years, Molly turned her knowledge into a business course for other photographers. She grew that course business to $2M per year helping tens of thousands of business owners worldwide. And no, TikTok isn’t just for dances, we’re talking about how to use your current business and interests to really grow on TikTok and in short form video content.

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  • Tiktok can be intimidating but it is a powerful platform for businesses to go viral quickly.
  • Trends work really well on Tiktok, and it’s not necessary to do dancing or pointing trends.
  • Businesses can search for their niche on Tiktok and use relevant keywords to find content that resonates with their target audience.
  • To get started on Tiktok, businesses can create short-form videos that showcase their products or services and use hashtags to increase their reach.
  • Using a consistent branding and messaging strategy is important to create a strong presence on Tiktok.
  • Collaboration with other creators and influencers on the platform can help businesses reach a wider audience.
  • Repurposing content from other social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram may not work as well on Tick Tock as creating original content that is optimized for the platform.
  • TikTok pushes videos out regardless of your follower size. YouTube and Instagram have also adopted this strategy.
  • Hashtags matter on TikTok because they rank you for that search in their search engine when you use that hashtag.
  • When creating content on TikTok, the hashtags are more important than the description. It is suggested to use up to four or five hashtags.
  • Pick one platform to get started with, the platform that you’re going to enjoy, and don’t think too hard about whether your people are going to be on this platform.
  • TikTok is relatively easy, and most people aren’t taking the time to do it.


  • (0:03) Introduction.
  • (1:01) Why TikTok and what works well on the platform.
  • (2:12) How to leverage TikTok for business and tips for getting started.
  • (2:45) A little more about Molly.
  • (3:29) The importance of authenticity on TikTok and creating engaging content.
  • (5:29) Monetization opportunities on TikTok and building a following.
  • (6:47) How to repurpose TikTok content for other platforms and final thoughts.
  • (11:15) How Molly spends about 30 minutes every night scrolling through TikTok before bed.
  • (11:27) Current trend on TikTok where a video is paused at the moment before an accident happens, with the song “Dumb Ways to Die” playing in the background.
  • (12:00) Molly explains that when trying to use a trend like this, it’s important to model it for your niche. For example, if your niche is digital products related to snowboarding, a trend about sledding accidents is unlikely to attract your ideal clients.
  • (12:35) Molly’s tips on growing a TikTok account quickly.  TikTok’s algorithm will push your videos out regardless of your follower size, and that hashtags are important on TikTok because they rank you for that search in their search engine.
  • (13:57) Molly says that on TikTok, you only get one sentence for your description, and while the description isn’t that important, hashtags are. Molly’s example of her own viral post and the hashtags she used.
  • (16:50) How making more money can lead to making a bigger impact.
  • (17:20) Best books Molly’s read.


  • “They’ve created these TikToks that have worked. If I just model these TikToks in my niche with my personality, with my spin on it, these are likely to go viral, and that’s exactly what happens.”
  • “I’ve had very great success when someone shares their opinion about something, stitching that and sharing my opinion about it, and that has gotten tons and tons of views.”
  • “For me personally, I’d rather just have my own business and sell my digitals on my own website, and so I stitched that, basically sharing the stats of how you can make so much more money doing it essentially my way.”
  • “That’s again where you just go on the search engine type in a keyword that has to do with your niche and then see what types of TikToks are doing well in that niche.”
  • “The hardest thing for people is just making the time to actually do the TikTok.”


Connect with Molly:

Website https://www.profitablecourses.com/

Books Mentioned in the episode:

Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

Watch Full Episode:

TikTok Growth Secrets Revealed (with Molly Keyser): Episode 391

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